Saturday at WorldCon2019

Saturday at WorldCon was a lot less busy than Friday, but the place was a lot more crowded as weekend visitors were able to attend. We missed yoga again to […]

Day 2 at Dublin 2019 WorldCon

Day two was better in many ways than day 1, primarily because Lindsay didn’t get a migraine, yay! We started by getting a bit confused about buses, you see the […]

Dublin and WorldCon

Me and Lindsay flew out to Dublin on Tuesday for WorldCon, which is the convention of the World Science Fiction Society, and is a pretty big deal, it’s also where […]

Developing Warhammer Neophytes

Over the past month or so, me and Megan have been working to develop a new podcast, which is actually going to be a video podcast hosted on YouTube. It’s […]

Looking Forward to WorldCon

Next Tuesday me and Lindsay fly off to Dublin to attend the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, AKA WorldCon. It’s my third WorldCon after I attended a day of the […]

Thoughts on The Lion King

I saw the Lion King on Monday and I thought I would share a few thoughts about it, a little bit of a review. Right I am gonna start out […]

Ugh It’s Been So Hot!!!

It’s been so hot this week I have barely been able to do anything, I don’t do well in hot weather. So I haven’t really got much to say this […]

To Glasgow

This post is later than planned but hey at least it’s here. This past weekend I made my first ever trip to Glasgow and it’s not a bad place to […]

I Really Am Back This Time

It’s been a long time since I blogged and it’s about time I got back to it, don’t you think. Anyway I am starting of slow and just gonna update […]

Shadespire At Last!!!

Tonight me and Lindsay played Warhammer Underworlds:- Shadespire, which first came out in 2017, and since then had had a second season in Nightvault and numerous warbands, and I have […]