Mostly Down

I have mostly had a couple of weeks of being down, to start with, we had a tragic and untimely death in the family and that  and its circumstances which […]

Happy New Year and a 10x10

Happy New Year nerds, I hope you all had a nice time and are looking forward to 2017. I am not doing resolutions this year, other than to paint more […]

Christmas Report

Well Christmas came and has now gone, and I had a nice few days. This year instead of going away, Megan’s family stayed up north, so me and Lindsay got […]

Challenge of the Word

My good friend Graham, is organising a 30k event in North Tyneside on the 22nd January, and I have decided to challenge myself to have the Word Bearers read for […]

First Game of Dropfleet

On Tuesday, Hawks lovely Talon, Ken travelled all the way up from Hartlepool to show me and Madison the ropes of Dropfleet Commander. We played the starter scenario straight from […]

Update for the Last Few Weeks

It’s been a whiles since I last posted, in that time I have been to Warhammer World, been to a wedding and done very little else really, oh but we […]