December 2019

Goodnight Cookie

This is a post I never expected to be writing so soon, but our darling Cooking Fat, generally just called Cookie, passed away very suddenly on Saturday night. We think […]

Musical Advent - 14th December

During the Hollywood writers strike of 2007-2008, Joss Whedon, his brothers Zack and Jed along with Maurissa Tancharoen sat down and write the amazing Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. This is […]

Musical Advent - 13th December

Today we have our first repeat artists and its one of mine, Megan and Lindsays favourites The Doubleclicks with their joyous song, Love You Like A Burrito. Its a lovely […]

Musical Advent - 12th December

At this halfway point I want to introduce you to a nerd culture term, shipping, as in relationshiping. It’s a thing whereby fans put together characters into relationships, usually romantic […]

Musical Advent - 11th December

Today I want to bring you something from Steven Universe. For those of you unaware, Steven Universe is a great cartoon from Rebecca Sugar about a team of non-binary alien […]

Musical Advent - 10th December

How about some high culture! This song by Rachel Bloom, the actress and comedian behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which I have recently decided to watch though again, well I say again, […]

Musical Advent - 9th December

Graham and Chris will love this one, it’s a track by Ken Lawrence in his nerdcore (that is nerd rap) persona, MC Hawking. The Mills boys couldn’t believe that nerdcore […]

Starting Christmas Season

Today Lindsay and Megan insisted we put up the Christmas trees, personally I’d rather have left it until next weekend, but I always get overruled on this. I say trees, […]