A Busy Month Ahead

October is going to be a very busy month for me, with not a single weekend at home! The past weekend I was away on holiday in Cumbria which was […]

Still Recovering

I am still recovering from Company of Legends, so expect a fuller report on that soon, in the meantime, I am recovering on holiday for my birthday in Cumbria. What […]

It’s Creeping Close

Company of Legends is now less than two weeks away, so here is nervous as owt Michael for the next two weeks as he gets everything ready for it and […]

Planning A Trip To Warhammer World

Lindsay’s office is in Nottingham, right behind Warhammer World, and she is not afraid to tell you that working alone at home has some mental health implications. Earlier this year […]

A Few Things To Listen To

Seeing how in the recording for the next episode of Edge of Empire, I had my taste in nerdy music revealed, I thought why not share a few of my […]

Gah The Heat

The heat is literally making it impossible to do anything, my body isn’t built for hot weather of any kind, at least not without copious amounts of ice cream (thanks […]

Catch The Moon Review

So I think I am going to try and write a review for every game in my collection, so what better way to start than with a game that isn’t […]

Penultimate Day At WorldCon

Sunday was a wonderful day, absolutely amazing! We managed to get a bus to the CCD reasonably easily, and made it to our first panel which was How To Start […]