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Musical Advent – 22nd December

Almost there and now we have the grandfather of nerdcore, MC Frontalot and many consider him to be the first nerdcore artist, but he acknowledges that others came before him and that they are his peers.

He has been performing nerdcore since 2000 and has seen the scene grow into the niche of a niche of a niche that it is today.

In 2002 Penny Arcade names him their rapper laureate which lead him to record the Penny Arcade Theme.

This song, is a collaboration between MC Frontalot, MC Hawking and Jessie Dangerously and is from his debut studio album Nerdcore Rising.

This song is about how awesome nerdcore is and what a threat it poses to gangsta rap!

Musical Advent – 9th December

Graham and Chris will love this one, it’s a track by Ken Lawrence in his nerdcore (that is nerd rap) persona, MC Hawking. The Mills boys couldn’t believe that nerdcore was even a thing, and Graham is a big fan of gangsta rap so I think he will dig this song.

MC Hawking is basically Stephen Hawking as a gangsta rapper, and was in fact quite enjoyed by the great man himself, and he even got Ken to perform a new song live for him, Richard Dawkins and Brian May.

This song is very funny, it’s All My Shootings Be Drivebys, and makes me laugh a lot, in fact the whole album, A Brief History of Rhyme, should be required listening for any nerd!

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