A Trip To Warhammer World

This past Thursday and Friday, myself and Megan made a trip to Warhammer World, whilst Lindsay went to work at her office behind it. On a Thursday we settled in […]

Goodbye Sweep

16 years ago when me and Lindsay were moving in together we decided to get a cat, and that cat was Misty, she was a pedigree, but we were offered […]

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Review

This is a version of Werewolf in which everything happens over a single night, if you are unfamiliar with Werewolf, then I guess I had better explain it! Werewolf was […]

A Week Down South

This week, upon getting home, I set back out again on my travels and went to visit Megan’s nana with her and her parents. She lives in a lovely little […]

Feeling Much Better

This weekend I was at EGX showing video gamers how to play some brilliant tabletop games with Asmodee. I am currently headed to the Tottenham Court Road Warhammer store to […]

A Troubling Weekend

My weekend was, well it was troubling, basically I ended up in a situation which was out of my control and it was extremely uncomfortable. I will do a post […]