August 2019

Gah The Heat

The heat is literally making it impossible to do anything, my body isn’t built for hot weather of any kind, at least not without copious amounts of ice cream (thanks […]

Catch The Moon Review

So I think I am going to try and write a review for every game in my collection, so what better way to start than with a game that isn’t […]

Penultimate Day At WorldCon

Sunday was a wonderful day, absolutely amazing! We managed to get a bus to the CCD reasonably easily, and made it to our first panel which was How To Start […]

Saturday at WorldCon2019

Saturday at WorldCon was a lot less busy than Friday, but the place was a lot more crowded as weekend visitors were able to attend. We missed yoga again to […]

Day 2 at Dublin 2019 WorldCon

Day two was better in many ways than day 1, primarily because Lindsay didn’t get a migraine, yay! We started by getting a bit confused about buses, you see the […]

Dublin and WorldCon

Me and Lindsay flew out to Dublin on Tuesday for WorldCon, which is the convention of the World Science Fiction Society, and is a pretty big deal, it’s also where […]

Developing Warhammer Neophytes

Over the past month or so, me and Megan have been working to develop a new podcast, which is actually going to be a video podcast hosted on YouTube. It’s […]

Looking Forward to WorldCon

Next Tuesday me and Lindsay fly off to Dublin to attend the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, AKA WorldCon. It’s my third WorldCon after I attended a day of the […]

Thoughts on The Lion King

I saw the Lion King on Monday and I thought I would share a few thoughts about it, a little bit of a review. Right I am gonna start out […]