Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 8th December – Laser Printed Hero – The Mary Sues

I am a big fan of The Mary Sues, an excellent trio who mix Irish bouzouki and keytar which is pretty cool!

Anywhere here is a really cool song about a DnD character that most players can relate to!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 7th December – Noise Marine – D-Rok

A sound of my childhood here with D-Rok a Warhammer Records band that made songs about 40k that were championed by Brian May of all people!

Brian May even contributed to two of their songs too, after meeting them in a Games Workshop store with his son.

But yeah even though they only released one album, it was a banger, and this is the opening track!

Its not really avaiable anywhere right now, but I am sure you can hunt down a copy of Oblivion somewhere, I am surprised it hasn’t been rereleased after being used in the Boltgun game this year!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 6th December – Sensitive Badass – The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks are frequent features on the Advent, probably cause I really, really like their music.

This one, well its not my favourite, but it is Lindsay’s, the first time she heard it, at the 77th WorldCon, Dublin 2o19, she cried her eyes out and then played it again and again for months (she still insists that she isn’t an autist).

And well, I have been meaning to include it, but it always got displaced by something else, but this time, I am sticking to my guns and its staying put here!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 5th December – Pac-Man Fever – Buckner & Garcia

This one is older than me, and really captures the very early days of video gaming when Pac-Man swept the world!

And lets face it Pac-Man is a fantastic game that has stood the test of time and its no wonder that Buckner & Garcia scored a hit with this one in 1981!

Interestingly they pioneered rerecording an album when the masters ownership was denied to them, and they rerecorded the whole Pac-Man Fever album (yes there is an album, and its worth a listen/download)

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 4th December – Over The Hills and Far Away – John Tams

As a nerd who loves war games, and approaching a more mature age, there is a part of me that’s getting very interested in Napoleonic’s, probably doesn’t help that I recently rewatched Sharpe!

So here is a traditional British song, that was featured heavily in Sharpe, performed by folk singer John Tams, who also starred as Hagman in the series.

It also featured in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which is also an excellent version of the song, which I am sharing because the John Tams version is sadly hard to find for online listening.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 3rd December – IKEA – Jonathan Coulton

Good old Jonathan Coulton is a regular feature of the nerdy advent, and this year is no different.

This time we bring you IKEA, a song about many peoples favourite furniture store, and its certainly one of mine, I mean, not only is the stuff great, my studio is a lot of IKEA stuff.

But also meatballs and hot dogs too!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 2nd December – Nrrrd Grrrl – MC Chris

Its been a long long while since we featured MC Chris, so lets rectify that now, with Nrrrd Grrrl

A great Nerdcore rap about a lot of girls we know, and none of us deserve, reminds me of both Megan and Lindsay.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 1st December – Save World, Get Girl – I Fight Dragons

OK I am a day late, I have had a shitty year in terms of keeping up with the things I am supposed to do, and sadly this suffered as a result with poor planning, even though I knew it was coming up!

Anyway, this one is a classic from the Nintendocore (a subgenre of chiptune) band, I Fight Dragons who make music using the electronic sounds of Game Boys and NES consoles.

This is a great song for which the video was released in 3D form for the 3DS, and looked great, but well that console is now dead, so if you want to see it how it was intended, you have to find, other means!

Oh and its set this year, which is why it was delayed until now.

But is still a great listen!

A Couple of Home Improvements

Not much this week, but I have made a couple of changes to the house to make it more comfortable and easier to use.

The first, was to add a SKÅDIS pegboard, just like in the studio to the wall, to hold knives, and a few other bits and bobs using some bits that I had previously used on my studio board.

And Megan and Lindsay want more “display” space, so had me get the Soundbar mounted under the telly to free up the space on the TV unit for it.

What I Am Modelling

I started out with the Chaos Familiars from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

After which I painted a Vargulf Courtier for the Flesh Eater Courts

Then a Baal Predator for mine and Megans Blood Angels

Then made a start to the Gloomspite Gitz with a Loonboss

And Zarbag’s Gitz

So whats on the plan for next week?

  1. Ultramarines Infiltrators x 10
  2. Battle Sisters x 10
  3. Lilth Hesperax
  4. Ork Trukks x 2
  5. Putrid Blightkings x 5
  6. Shootas x 20
  7. Minka Lesk x 2
  8. Blood Ravens Sterngaurd Veterans x 5
  9. Imperial Fists Whirlwind Scorpius
  10. Hobgrot Slittaz x 10

What I Am Reading

I finished listening to The Fall of Cadia by Robert Rath, which was a pretty good listen, and I hope they finish the story of the Gathering Storm and give us a novel of the Fracture of Biel-Tan and the Rise of the Primarch because they are so far poorly explored.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

I haven’t, but I did receive my BoardGameGeek Secret Santa, which is Root!

What Video Games I Am Playing

I played through The Tyranny of King Washington, the DLC for Assassin’s Creed III

And I started on Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD too!

What I Am Creating

I got the latest episode of Edge of Empire puiblished!

What I Am Spending

I bought myself a couple cheap games in the Black Friday sales, I got Prey, Yakuza 5 & Yakuza 6, Catherine Classic, Doom 2, Doom 3, Two Point Hospital and A Memoir Blue.

Due to the insulation work, we had to swap out a bookcase we had when we moved for a narrower one, so we went to IKEA and picked up a narrow Billy to store some of our board games.

I also got a couple of issues of Stormbringer part 40 for the Treelords!

And I got the second issue as well!

A Little Bit More in the Studio

The past couple of weeks have been a bit boring, but I did do a touch more work to improve the studio

First up I bought the last bits for my controller board, and fitted them leaving me with this as the final result!

Really happy with how this turned out, and it looks super cool.

What we have on it, are:-

Playstation Controller (USB)DualShock 3NES ControllerSNES Controller
Tribute 64Gamecube ControllerGamecube Wavebird
Mega Drive Controller (USB)Mega Drive 6 Button Controller (USB)Saturn Controller Model 2 (USB)8BitDo SN30 ProHyperkin Duke
PC Engine Turbo Pad (USB)A500 ControllerUSB-C CableMicro USB Cable8BitDo Neo Geo CD ControllerShelf with some adaptors
Hyperkin XenonDualSenseSwitch ProXbox Series XAmazon Echo Dot
Google StadiaAmazon LunaSteam ControllerNVIDIA Shield

So yeah really happy with how its turned out, expensive but worth it!

And I also mounted the Xbox Series S under the desk, just to keep the desk top clearer, becuase it was in a funny situation with no where to be because the place it was, was no longer an option as the new monitor was in the way.

I imagine the next few weeks will be more of the same, just getting stuff better and more tidy, I still may wall mount the PS5 and/or Switch, but lets wait and see.

What I Am Modelling

I started by finishing some Chaplins for the Ultramarines, and a Judicar.

After that it was a Spartan for the Death Guard

Then a Rotor Cannon Support Squad for the Imperial Fists

Followed by 20 Termagants with Devourers

And finally a pair of bases of Rippers!

So whats up next for me?

  1. Chaos Familiars
  2. Loonboss & Zarbags Gitz
  3. Ultramarines Infiltrators x 10
  4. Battle Sister Squad x 10
  5. Baal Predator
  6. Lilth Hesperax 
  7. Ork Trukks x 2
  8. Putrid Blightkings x 5
  9. Shootas x 20
  10. Minka Lesk x 2

What I Am Reading

I listened to Bang-Bang-a-Boom! by Clayton Hickman and Gareth Roberts, which was

I have read with The End and The Death: Volume II by Dan Abnett, and that was a hell of a book is all I will say!

I have started listening to The Fall of Cadia by Robert Rath and that’s pretty good so far, very surprised that they had yet to do this story!

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

Got a game of Horus Heresy in at club on Friday myself and Russell started a campaign, and well I wiped the floor with him, but I did have 3250 points to his 2500 so it was an unfair match up!

What Video Games I Am Playing

I finished Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, which I have been streaming!

I also played through Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – The Lost Archive, which you can see here on YouTube.

We will be playing The Tyranny of King Washington next!

What I Am Creating

I made a little experimental video about the army list I took to Scotland at the beginning of October.

Also a little short on painting lights!

What I Am Spending

It was Humble Choice this week, so for my £8.99, I got the following

And I bought myself Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 3 Remastered as well.

I also picked up the Space Marines and Tyranids datacards for Warhammer 40k.

And a Vindicator to add to my Imperial Fists.

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