Feeling Rough

I am feeling a bit rough, had a horrid few weeks waiting for something that happened this week finally. Got to wait for the outcome but just hoping I can […]

A Trip For Graham’s Birthday

Last weekend I took a trip to Nottingham to help Graham celebrate his 50th birthday in style! We tented a house to base ourselves at for the weekend and myself […]

Pain Levels

I dunno why I am writing this, but I feel I need to. My pain levels the past two months have been stupidly high, and it’s only getting worse, the […]

I Played In A Tournament

I wasn’t expecting to play, but sadly I was unable to make a previously planned trip to Edinburgh for medical reasons, so I ended up playing in The Dark Artisans […]

Welcome To The Mortal Realms

As many of you know, I have been eagerly collecting the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest series, which has really helped me grow my Death Guard and the Blood Angels army I […]

The Witcher - Wow!

It’s taken me a little while to watch The Witcher I would have loved to have binged it, but I find it very difficult to sit down and just watch […]

New Year, New Goals

So this year I set out doing the #Painthammer2019 hobby log with the aim of painting a mode for every day of the year. I ended up painting 866 models […]

A Nice Christmas Was Had

Well this post is basically about Christmas, and it was nice, not the best one ever, but a really good one. And like all Christmas’s, it’s real downer was no […]