December 2019

Musical Advent - 8th December

So here we have a more well known geeky band, They Might Be Giants, who have never been shy about being geeks. Pretty much every geek loves dinosaurs, and we […]

Musical Advent - 7th December

This band don’t generally do geeky music, but they have one song which is absolutely amazing and lovely and is all about how there is nowt like the relationship between […]

Musical Advent - 6th December

When a show does a musical episode , they can often bring us some classics, and its safe to say that this particular musical episode is legendary. Once More With […]

Musical Advent - 3rd December

The next song pretty much sums up my feelings about parties, especially Christmas one, and it’s by a band that I really love, The Doubleclicks a folk pop nerd sibling […]

Musical Advent - 2nd December

Today for advent I am picking a classic by geek legend Jonathan Coulton known affectionately as JoCo and is best know for his classics Still Alive and Want You Gone […]