I have been doing a lot of work on my streaming and podcasting setup for a while now and have decided to use this page to list what I am using and update it as I go on.


My PC is one I built myself and its not the most amazing setup, but this is the basic configfuration and I think it works ok for my needs.

There are also a couple of older HDDs in the machine, a 2TB which was savaged from a Sky + HD box, a 1TB drive I bought about 15 years ago and a 500GB drive I use as a scratch drive for editing work. I would like to change the 1TB drive to a 4TB one.

Game Controllers

I have a selection of game controllers I use to play games on my PC, I have a few retro consoles whose controllers can be used via USB or though the use of an adaptor.

For my NES & SNES needs, I use the controllers from the NES & SNES Mini consoles alone with an adaptor for those, which also covers the Gamecube controllers too.

I also have a pair of 3 button USB controllers for the Mega Drive from the Mega Drive Mini and a pair of original PlayStation Controllers from the PlayStation Classic, plus a CD32 style controller from the A500 Mini and a pair of PC Engine Turbo Pads from the Core Grafix Mini.

My future plans are to add a fight stick, probably the 8BitDo one, but the Neo Geo one that is also a mini console is tempting, and of course the Hyperkin Duchess!


I stream most games from consoles, simply because it means I can allocate more computer power to making the stream look good, I mostly stream from Xbox Series S and Switch, but also have some retro mini consoles to stream from as well.

The next thing I want to pick up is a Mega Drive Mini 2.

Downstairs in the Living Room, I also have an Xbox Series X, which allows for 4K gaming as well as watching 4K UHD Blu-Rays.

Audio Input

For audio input I originally used an MXL 990 going into a Behringer Mixer, but to simplify my setup, I have changed over to an Elgato Wave 3 microphone.

I also replaced a cheapo microphone army with a really good Røde arm, although the microphone is perhaps a little too light for it.


My video camera is a secondhand Sony A5100 that I got on clearance from a camera ship that was closing down, and very happy with that choice too, as it’s an excellent camera for the price.

My face camera used to be an old GoPro Hero 3 Black I got off eBay which gave a nice wide image that looked really good.

But I have now replaced that with a Sony ZV-1 for its excellent auto focus capability.

I also built a PC for Megan which sits in the studio as well.

Megan’s PC