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Musical Advent – 15th December

Today is a sad day for for my household, so we need something upbeat to make us feel better.

And for that I turn to Jonathan Coulton and his brilliant song, Code Monkey which is a rocking anthem about dead end programming jobs and much of it applies to any dead end office job I suppose.

Many people love the below video for Code Monkey which it’s made using imagery from the World of Warcraft.

Code Money even made his debut as a comic a few years ago in Code Monkey Saves The World.

Musical Advent – 2nd December

Today for advent I am picking a classic by geek legend Jonathan Coulton known affectionately as JoCo and is best know for his classics Still Alive and Want You Gone from Portal and Portal 2.

Its a great song and really does hit on how doing an office job really can make you feel like a Zombie sometimes, and is full of so much colourful imagery.

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