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Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 12th December – Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton

This is a great song from Portal 2, now here is an awful confession, I haven’t played either Portal Game, but I did buy them in the 2021 Christmas Steam Sale and intend to play them soon.

But I have both soundtracks and love them, especially JoCo’s musicial contributions!

Anyway, this is JoCos version of the song with Sara Quin from his album Artificial Heart.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 22nd December – Skullcrusher Mountain – Jonathan Coulton

JoCo is no stranger to this list, although this is his sole entry in the list this year.

so why not go with his signature songs, and the idea of a half-monkey, half-pony monster!

I loved playing this in Rock Band back in the day, its a great little song with lots of funny imagery!

Musical Advent 2020 – December 6th – I’m Your Moon – Jonathan Coulton

This sweet song is about the reclassification of Pluto from a planet to a Plutoid, and is from the point of view of Charon.

It talks about their unusual orbit and how they always face each other.

This really is a lovely little love song and was part of Jonathan Coultons Thing a Week project back in 2006.

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