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Musical Advent 2020 – December 4th – First World Problems – MC Frontalot

Web designer Damian Hess, better known as Nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot who has been around in nerdy music for a very very long time.

In this song he focues on how we get pissed about the little things, and also get a little bit political too. Plus the video is very very good.

Musical Advent – 22nd December

Almost there and now we have the grandfather of nerdcore, MC Frontalot and many consider him to be the first nerdcore artist, but he acknowledges that others came before him and that they are his peers.

He has been performing nerdcore since 2000 and has seen the scene grow into the niche of a niche of a niche that it is today.

In 2002 Penny Arcade names him their rapper laureate which lead him to record the Penny Arcade Theme.

This song, is a collaboration between MC Frontalot, MC Hawking and Jessie Dangerously and is from his debut studio album Nerdcore Rising.

This song is about how awesome nerdcore is and what a threat it poses to gangsta rap!

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