Looking Forward to the Weekender

And The Weekender is getting closer and I am really starting to look forward to it now. I have started buying the food, ordered the stotties, got the scenery coming […]

Edge of Empire

If you know me well, then you know I have an interest in podcasting, a couple of years ago, I bought a new mixer, microphones and headphones and I dabbled […]

How Did I Miss That

In my last post I mentioned the game against the guy who had three Imperial Bastions and Deep Striking Terminators. Anyway, I somehow managed to miss the Castellan Force Organisation […]

Embrace the Plastic Fantastic

The past few weeks I have had a few discussions with people about people getting into The Horus Heresy game with plastic models. When I first started my Ultramarines it […]

Mostly Down

I have mostly had a couple of weeks of being down, to start with, we had a tragic and untimely death in the family and that  and its circumstances which […]

Happy New Year and a 10x10

Happy New Year nerds, I hope you all had a nice time and are looking forward to 2017. I am not doing resolutions this year, other than to paint more […]

Christmas Report

Well Christmas came and has now gone, and I had a nice few days. This year instead of going away, Megan’s family stayed up north, so me and Lindsay got […]