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Musical Advent 2020 – December 21st – Why Does the Sun Really Shine? (The Sun is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma) – They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants are a great example of a mainstream nerdy band, and this song is a follow-up of one of their earlier tracks for their kids album Here Comes Science.

Its only a short one, but very good at the same time, and like all the tracks on that album, is an educational song.

Musical Advent – 24th December

Today we go back to the They Might Be Giants album Here Comes Science and to my academic love, chemistry.

When I was at university I was studied for an MChem degree in Chemistry because its a subject I love, the way the material universe works and how everything fits together, and as the song says, how the elements are almost like a paint set, with them standing on their own or combining to make all the colours of the rainbow.

My specialism were food chemistry and nuclear chemistry, which were really fascinating subjects, I was lucky to have a visit from Lord Krebs whilst I was there, at the time he was the chair of the Food Standards Agency, and once everyone had stopped Stanning over his dad, his lecture mostly focused on potatoes, and how if they were brought to market today, they would be banned, because when they go off, they become extremely toxic, poisonous in face.

So any song which does chemistry will always grab my attention, and I really love this song, its so easy to sing along to!

Musical Advent – 8th December

So here we have a more well known geeky band, They Might Be Giants, who have never been shy about being geeks.

Pretty much every geek loves dinosaurs, and we all for the most part spend a little bit of time wanting to be a palaeontologist, and movies like Jurassic Park just reinforce it along with visits to see fossils in museums.

This song from the 2009 children album Here Comes Science, captures that love of palaeontology, and is such a joyful song that you can’t help singing along to, I challenge you to not sing with it!

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