More Painting & A Toothache

The past weekend we painted the wall in Lindsay’s room that had the insulation work done on it. Friday morning, myself and Megan removed all the stuff from the wall and then painted two mist coats on the wall.

Saturday we were all knackered, so bugger all got done, but Sunday came, and we got three coats of brilliant white on the wall and it looks a lot better!

I also did the ceiling in the studio, where the workmen cut a hole in to stuff the roof with insulation, because its the part of the studio that’s been bothering me most.

Just popped up every time we did something in the room, I did a coat up there, and yeah looks nice

Other than that I am being bothered by a tooth infection, but I am seeing a dentist on Friday, right now it feels like my tooth is going to explode and leave shattered tooth all over my mouth 🙁

What I Am Modelling

I started off by painting the Enforcer Commander for my T’au to complete their second Combat Patrol

Followed by these Sister of Silence to complete the first Custodes Combat Patrol

First a Vigilator Squad

Followed by a Prosecutor Squad

And painted the Spirit of Durthu for the Sylvaneth

Alongside a normal Treelord too

So whats next?

  1. Escape from San Canciano Gangs
  2. Dark Angels Assault Intercessors x 10
  3. Genestealers x 20 & Broodlord
  4. Squig Hoppers x 10
  5. Ultramarines Infernus Squad x 5
  6. Roboute Guilliman x 2
  7. Barbgaunts x 5
  8. Blood Angels Landspeeders x 2
  9. Marneus Calgar x 2
  10. Mega Boss on Maw-Krusha

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Had a game of Heresy with Russell on Friday at Hartlepool Gamers, and yeah I got beat, of course.

But it was a great game none the less, and Evander Garius is a beast!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Started at last with Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry on stream, and I got it finished in five sessions!

And I started on Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remastered

What I Am Creating

The next Combat Patrol Battle Report was published, this time featuring Megan!

What I Am Spending

We got ourselves an Ultrasonic Cleaner as part of the Studio Referb

And the first of a few Paint holders we need to save some space

We also grabbed some NFC tags to play around with some ideas, the main idea was to make a guest Wi-Fi connection board

That’s been mixed, due to Apple being a special boy, you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi with the NFC reader, so we had to put a QR code in for that.

Still awaiting an Android person to come round so we can test it properly.

What I have found a good use for so far, is to put one on my army boxes and link it to a Google Doc with whats in the box in it, and I think I am going to do this with all my army boxes over the next few weeks.

It was also Humble Choice week, so I got that and ended up with

Resolutions Update – May & June 2024

Sorry for not getting this out sooner, but its been a funny few months!

Complete 6 Combat Patrols – 50% Complete

By the skin of my teeth I completed the Chaos Space Marines Combat Patrol, but I had to do the transfers for the Havocs on the 1st July.

I did also get a few bits for the Tyranids Combat Patrol finished and built the stuff for a Custodes and T’au Combat Patrol!

Bring My Gloomspite Gitz to 2000 Point – Complete

This month we added to the Gitz, an Aleguzzler Gargant, some Sneaky Snufflers, Boingrot Bounderz and Sportplatta Fanatics!

This means I am now on 2470 points before the next edition drops!

Still to finish I have a couple of units of Squig Hoppers, some Squig Herds, a Dankhol Troggoth, Skragrott the Loonking and some Rockgut Troggoths.

Get My Drukhari To 2000 Points – 58% Complete

No progress, need to buy some more units, I have some more Helions and Reavers to paint, but that’s it right now.

Want some Wracks, but having issues getting them.

Complete My Video Game Geek Hardcore 10! – 60% Complete

This month I completed Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster, it’s one of the alternative three, so will only count at the end of the year if my main ten aren’t done

I have now started on God of War (2018) after abandoning it at the end of 2022, I have decided to start over again from scratch

I also finished Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and have started on Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

So this is where we stand now

Alternative Three

Read 40 Books – 75% Complete

This month I have read/listened to

Start the Combat Patrol Battle Reports

We got a single report published in this period

Not Much Going On

This week has been much of a muchness, there isn’t much going on at all

Just waiting for WorldCon I guess and a the Heresy event

Got to get a shift on with a few things, but this week has just been meh

My depression is getting kinda bad, but I have a project of refurbing the studio to get on with

What I Am Modelling

I started out with the Blade Champion for the Custodes, who will do double duty, being in both the 40K Combat Patrol and being a Shield Captain in Heresy.

I then painted an Apothecary Biologis for the Dark Angels.

I also painted a Bladeguard Lieutenant for the Dark Angels

Plus a Deathwing Ancient

And a squad of Deathwing Terminators

Also a couple of Watchers in the Dark to join the Terminators

And then it was some Paragon Warsuits for the Sisters of Battle, all armed with Heavy Bolters.

After which I turned my attention to these Havocs for the True Sons, completing the old Chaos Space Marines Combat Patrol

So what’s next

  1. Spirit of Durthu
  2. Sisters of Silence x 10
  3. T’au Enforcer Comanger
  4. Escape from San Canciano Gangs
  5. Dark Angels Assault Intercessors x 10
  6. Genestealers x 20 & Broodlord
  7. Squig Hoppers x 10
  8. Ultramarines Infernus Squad x 5
  9. Treelord
  10. Gulliman x 2

What I Am Reading

I listened to Longshot by Rob Young which has been kinda amazing

What Video Games I Am Playing

Playing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag again on stream and completed it late Friday night/early Saturday Morning!

What I Am Creating

A new episode of Edge of Empire dropped on Sunday!

What I Am Winning

We won a Polaroid instant camera from a competition with Heart Radio

What I Am Spending

I grabbed a new painting handle, I knows it’s mad, but I am trying to build these up to 21 owned in total

That would allow me to paint full units of 20, of which I do more often than I’d like, plus a HQ

I also bought a box of Allarus Custodians to complete the new Custodes Combat Patrol

To start a long awaited studio refurbishment project, I bought the first of a few paint racks we are going to need from TT Combat, this is a rack to hold 72 Citadel pots.

The plan is to have 3 of these plus a rack for 72 dropper bottles.

I also bought a 20m Cat 8 cable to route data to the server and Lindsay’s desk without creating a trip hazard!

And a MagSafe charger for my desk, to make charging my phone a lot easier

Now because this was delayed by 24 hours, Amazon gave me a £10 gift card to compensate me, it was like £8.

So I used this to buy a network switch for the studio, this will go on the end of the 20m cable and then be split into Lindsay work laptop and the server.

Hers is being fitted now, mine will be after the painting work and along side the cable management improvements.

I bought the IGN Live At Home Humble Bundle which netted me

I also bought the Tiny Build Himble Bundle which got me

Painting At Last

Since Insulationgate last October, at least one wall in every room of the house has needed a coat of paint.

And yeah it’s a bit depressing, due to disagreements between the insulation contractors, the landlord and the government, we decided to cut them all out and decorate ourselves.

It’s not that we couldn’t have just waited for them to sort it out, it’s more, we want to avoid massive disruption, so we are doing this ourselves at our own pace.

Megans room is the first to be done, we had to start with a mist coat, which was very runny.

That was done on the Monday, two coats overall.

The on Tuesday, we did three coats of Brilliant White, yeah it’s full, but it’s what the rest of the rooms are painted. When you rent it’s often easier to keep what the landlord had, so we don’t need to redecorate too much when we eventually move out.

It took three coats, but we got there in the end.

The next room getting done is mine and Lindsay’s bedroom and we may at the same time do the ceiling in my studio.

The studio is going to get a bit of a refurb at the same time, we are adding the 3D printer there, so taking the time to change a few things up, especially now that Lindsay works up there and I will never be using the gaming table again as a result.

So yeah that’s about it, gonna do Lindsay’s room next week, and that will be fun!

What I Am Modelling

I started off with the Von Ryan’s Leapers for the Tyranid’s Combat Patrol

All that’s needed for this one now is to finish off the Barbgaunts

Then I painted a Vindicator for the Inperial Fists

After that I started on Krondys, Son of Dracothion

I also painted up this Guardian Idol

And I have a box full of Stormcast stuff that’s never been touched, so I am thinking of painting them up as Hallowed Knights, I already have Gardus Steel Soul painted up.

So I used the Gamer Grass base I got from the UK Game Expo to paint up this test model, which I am rather happy with

I then painted a Hellbrute for the Chaos Soace Marines Combat Patrol

Followed by two units of Sporesplatta Fanatics for the Gloomspite Gitz

So what’s up next for me then?

  1. Deathwing Terminators x 5, Terminator Ancient, Bladeguard Lieutenant & Apothecary Biologis
  2. Chaos Havocs x 5
  3. Paragon Warsuits with Heavy Bolters x 3
  4. Spirit of Durthu
  5. Sisters of Silence x 10
  6. Blade Champion
  7. T’au Commander
  8. Escape From San Canciano Gangs x 8
  9. Dark Angels Assault Intercessors x 10
  10. Genestealers x 20 & Broodlord

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Played my last two league games, first against Neal and his Genestealer Cults

And then I played Leon and his T’au!

Lost both games, and right now I am wondering if I lost the games, or if I won the Wooden Spoon!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Not much this week, but I did get a single session of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag streamed!

What I Am Winning

Won a copy of Football Manager 2024 from a Twitter competition on Twitter, which is nice, especially with Euro 2024 going on!

What I Am Backing

The Colour Forge Signature Series was fully funded, so hopefully soon I will get a nice can of spray paint and some stickers and cards!

What I Am Spending

I went ahead and bought my first Legions Imperialis models that aren’t Titans or Aircraft and grabbed myself a pair of Solar Auxilia Baneblades

Decided to LI that I am gonna go heavy on the Auxilia with only small amounts of Marines in support

I got myself a bargain and bought Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection for Steam.

UK Games Expo 2024

I spent the other week at the UK Games Expo as a volunteer on IT and it was a knackering but amazing few days.

I really enjoyed it and I will absolutely being doing it again next year if they will have me, but I do have to be more realistic about my physical abilities and perhaps I need a job with more sitting down.

My journey to Birmingham was pretty bad, we got continually stuck in traffic, including being in the middle of a bunch of cars headed to a funeral that were following a marching band.

And finally the bus broke down as we left Manchester, and we had to wait over an hour for a replacement, so all in all it was a typical MegaBus journey!

I didn’t get to play many games, but the one that stood out to me was Samurai, but its long out of print, so I will be buying Pollen instead which is in print, if a little expensive.

There were a few cool things that peaked my interest, the DRPA Case and other stuff from Tabletop Tech, the amazing Colour Forge, TT Combat and their Strike Team Commander, Catalyst had Battletech which had me all nostalgic, and Gamer Grass had some amazing stuff as well.

Next year I need to take more notes to give a fuller report!

What I Am Modelling

On my return I hit the Chaos Space Marine Legionnaires of the True Sons

Alongside a Dark Apostle and friends

Plus an Aspiring Champion

After that a Branchwych

And then I painted a couple of units of Tree-Revenants

Plus I got Captain Karlaen of the Blood Angels finished

I am currently working on some Von Ryan’s Leapers for the Tyranids!

So what’s next?

  1. Imperial Fists Vindicator
  2. Von Ryan’s Leapers x 3
  3. Krondys
  4. Deathwing Terminators x 5, Deathwing Ancient & Bladeguard Lieutenant
  5. Soresplatta Fanatics x 12
  6. Havocs x 5
  7. Paragon Warsuits with Heavy Bolters x 3
  8. Spirit of Durthu
  9. Sisters of Silence x 10
  10. Blade Champion

What I Am Reading

I listened to Arrangements for War by Paul Sutton which was very good, but the ending was really heart breaking!

Now I am listening to Catachan Devil by Justin Woolley, which good, nice insight to the mind of Ork Kommandos

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

I got a couple of games of 40K in at the weekend, playing both Dale and Craig in the 40K league, and if I don’t win the wooden spoon I will be peeved!!!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Bit of this and that, mostly God of War, Sonic Origins and I started Death Stranding.

What I Am Backing

I have backed The Colour Forge Signature Series, pretty sure I want the Reliquary Red by Hellstorm Gaming!

What I Am Spending

From UK Games Expo, I bought

Escape from San Canciano for Carnevale

A new cutting mat, clippers, knife, tape measure plus the Fresh Corrosion and Old Rust paints

I was sold a bottle of Sir Coates Steel, as well as the Sir Coates Models from the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy

I got some Army Painter Fanatic paints and my first Speedpaint 2.0

The Colour Forge gave me a mini Dry Brush Palette

And finally from the UK Games Expo, a Apothecary Biologis and a Bladeguard Lt for my Dark Angels!

We also pulled the trigger and paid for a Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra.

I had been set for the Saturn 4, but damn the reviews and even Megan, just were clear on how much better the Ultra was over the standard model.

So now just to wait for the postman to deliver it!

It was Humble Choice, so I bagged the following!

And to add to that I also bought

Not so much mine, but Lindsay did get the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bundle from Humble Bundle, which I will be reading plenty of!

Off To UK Games Expo

Posting this weeks post early because today I am off to the UK Games Expo, an event I love to do.

This year, as my Asmodee contract ended, I am volunteering directly with the Expo itself, my job is being split between IT and the Bring and Buy.

Most of my time will be spent setting up the IT equipment to run the expo and a few hours spent helping in the Bring and Buy.

I am going by Megabus from Middlesbrough to Birmingham via Manchester!

Firstly Lindsay took me to ASDA for lunch, would have preferred Tesco, but they don’t go back to normal hours until Monday, but I grabbed a wrap and energy drink, plus a bottle of coke for the coach, and then we drove to Boro where I hopped on to the bus and here we are.

The Megabus is certainly better than I remember, more legroom and even a plug socket for my Steam Deck, not that it worked, but the thought counts right!

What I Am Modelling

I started out with some Blood Angels, painting first a Terminator Captain

Here is a Drop Pod for the scions of Baal

And as a diversion a Dark Angels Lieutenant

A Captain in Gravis Armour

As well as a Lieutenant with Auto Bolt Rifle and one with a Power Sword

And a Captain in Catapractii Terminator Armour

The I painted two sets of Easy to Build Reviers, which gave us a full squads worth of them

And finally a pair of Primaris Captains as well

I still have Captain Karlaen on the desk, but he is about 50% done

So once back from Expo, what awaits me?

  1. Captain Karlaen
  2. Tree Revenants x 10 & Branchwych
  3. Chaos Space Marines x 10 & Dark Apostle
  4. Imperial Fists Vindicator
  5. Von Ryan’s Leapers x 3
  6. Krondys
  7. Dark Angles Terminators x 5 & Terminator Ancient
  8. Sporesplatta Fanatics x 10
  9. Chaos Havocs x 5
  10. Paragon Waitsuits with Heavy Bolters x 3

What I am Reading

I finished The Infinite and the Divine by Robert Rath and it was so much fun, really awesome story that also shows off the horror of the C’Tan!

I also listened to Arrangements for War by Paul Sutton, but I will have to finish it on the bus.

What Video Games I Am Playing

Not a lot really, been busy getting sorted to go to Expo, and finishing these Blood Angels.

But I had a bit of time in God of War and been doing the fleet stuff in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

What I Am Creating

The latest episode of Edge of Empire has dropped!

And the latest Battle Report is out, this time with Dark Angels (as played by Megan vs the Deamons of Khorne!

What I Am Spending

I bought myself a new battery bank, this one will work brilliantly for the Steam Deck and allows me to only use USB-C for all my charging needs now

And I also got myself a few things from Elements games, some paints, brushes and a T’au Commander and a Custodes Blade Champion for the Combat Patrols

With the Ghost of Tsushima win last week, I was able to trade in my PS5 copy to CEX for £26 and pay £9 to get a copy of God of War Ragnarok for PS5

And Lindsay, the minx plus Megan the badger, were able to grab me a copy of Stormbringer 67 with Vanquihers in it!

I also bought Dave The Diver for Steam and was given a key for Crash Time III.

An Election

So there is going to be an election, I don’t have much to say on the matter.

But get to know your candidates and vote for the person you think would do best for your area.

But what I would like to say is that right now, the UK is broken, schools are falling apart due to dodgy concrete, the roads are full of potholes, rent is stupidly high, the cost of living is out of control and things are just broken.

So with that in mind, I think we need to make a choice on who we think is best placed to fix whats gone wrong over the past few years.

What I Am Modelling

I started out with a Mega Boss on Maw-Krusha to join my Ironjawz

After that it was a Pshycopage for the Tyranids Combat Patrol

Followed by some Boungrot Bounders for the Gloomspite Gitz

I then painted up some Glaivewraith Stalkers I had sitting in a box, they were in a weird state, a bit of disreppair, no idea how I came into ownership of them, but I didn’t build them, so there was a bit of work involved, but they give me a chance to try out some new rust techniques.

Its my intent to go back to the Nighthaunt and rust up their weapons a bit when they next come out of storage!

I also had some Myrmourn Banshees in a similar state, so I got those painted too,

Both these sets have awesome bases, but I think they are a bit too detailed for what they are, basic stuff for beginners.

And I got the Ultramarines Invader ATVs painted up as well, the first with a Onslaught Gatling Cannon

And a second with Multi-Melta

So what’s up next?

  1. Tree-Revenants x 10 & Branchwych
  2. Chaos Space Mariens x 10 & Dark Apostle
  3. Blood Angels Captains x 6
  4. Imperial Fists Vindicator
  5. Von Ryan’s Leapers x 3
  6. Krondys
  7. Deathwing Terminators x 5 & Terminator Ancient
  8. Sporesplatta Fanatics
  9. Chaos Havoc x 5
  10. Paragon Warsuits with Heavy Bolters x 3

What I Am Reading

I listened to Living Legend by Scott Gray which was a charming bit of fun!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Played some more Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

And some Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, which I finished!

What I Am Backing

CARnage 2 was funded successfully and as I said, I backed at £1 so I get access to the Backerkit afterwards

What I Am Winning

Won a copy of Ghosts of Tsushima on PC from @gameolder2024 on Twitter, so super happy about that!

What I Am Spending

I had an Amazon voucher from a redund, so I grabbed Bayonetta 3 for the Switch, just need to hunt down a copy of the second game without being ripped off now!

And I managed to grab this dock for my Steam Deck for just £5, and it works pretty well!

I also bought on Steam

Managing The PLEX Server Better

At the minute my servers files are all over the place, we have 13TB of space but the files are spread out randomly with some films and TV series on each drive, audio books split into 3 folders, 8 different book folders and documentaries and kids stuff spread out all over the shop!

So we are struggling with managing what’s where, and thus, we decided to expand with another 4TB of space, by adding this drive from Amazon to it

So right now I have all the films transferring into this, which should mostly fill it, the last folder is currently transferring and will need a little over 20 hours to complete the move!

Then all TV Series will be moved to the 6TB drive, and other stuff, like documentaries, kids, concerts, standup, anime etc, will move on to the original 4TB drive.

Music has already been transferred to its own dedicated 1TB drive which it’s nowhere near filling as I have still transferred barely anything of our music collection over!

That will leave a 2TB drive, which is going to store things like books, comics for which I intend to install Kavita in an attempt to do for books what AudioBookShelf is doing for audio books.

So to summarise what we have right now is

  • 4TB HDD – Movies
  • 6TB HDD & 1TB HDD – TV Series
  • 1TB HDD – Music
  • 4TB HDD – Other Media (Anime/Audiobooks/Documentaries/Kids etc)
  • 2TB – Books/Comics

The last stuff being transferred is the final TV Series stuff from the original 4TB HDD to the 6TB HDD

The process is allowing me to do some long overdue data hygiene as well!

Long term a dedicated device for the server will happen, with bigger hard drives running in RAID and offering NAS functions, but that’s gonna happen after I decide what to do about upgrading my PC next.

I am torn between replacing the mobo, CPU and RAM and moving to an AM5 CPU, or upgrading either the GPU to a 4070 Super or perhaps even just the CPU to a 5800X3D, just got to figure out what’s gonna give the best result for my meagre £s

What I Am Modelling

I started with an Aleguzzler Gargant for the Gloomspite Gitz.

Plus Johann Strehn, the greatest every hero of the Mortal Realms!

I painted up a Lasrifle Section for the Solar Auxilia

Alongside a Command Section

I then painted some Sneaky Snufflers for the Gloomspite Gitz

Followed by some Reinforcements for the Space Wolves, starting with a pair of Battle Leader.

To Accompany a squad of Primaris Infiltrators.

Who are covered by a squad of Eliminators

So what’s up next?

  1. Psychophage
  2. Megaboss on a Maw-Krusha
  3. Boingrot Bounders x 10
  4. Ultramarines Invader ATV x 2
  5. Tree-Revenants x 10 & Branch-Wych
  6. Chaos Space Marines x 10 & Dark Apostle
  7. Blood Angels Primaris Captains x 3
  8. Imperial Fists Vindicator
  9. Von Ryan’s Leapers c 3
  10. Krondys

What I Am Reading

Not had much time or spoons to read, but I did listen to Doctor Who and the Invasion from Space which was wonderfully retro!

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Played a league game against Joshua and his Sisters of Battle, and he tore me apart!

And I played Paul and his Leagues of Votann which beat me, but it was a really fun and fantastic game!

I also went to the November Echo Heresy Tournament in Heaton playing this 2000 points Imperial Fists list

+ HQ: +

Fafnir Rann: Warlord

+ Elites: +

Apothecarion Detachment
. Apothecary: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour
. . Chainsword: Chainsword

Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
. Contemptor Dreadnought: Gravis Autocannon, Gravis Autocannon, Havoc Launcher

Templar Brethren: 9x Brethren, 9x Combat Shield, Legion Vexilla, Meltabombs
. Champion: Bolt Pistol, Combat Shield, Master-craft a weapon, Solarite Power Gauntlet
. Land Raider Proteus Carrier: Twin-linked Heavy Bolter

+ Troops: +

Tactical Squad
. Legion Tactical Sergeant: Bolter, Lightning Claw, Meltabombs, Power Armour, Volkite Serpenta
. 8x Legionaries (collective): 8x Bolt Pistol, 8x Bolter, 8x Chain Bayonet
. Legionary w/ Options:: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Chain Bayonet, Legion Vexilla

Tactical Squad
. Legion Tactical Sergeant: Bolter, Meltabombs, Plasma Pistol, Power Armour, Solarite Power Gauntlet
. 8x Legionaries (collective): 8x Bolt Pistol, 8x Bolter, 8x Chain Bayonet
. Legionary w/ Options:: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Chain Bayonet, Legion Vexilla

+ Heavy Support: +

Heavy Support Squad: Lascannon
. Legion Support Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Power Armour
. 3x Legionaries (collective): 3x Bolt Pistol
. Legionary w/ Options: Augury Scanner, Bolt Pistol

Kratos Squadron
. Kratos: 2x Heavy Bolters, Hull (Front, Right/Left) Mounted Heavy Bolters
. . Kratos Battlecannon

Sicaran Squadron
. Sicaran: 2x Heavy Bolters, Heavy Bolter

My first game was against Brendan, which was close, but not quite good enough on my part

Then I played Graham and got tabled, as usual

Followed by a game against Gareth’s Solar Auxilia who tore me apart!

What Video Games I Am Playing

Some more Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

I finished Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster which was a lot of fun!

And I have started God of War (2018) again, and enjoying it so far!

What I Am Creating

The next battle report has been published, so please go check it out!

What I Am Backing

I am backing CARnage 2 – STL Cars, weapons and more for auto combat games but just at the $1 level for access to the pledge manager at the end cause I cannot afford the main pledge level right now!

What I Am Spending

Lindsay and Megan wanted a better way to use Apple Fitness +, so we got an old and cheap, Apple TV HD, in cosmetically bad condition (but works great) from CEX

It’s now been attached to the back of the TV, and will also allow me to play Fantasian I guess!

I also got a Space Wolves Combat Patrol

And I used my Warhammer+ discount code to grab a couple of t-shirts from Warhammer Merch, an Imperial Fists one and a Sisters of Battle one.

And a couple more video games.

And of course it was Humble Choice time so I got

Resolutions Update – April 2024

Ok its been a bad month, lets get this over with!

Complete 6 Combat Patrols – 33% Complete

No real updates here, but I have now got the Sisters of Silence I need for the original Custodes Patrol

The Chaos Daemons and Death Guard Combat Patrols are now at home too!

Bring My Gloomspite Gitz to 2000 Point – 85.5% Complete

Noting to report here, but right now the Aleguzzler Gargant has been finished and Sneaky Snufflers are on the painting desk

Get My Drukhari To 2000 Points – 58% Complete

The Haemonculus was finished

Complete My Video Game Geek Hardcore 10! – 50% Complete

So this is where we stand now

Alternative Three

I have recently started Final Fantasy II and am currently about halfway through it

Read 40 Books – 57% Complete

This month I have read/listened to

Start the Combat Patrol Battle Reports

OK these aren’t going so well, but two are in production as we speak, taking into account feedback from viewers etc.


As many of you know, I am a diagnosed AuDHD person and one of the things that benefits me, is a visual list of what I need to do, but well, paper isn’t working and we have been looking for a more techy solution for a while.

We were looking at a screen just showing a .txt file for my to do list, and I spoke to Paul about it on Friday, but thinking, hey someone must have done this before, so I googled it and found a few things that would do the job.

I saw the MagicMirror 2 software, but it just wasn’t going to work due to the issues adding modules, needing to be done via terminal and I just don’t have the spoons for it right now.

So instead we are going with DAKboard, which isn’t open source and less customisable, but does the job really well.

Initially I was going to use a TV we had lying around, but well, there was an accident 🙁

So I turned to the old monitor I used for my second screen, and well, its not as good, but its done ok.

So I downloaded the DAKboard software and installed it to the SD card, after a few false starts due to the issues with a counterfeit card I got from Amazon.

I then had to wire up some new extension cables to power it, plus move a set of sockets from behind the bookcase to use with the hoover!

But inserted into my Raspberry Pi and it worked like a dream!

Had to order some specific length cables for the monitor power and the Micro HDMI to DVI needs, but now they are in, it looks a lot cleaner and is perfect for our use case

If this works, we will be buying a touchscreen screen better in the year to allow for dismissing of tasks on the DAKboard interface directly

In the meantime, this has the local weather, our calendars, and both the household and my to do list!

Here is hoping it does the job!

What I Am Modelling

Most was building stuff, but I did get a few things painted, starting with some Thermic Plasma Conduits for Zone Mortalis

And some random stuff, plus a set of Alcomite Stacks for the board too

I also finally painted the Arbite Arbitratror from the Model of the Month a while back.

And some Hobgrot Slittaz were painted too

And Dryca Hamadreth was painted too!

And after that it was a set of Arco-Flaggents for my Sisters

Plus some Sisters Repentia

Then came a Dark Angels Intercessor Squad

Followed by a Dark Angels Ancient

For the Blood Angels, I got a Squad of Eliminators painted

Plus Radukar the Wolf which I got with Stormbringer

And an Assassins from the Cities of Sigmar, also from Stormbringer

So whats up next?

  1. Sneaky Snufflers x 12
  2. Lasrifle Section x 20
  3. Space Wolves Infiltrators x 10, Eliminators x 3 & Battle Leader in Phobos Armour
  4. Psychophage
  5. Megaboss on Maw-Krusha
  6. Boingrot Bounders x 10
  7. Ultramarines Invader ATV x 2
  8. Tree-Revenants x 10 & Branchwych
  9. Chaos Space Marines x 10 & Dark Apostle
  10. Blood Angels Primaris Captains x 4

What I Am Reading

I have been listening to The Infinite and the Divine by Robert Rath.

And before that is was The Twilight Kingdom by Will Shindler.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Got a few league games in, the first was against Matthews Space Marines, which was a loss, but not so bad that I felt outmatched

Then I took on George’s Tyranids, and yeah that was a bloodbath for me!

I was also able to get in a game of Heresy against Paul, and was able to try out Knights in Heresy for the first time in 2.0

What Video Games I Am Playing

Got a couple of sessions of Assassins’s Creed IV: Black Flag in on Stream

I am also playing Final Fantasy II on my Steam Deck, which is a very different game to the first one I played a few months ago

What I Am Backing

I backed a 3D Printing project, the Sci-Fi Outpost – PAY WHAT YOU WANT, which has now completed its funding cycle, and will hopefully soon deliver me some cool STLs!

What I Am Spending

I bought the Sisters of Silence I need for the first Custodes Combat Patrol, along with some paints

And a new microphone to help with Battle Reports, now that they have to be done on Lindsay’s MacBook

And Leon bought a fourth Kroot launch box, so I bought the Codex and Data Cards off him for the T’au

And I bought a few games too for my PC, these were:-

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