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Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 17th December – Kilogram – The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks have their second entry of the year, with the song Kilogram from their Love Problems album.

Its a cool little ditty about the replacement of the International Prototype of the Kilogram with a mathematically formula the fixed numerical value of the Planck constant h to be 6.62607015×10−34 when expressed in the unit J⋅s, which is equal to kg⋅m2⋅s−1, where the metre and the second are defined in terms of c and ΔνCs .

Nerdy Musical Advent 2021 – 6th December – The Middle – The Doubleclicks

Regular readers will know how much I love The Doubleclick, and well its no surprise I am featuring them in this years advent!

I also rather love that rock music of the late 90s/early 00s that I grew up with, so when The Doubleclicks covered it, well its been a staple of my playlists for a long time.

And the video for it is so very cute and delightful

Musical Advent 2020 – December 1st – This Is My Jam – The Doubleclicks

Since last years musical advent was such a huge sucess, I think its only right to bring it back this year!

So lets start with one that got cut from last years list, but only because I ran out of days, plus the artists had already been featured a few times!

I give to you today, This is My Jam by The Doubleclicks, a song which is really about loving things and being cool with people loving different things.

Take consoles, I am absolutely on team Xbox, but in no way do I look down on folks who play Playstation, that’s simply what they prefer. For me its all about the controller, Sony have never made a controller that I have found comfortable to use for myself. Plus I love Game Pass.

But if you like Playstation thats awesome too, I have no reason to hate on anyone who likes what they like, and I wish other people would act the same. We all like different things, and as ‘Abdu’l-Bahá says

Behold a beautiful garden full of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each flower has a different charm, a peculiar beauty, its own delicious perfume and beautiful colour. The trees too, how varied are they in size, in growth, in foliage—and what different fruits they bear! Yet all these flowers, shrubs and trees spring from the self-same earth, the same sun shines upon them and the same clouds give them rain.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá – Paris Talks

Musical Advent – 13th December

Today we have our first repeat artists and its one of mine, Megan and Lindsays favourites The Doubleclicks with their joyous song, Love You Like A Burrito.

Its a lovely song which sums up how love feels like great food, yeah you can tell I am a fat guy can’t you.

I had the pleasure of seeing Laser and Aubrey perform this at WorldCon in Dublin this summer and it was really awesome, the whole room came alive and it was just amazing being there.

Anyway this song is available on the album Dimetrodon which is really really good.

Musical Advent – 3rd December

The next song pretty much sums up my feelings about parties, especially Christmas one, and it’s by a band that I really love, The Doubleclicks a folk pop nerd sibling duo consisting of Laser Malena-Webber and Aubrey Turner from Portland.

Most famous for their song Nothing to Prove, which is about the acceptance of women in geek culture and came at a very pivotal time and was much needed. For Lindsay and Megan is a very important anthem.

But rather than go with their most well know song I picked one which talks about my feelings, it’s Cats at Parties, and trust me, I have done this exact thing, a lot!

Penultimate Day At WorldCon

Sunday was a wonderful day, absolutely amazing!

We managed to get a bus to the CCD reasonably easily, and made it to our first panel which was How To Start A Podcast, which have me some interesting insights which will hopefully let me make improvements to Edge if Empire.

I then attended a panel on Social Media Marketing Tips And Tools, which I admit was a filler panel, but I did learn some stuff which I can apply to the podcast.

We then got into queue for Polyamory In Theory And Practice which was really good, but it was in a small room and they could have filled it three times over, few little bits I disagreed with, but mostly very good.

Then I went to Game Writing And The Story which was a bit meh, I mean it had some good stuff in it, but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be.

We then had a wander round the hucksters room and saw the DeLorean kitted out as the one from Back To The Future and had lunch, Lindsay had salmon pho and I had a cheeseburger.

And then we headed up for other panels, I went to The Audio Acting Bug to try and pick up tips to improve CoL audio recordings, and I did learn a lot from it.

After that I went to The Evil of Gaming and got Tom Lehmanns autograph, and well it was obviously a very timely panel!

I then did an hours shift on the Glasgow in 2024 fan table and it was a bit slower than other days but still busy.

Then Lindsay convinced me to join her in a panel called Ships Ahoy, which well, I don’t need to go into in any great detail, but it was hilarious and I ended up very very red after it, and now Megan and Lindsay are threatening to write slash about Edge of Empire!!!

We then went to the France bid party and they had good food there, it was really nice, and the bus seems pretty good, there was however some unpleasantness and we ended up on a table with an extremely racist American lady, and my own microaggressions made the lovely non binary black person were we sad with very upset.

We did catch up with her, I apologised and we sat and chatted for nearly an hour and a half and she opened my eyes to a lot of stuff.

They were an amazing person and I hope to see them today at the con before they head off back to London.

We then went to see The Doubleclicks in concert which was absolutely amazing, I have wanted to see them for years, and I am so so glad that I have finally done so and crosses something off my bucket list.

The whole room loved the songs, and the sing along to Noting To Prove was very moving, and yeah it was a real highlight and on of my favourite concerts of all time ever. Lindsay had some tears over Sensitive Badass.

And then we were able to get a selfie with Laser, and I think I have managed to help convert Lindsay into a fan of theirs.

We then got a taxi home after spending a bit of time in the game room with our friend Clare from the Clockwork Tea Party and had super noodles for tea, before falling into a very deep sleep!

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