Ok I will be honest, the death of our dear Douggie hit me hard and sent me down a huge depression spiral and the past twelve days have been a haze, and everything in my life has been kind of neglected.

But I want to finish this, so how about a big lot of 12 wonderful songs!

December 12th – The Avocado Song – Marian Call

We are starting with the amazing Marian Call, that typewrite musician from Alaska and The Avocado Song, a song that’s just great with a nice bit of aggression!

December 13th – Power-Ups – SΔMMUS

We love SΔMMUS, the amazing rapper with a PHD in Science and Technology, and this video is just mint.

Great song that I think you will all love!

December 14th – Walk Into Mordor – TeamHeadKick

First time for this rap group that have been making music about video games since 2007, and this song is about the classic game Shadow of Mordor from their album Legend.

December 15th – I Wanna Waa – CG5

CG5 has been making songs about video games and pop culture for about a decade now, and this is my favourite song of his, about a charcter Nintendo seem to be content to ignore Waluigi, who really needs his Taco Stand!

December 16th – She Doesn’t Like Firefly – Mikey Mason

The perfect girl loves Firefly, nuff said!

December 17th – The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – MC Lars

Good old MC Lars, teaming up here with the amazing Mega Ran to give us this great spooky Halloween track.

December 18th – Burger Rain – The Aquabats

We all know I love The Aquabats, they are a crazy bunch, and this one is as crazy as it gets with a giant Crash making it rain tasty burgers!

December 19th – God of War – Gunblade X

God of War is a great game, that I really need to finish, and Gunblade X agrees, and wrote a song about the series!

December 20th – Lamentations of a War Machine – The Megas

I am a big fan of Mega Man and a big fan of The Megas, and this is from their concept album based on Mega Man 2, Get Equipped!

December 21st – It’s Me – Tryhardninja

Tryhardninja is another one of those amazing artists that sings songs about video games, and this one is about Five Nights At Freddys.

Not my favourite franchise, but my nephew Max is a big fan and asked me to include this!

December 22nd – Talk Nerdy To Me – K-Face Rules

Nerd music has a long history of parodying the popular songs, and this is a good example of that.

Taking a so called popular song, and twisting the lyrics to make it more relatable to geeks and also better!

December 23rd – All About That Base (No Acid) – A Capella Science

My degree is chemistry and its the best of the sciences, I will die on that hill.

So of course I love this song, it really does speak my language!

December 24th – Roll A D6 – Assorted Intricacies

And finally here is the last song for 2023, Roll A D6 by Assorted Intricacies a great parody and one of my favourite DnD themed songs, hope you enjoy it too!

Weirdly no socials I can find 🙁

Hopefully next year will be less stressful!