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Resolutions Update July 2021

This month has been slow going, a mixture of depression and the heat has really slowed my painting to a crawl.

I am currently at 835 models painted for the year.

Paint 2000 Points of Necrons for Warhammer 40,000 – 78.75%

This number has actually gone down thanks to points changes in Chapter Approved, so I may be revisiting this to work out a new list.

But sadly no work done on models for the list this month.

But I was able to paint a unit of Lychguard armed with Warscythes.

Paint 2000 Points of Flesh-Eater Courts for Warhammer Age of Sigmar – 46.5% Complete

The new editor of Age of Sigmar means a new Generals Handbook and new points, so here is my revised army list.

Core Battalion: Warlord

+ Leader +

Abhorrant Archregent: Warlord - 1-2 Commanders

Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist: Warlord - 1-2 Commanders

Crypt Haunter Courtier: Warlord - 2-4 Sub-Commanders

Crypt Infernal Courtier: Warlord - 2-4 Sub-Commanders

+ Battleline +

Crypt Ghouls: 20 Crypt Ghouls, Reinforced, Warlord - 1-2 Troops

Crypt Ghouls: 20 Crypt Ghouls, Reinforced, Warlord - 1-2 Troops

Crypt Ghouls: 20 Crypt Ghouls, Reinforced

+ Other +

Crypt Flayers: 3 Crypt Flayers

Crypt Flayers: 3 Crypt Flayers

Crypt Horrors: 3 Crypt Horrors

This month I got the first unit of Crypt Flayers painted.

Bring My Mechanicum to 3000 Points for Horus Heresy, Including The Warhound Titan – 37.99% Complete

No progress on this resolution this month.

Paint Blackstone Fortress And It’s Expansions – 15% Complete

This month I painted the Ur-Ghuls!

So what’s coming up for me next?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Stormcast Eternals Judicators with Boltstorm Crossbows x 10
  3. Necron Night Scythe
  4. Blackstone Fortress Beastmen x 6
  5. Sylas Beastbane, Leena Stormspire, Asteria Solbright & Berek the Indomitable
  6. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad x 10
  7. Stormcast Eternals Vindictors x 10
  8. Blood Ravens Primaris Chaplain on a Bike
  9. Kurdoss Valentian
  10. Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack x 2

An Early Post

Having an early post this week as I am headed off for a short weekend holiday for my birthday.

I will put out a post about the trip away once I am back and recovered, rather than trying to squeeze everything into one long post.

For my birthday I did get a few nice little things from loved ones.

Megan and Lindsay paid for the trip away, and Megan made me this amazing Carcassonne cross-stitch which is now hanging up in the studio.

Paul and Mary bought me this awesome little modelling tool kit, which is very timely as my hobby knife is on its last legs!

And Jane and Geoff gave me some cash, so I have added that to my graphics card fund.

What I Am Modelling

I started off the week by continuing with the Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Hunters, this completes the four units of Vanguard-Hunters I own, and gives me two each units armed with either a Shock Handaxe or Storm Sabre.

Whilst doing those I also painted some Spirit Hosts I got from Mortal Realms on the side, these were super easy to do so I just kind got one with them.

I then built and primed a T’au Stealth Suit Team and Strike Team, along with the rest of the models for the next 10 projects.

I then painted a base coat of XV-88 by airbrushing the T’au Strike Team, Stealth Team and the XV86 Commander. I also airbrushed on the main red armour colour of the Blood Ravens Hellblasters.

After that, whilst waiting for the dishwasher to finish, I knocked out the last of my UCM ships for Dropfleet Commander.

For the weekend away, I took with me the Palanite Enforcers for Necromunda. The paint scheme I have come up with for them is heavy in use of Contrast, but I think it works quite well.

So what does my painting queue look like now?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Palanite Enforcers x 10
  3. T’au Stealth Suit Team x 3
  4. Blood Ravens Hellblasters x 15
  5. Grashrak’s Ravagers & Skaeth’s Wild Hunt x 6
  6. T’au Strike Team x 10 & Sniper Drone Team
  7. Death Korps of Krieg Engineers & Hades Breaching Drill
  8. Secret Heresy Project Unit
  9. T’au Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit
  10. Nighthaunt Dreadscythe Harridans x 10

What I Am Reading

Not much chance to get more than a few little bits read here and there, must do better.

What I Am Playing

Mostly been playing Star Wars Squadron, high has been a lot of fun, although I kinda wish I got more options to play as the Empire in Story Mode, although to be fair I have just finished the second mission.

Nowt played Tabletop wise but this weekend should see plenty played.

What I Am Backing

Not backing anything right now and no updates on existing projects.

What I Am Cooking

On Wednesday night I made my attempt at Posh Dogs.

I took some normal bockwust, in a part baked roll, in which I spread Dijon mustard, and packed in some caramelised onions.

On top of the bockwurst I then melted some Gruyère and we served them with some red potato wedges made by Megan.

What I Am Spending

For my birthday I treated myself to Star Wars Squadrons. I was torn about getting it for Xbox or PC, but it was in Argos on a great deal, so I spent my Nectar points on it.

With Lindsay moving upstairs we decided to grab another Dolce Gusto machine, the new one is a Lumio and was half price at Curry’s PC World and has an auto shut-off function and a slightly bigger tank.

It means the one I grabbed her last month is moving upstairs to her office, so she doesn’t have to go up and down the stairs every time she wants a coffee.

Because I got a refund from a few things I had to send back to Amazon as a gift card, I decided to spend it on a new power brick for my Xbox One.

I want to do some streaming from it and realistically that means I need it downstairs So rather than pulling a power brick out from behind the TV each time I want to use it, I bought an extra one to keep downstairs in the studio.

Feeling Much Better

This weekend I was at EGX showing video gamers how to play some brilliant tabletop games with Asmodee.

I am currently headed to the Tottenham Court Road Warhammer store to kill some time before I head off home.

I took the train down on Wednesday and stayed overnight in a hostel near Kings Cross, but annoyingly despite telling them well in advance that I needed a bottom bunk I was assigned a top bunk, which gave me a lot of pain trying to get in and out.

Because of the Extinction Rebellion protests I planned to give myself loads of time to get to the ExCeL, but that was barely enough time as I got caught up in two different actions, one in which some people chained themselves across a bus lane, and another where someone go on top on a tube. I wasn’t present for the last one, but it caused huge delays on the line.

I just got to ExCeL on time to finish helping set up our demo area, and get myself together for the 10am opening.

Overall the weekend was brilliant and I learnt a number of new games including Moon-Bots, Plague Inc, Don’t Mess with Cthulhu, and Keyforge, so quite happy with that.

The only downside was that Thursday night I was quite ill, and spent a couple of hours throwing up, but was only 30 minutes late for the show due to sleeping in as a result.

Great experience, and a great weekend, and I can’t wait for my next big event!

In this next week I am headed to Megan’s nanas for a bit via home, and will be visiting my sister in Woking on Wednesday.

What I am Modelling

Last week I didn’t do any modelling at all other than to prime some stuff to take away with me to Megan’s Anna’s, specifically a Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad and Command Squad.

What I am Reading

Making slow progress through The Lost and the Dammed, I have just been so tired at night it’s hard to read, currently I am 21% of the way through the book.

What I am Playing

I have played a lot this weekend, showing people how to play some great games, but standouts for me are Keyforge, which as a game I really enjoy, and think I am hooked.

I also helped a visually impaired guy play Ticket to Ride and Pandemic, both of which were very rewarding experiences and has made me think about what kind of games could be good for visually impaired people.

What I am Backing

I am in for the Zombicide 2nd Editon Nostalgia pledge right now, but I am humming and barring about it.

My Ember package still hasn’t arrived but apparently there have been issues at the post office, so hopefully soon.

Alhambra was meant to be delivered Saturday but no one was in, so it’s been rearranged to Tuesday, but I am nervous because apparently the stickers needed for a dice are missing from all pledges.

What I am Cooking

I have been away so no cooking for me!

What I am Spending

Other than food needed to survive whilst away, I have bought a couple of games, specifically the Keyforge Age of Ascension Starter Set, I know it’s soon to be replaced with Worlds Collide, but it was going for £20 which is an absolute bargain, and I picked up Moon-Bots because it’s a great game and I am pretty sure Megan and Lindsay will love it.

I didn’t buy these but was given by Asmodee for demoing purposes, Who Did It?, Dice Academy and Dobble.

DnDice also gave us Asmodee lot a rectangular dice tray, the ones that they had been using to show people how good they are, I got one in Dryad Green.

Dublin and WorldCon

Me and Lindsay flew out to Dublin on Tuesday for WorldCon, which is the convention of the World Science Fiction Society, and is a pretty big deal, it’s also where the Hugo Awards are handed out.

So Paul kindly dropped us off for our flight on Tuesday morning and the first thing we do is grab a bottle of Rock Shandy each, which is a Dublin favourite of ours, it’s a combo of lemon and orange pop, the only issue is that lemon and me don’t get on, it causes a reaction in me that whilst not quite an allergy, raises my temperature, makes me feel sick and makes my temper fray, but damn that stuff tastes good!

We then went straight to Bewleys for lunch, which is an amazing tea house on Grafton Street, we had mushroom and tarragon soup, I had mine with an open sandwich and Lindsay had here with a scone and it was a most delicious lunch when paired with a cup of Irish Afternoon tea.

We then headed to our hotel, well it’s actually just some student accommodation but it’s nice enough, but warm and the bed isn’t quite a double, but comfortable.

We had a pizza for tea, a large one with sausage, egg, bacon and mushrooms on it, after popping into Lidl for some supplies to make sarnies with.

The next day we headed into Dublin in the later morning where we registered for the Con at the CCD, then we took a slow walk into the city, with lots of stops for me, and we called Megan to have a chat with her and take a photo of a DART for Paul.

When we reached O’Connell street we went to Supermacs for our lunch, we both had 5oz bacon and cheese burgers, Lindsay had hers with curry cheese fries, I had mine with garlic cheese fries, and it was really nice, much nicer than a McDonalds.

We then walked to Games Workshop via Forbidden Planet, because you know, we have to find a Games Workshop wherever we go!

The we walked down to Bewleys for an afternoon tea and then to Dunnes to pick up some Rock Shandy, Taytos and Cadbury’s Mint Crisp to take home to the UK, then back to the hotel where we chilled out, even popping up to the roof top terrace where Lindsay attempted to do some of her daily exercises and we had nesi goreng from Lidl for tea.

The next day we made our way to the CCD by bus and began the day with some Accessible Star Trek Yoga, which is a lot harder than it sounds. After that we attended a panel on Liking Problematic Tings and then a workshop on an Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, which I have yet to play properly.

Then we had a little break where Lindsay went to the quiet room because she had a developing migraine and I did an hour on the Glasgow 2024 Fan Table signing up people as pre-supporters and even a few friends too.

After that I went to the gaming room and talked with my Asmodee friends who are there doing some demoing and playing of games, and pretty much all of them I have worked with before, so that’s cool.

And I also got to playtest the next edition of Cthulhu Dice with Steve Jackson, who also signed my autograph book and copy of Munchkin Warhammer 40,000, so I squeed a bit at that!!!

At this point Lindsay is very unwell and she decided to remain in the quiet room, I then attended a Podcasting panel, at which one of the panellists recognised my voice from Edge of Empire and complimented our shows quality, and considering that he is a pro-podcaster, that made me blush a lot!

After that we headed back to the hotel, Lindsay was really unwell and needed to sleep, it’s a little trek for the bus stop back so I didn’t want her doing it alone.

She then zonked out, so I went and grabbed us some bits for lunch the next day, had Lidl nesi goreng again and then read for a bit.

She is feeling a lot better today as we sit on the bus on the way back to Con, so hopefully today she will last longer.

I am having a great time in Dublin!

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Twenty One

Last night was the Feast of Qawl, but because of a family emergency me and Megan couldn’t get to it.

But what is a Feast I hear you ask, well it’s a gathering held at the beginning of each Bahá’í month, and Bahá’ís will gather and “if this feast be held in the proper fashion”, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá states, “ …find themselves spiritually restored, and endued with a power that is not of this world.

A Feast is split into three parts, spiritual, administrative and social. The spiritual part consists of a devotional in which prayers are read from the writings of The Báb, Bahá’u’lláh and `Abdu’l-Bahá.

The administrative part focus on the work the community is doing and allows the Local Spiritual Assembly (if the community has one) to hold consultation with the community so we can reflect on the goings on of the previous month.

And in the last part, the social, we enjoy refreshments and share cups of tea as we chat and basically be together in a way that strengthens the communities bonds.

As there is no clergy or priesthood within the Bahá’í Faith it is actually down to the community itself to organise the Feast and as such it means that each Feast is very different as it reflects the character of its organiser, especially in the devotional they create for it.

Essentially the Feast is the Bahá’í equivalent of a Sunday service for Christians.

Mood: Worried

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 5

In My Ears: Ace of Spades by Mötorhead

Game Last Played: Carcassonne

Book Last Read: Ruinstorm by David Annadale

Movie/TV Show Last Viewed: Bones

Current State of Projects: Plasma Obliterator started.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Twenty

Bit of a hectic night tonight, so I am sharing a short prayer that is to me, extremely beautiful and makes me smile.

“O my God, O my Lord, O my Master! I beg Thee to forgive me for seeking any pleasure save Thy love, or any comfort except Thy nearness, or any delight besides Thy good-pleasure, or any existence other than communion with Thee.”

The Báb

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Nineteen

I have a new nephew and niece on their way so I thought I would share a prayer that I often say for them, and my other nephews and nieces who are already here!

“O Thou peerless Lord! Let this suckling babe be nursed from the breast of Thy loving-kindness, guard it within the cradle of Thy safety and protection and grant that it be reared in the arms of Thy tender affection.”


Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Eighteen

Most religions have a Qiblih, that is a location to which they turn when in prayer, and Bahá’ís are no different in this.

Our Qiblih is the Shrine of Bahá’u’lláh in Bahjí near Acre in Israel, it is where the founder of our religion was laid to rest when he ascended to heaven.

The shrine and it’s gardens are on the UNs world heritage list, and one day I hope to have enough money to make the pilgrimage there.

Mood: Wired

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 7

In My Ears: Groove is in the Heart by Dee Lite

Game Last Played: Carcassonne

Book Last Read: Ruinstorm by David Annadale

Movie/TV Show Last Viewed: Big Bang Theory

Current State of Projects: Rhino almost finished.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Seventeen

I am not a person who is able to be detached very much, but as a Bahá’í I do strive to be a person more detached from the physical things, and here is a prayer is use when I really need to be more detached.

“Say: God sufficeth all things above all things, and nothing in the heavens or in the earth but God sufficeth. Verily, He is in Himself the Knower, the Sustainer, the Omnipotent.”

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge Day Sixteen

We Bahá’ís don’t have many temples, there are only nine temples in the world, one for each inhabited continent plus Central America and a single local temple.

They are called mašriqu-l-‘aḏkār (مشرق اﻻذكار) which means in Arabic “Dawning-place of the remembrances of God”. The teachings of our Faith means that one day these temples will be at the centre of a number of community facilities for the dedicated to scientific, educational and humanitarian pursuits, like schools and hospitals.

The first temple was built in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan but was later destroyed by the Soviet government. Since then we have built temples in Wilmette in the US, Kampala in Uganda, Sydney in Australia, Frankfurt in Germany, Panama City in Panama, Tiapapata in Samoa, Delhi in India, Santiago in Chile, and a local temple in Battambang in Cambodia.

These temples all follow a similar design philosophy with a nine sided circular shape, and a dome. We don’t display any pictures or statues and as sermons are forbidden in our temples we don’t have any pulpits or alters.

Our temples are open to people of all religions, and people can come and worship God without any restrictions. Only Bahá’í scriptures and prayers as well as those of other religions can be read or chanted in the temple, and we don’t play musical instruments inside.

And very importantly, no sermons can be delivered inside a Bahá’í temple and under no circumstances can there be any ritualistic ceremonies practised.

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