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Nerdy Musical Advent 2023 – 1st December – Save World, Get Girl – I Fight Dragons

OK I am a day late, I have had a shitty year in terms of keeping up with the things I am supposed to do, and sadly this suffered as a result with poor planning, even though I knew it was coming up!

Anyway, this one is a classic from the Nintendocore (a subgenre of chiptune) band, I Fight Dragons who make music using the electronic sounds of Game Boys and NES consoles.

This is a great song for which the video was released in 3D form for the 3DS, and looked great, but well that console is now dead, so if you want to see it how it was intended, you have to find, other means!

Oh and its set this year, which is why it was delayed until now.

But is still a great listen!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 23rd December – Dancing Baby Groot – Kirby Krackle

Its been a long time since we featured Kirby Krackle and what better way to do so than we this song about dancing baby Groot!

Lets face it, it was the best MCU post credit scene thus far!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 23rd December – Desolation Row – My Chemical Romance

This is a rather mainstream cover of one of Bob Dylans greatest hit, but its a song which features a lot in Alan Moore’s Watchmen with the title of the first chapter “At Midnight All the Agents” being ripped from the lyrics.

Watchmen was one of the first serious comic I was introduced to, probably way way too young, but I still love it, my mum less so when I asked what a whore was on Christmas morning when I opened it!

Anyway, My Chemical Romance covered the song for the soundtrack to Zack Snyder’s film version of the story, which I enjoyed, but I know was controversial.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 21st December – World Eater – Bolt Thrower

If you are a person of a certain age, and we’re into Warhammer then this is a band you will be very familiar with!

Good old Bolt Thrower, a band so intertwined with the history of Games Workshop, it’s hard to imagine this being a staple of the stores of my youth!

Makes a change from the Lord of the Rings soundtracks most stores play these days doesn’t it!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 21st December – March of Cambreadth – Alexander James Adams

This plague continues to vex me, and so another three days need to be squeezed into one 🙁

Anyway here is an awesome battle song by Alexander James Adams that has been around for flippin donkeys and is utterly amazeballs!

For my Warhammer fans out there, it’s often used in fanon as the battle hymn of the Tanith First and Only!

So go check it out my friends!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 20th December – Tribbles – Debs & Errols

Today I am sick as a plaguebearer who has been blessed a hell of a lot by papa Nurgle, so I am probably not going to be able to do this wonderful piece the justice it deserves.

But here, enjoy, Star Trek good, song great!, good Taylor Swift parody!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 19th December – Download This Song – MC Lars

I am not sure why we have never featured MC Lars before, but this is a great song from 2006, and its all about the paradigm shift that my generation did in terms of going from buying physical music to downloading it, not always legally.

The video is great and has a lot of fun poking at the styles of the time and the way brands like Apple and Microsoft marketed music services and players at us.

Now I feel very old!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 18th December – Banned from Argo – Leslie Fish

Lets head right back to the distant past of 1977 for a relatively old but classic piece of Filk, Banned from Argo.

This song was one of the first Filk songs I ever heard and I think I was about 6 or 7 and I thought it was quite funny then, I think perhaps I watched too much Star Trek at that age even, considering that there were only 79 episodes, and we only had very bad copies on a mix of BetaMax and VHS, that was quite a feat!

Anyway enjoy this absolute classic!

I am afraid recordings of this classic by Leslie, are difficult to find online which is a real shame, I hope one day that’s sorted out so we can continue to share this classic!

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 17th December – Letter to SquareSoft – Richie Branson

I think all of us who love videogames, think that the games of the past were much better than those made today, and yeah I think I fall into that catagory.

This is a great Nerdcore wrap by music producer turned rapper Richie Branson of his love of SquareSofts games of the past, and his wish for the old company to return in place of the SquareEnix we know today.

Nerdy Musical Advent 2022 – 16th December – That Doesn’t Make Sense – Whitney Avalon

This is an interesting little song about two parents trying to explain religion to a curious child, and about learning what each faith beleives.

If you know me, you know I am a Baha’i, not a particularly good one, still a work in in progress, but like most others of my faith, I believe that its not immune from criticism and ridicule, and i often find songs like this to be very amusing.

But as we are a relatively small and young faith, we rarely get made fun of!

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