Penultimate Day At WorldCon

Sunday was a wonderful day, absolutely amazing! We managed to get a bus to the CCD reasonably easily, and made it to our first panel which was How To Start […]

Saturday at WorldCon2019

Saturday at WorldCon was a lot less busy than Friday, but the place was a lot more crowded as weekend visitors were able to attend. We missed yoga again to […]

Day 2 at Dublin 2019 WorldCon

Day two was better in many ways than day 1, primarily because Lindsay didn’t get a migraine, yay! We started by getting a bit confused about buses, you see the […]

Dublin and WorldCon

Me and Lindsay flew out to Dublin on Tuesday for WorldCon, which is the convention of the World Science Fiction Society, and is a pretty big deal, it’s also where […]

Looking Forward to WorldCon

Next Tuesday me and Lindsay fly off to Dublin to attend the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, AKA WorldCon. It’s my third WorldCon after I attended a day of the […]

Dublin in 2019 Whoop!

A brilliant thing happened this weekend at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki, the site for WorldCon 77 in 2019 was selected, and it is going to be in Dublin! This is […]