Over the past month or so, me and Megan have been working to develop a new podcast, which is actually going to be a video podcast hosted on YouTube.

It’s called Warhammer Neophytes and it’s a show focused at younger hobbyists taking their first steps into the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

We have the first episode fully written up thanks to some amazing feedback from the pilot we did for a select audience, and we are recording the first two episodes upon my return from WorldCon, those being an introduction to the hobby and the podcast, then the second episode will be about building and painting your first models.

The idea is to do about 10 or so episodes, between 15 and 25 minutes long, building up to a small game between the forces found in the First Strike boxset.

If the show works we will be looking to take it further and bring in Age of Sigmar as well, but for now we are going to get the 40k shows recorded over the next couple of weeks and put them out there and see what the feedback is like.

Lindsay is going to try and knock up a logo for us, and hopefully she can get that done whilst before we take the first one on the air.

The idea stemmed from a friend who’s son is getting into Warhammer asking of Edge of Empire was suitable for him, and I went looking for a show that was, and didn’t really find anything, so we hope what we are planning fills a gap.

Graham and Chris are in the background giving their silent blessing and letting me do this under the Edge of Empire Banner so hopefully that helps builds an audience.

Dice and Dice Tray

This week I took delivery of something really cool, 201 Edge of Empire dice I had made up by Dice International Limited, and they turned out really cool. 30 of these bad boys are mine, 18 for Graham and 20 for Chris, with the remainder going out to the shows Patreon backers, and being given out to attendees at Company of Legends next two events. Cost us £97 including VAT and delivery for these, which works out at about 48p a dice which isn’t bad.

These are printed rather than engraved which would have been nearly twice as much and to be honest, the printed version looks really really good.

I am over the moon with these, they really have made my week, and I can’t wait to start rolling them!

We also have been in discussions with Deep Cut Studios about doing some custom neoprene Dice Trays for Company of Legends, and I got a sample done and it was delivered this week and I have to say, it’s really nice, you can see it in the Instagram post above.

A few minor changes are needed, specifically making the logo a touch smaller so it doesn’t curl up as much when the tray is put together.

But overall it’s great and we are looking at doing one for each table in 2020.

What I am Modelling

This week has been a hard week for anything, my hands have felt like useless claws, and I haven’t been able to grip anything without my hands shaking or seizing up.

All I have been able to do is a bit of building, I am trying to make space in my shelves by building my T’au army, but with my hands being all but useless this week, it’s been difficult.

On Saturday night I managed to get a decent grip of a paintbrush to start on something, rather than risk butchering one of Nikis models, I started On a T’au Stealth Suit Team and managed to get the main ochre colour of the armour down and then wash it, but it’s not a great job.

On Sunday night and Monday I managed to complete the Stealthsuit team, and its the first models I have completed in nearly two weeks.

I have managed to build, a Ghostkeel, a Breacher Team, Crisis Suit Team, two Coldstars Commanders, a Stormsurge, two Devilfish, two Broadsides, a Sun Shark and a Cadre Fireblade. The pile of T’au to build is considerably smaller now and I have been able to fit some more stuff on the shelves!

I also built a second Land Speeder I bought for my Blood Ravens this time as a Typhoon with a Multi-Melta.

What I am Reading

I have been reading everything but novels this week, mostly games rules books for a project I am helping out with, but I can’t actually say anything about it beyond that I have an NDA in place!

What I am Playing

Not a fiddle this week, my hands have been in too much pain and too clumsy to do anything, which really depresses me.

What I am Backing

Noting new, still backed Cognition Vol #1 by my old school pal Ken and that has now successfully funded.

I did get my reward today for Transformers 1986 and it’s utterly wonderful, the Cybertronic Spree did an amazing job brining these classics to life and putting their own twist on them, dead pleased with that.

What I am Cooking

Again my hands have left me crippled and unable to cook at all, I had planned to do sloppy joes on Thursday but that kinda failed 🙁

What I am Spending

Somewhat less this week than last!

I did buy myself another copy of Conquest issue 47 from Forbidden Planet for a second Land Speeder for my Blood Ravens.

Most of the units from that partwork from The Space Marines are going towards mine and Megans Blood Angels, all so far apart from the Aggressors and Redemptor Dreadnought, which we already had for them.

I did preorder the new Ultramarines Dice, I am a big fan of the 13th Legion, I have 14,000 points worth of them for Heresy after all, and I am going to eventually do an all Primaris army of them for 40k. I also preordered the new Space Marines Codex and the Ultramarines Codex Supplement. I will get the data cards next month when I can afford it.

I also picked up my comics from Forbidden Planet, well the Marcel Ultimate Graphic Novel collection and I am now at issue 199, and once I got 200 I am stopping, I simply don’t have room to go beyond 200 books.

It’s gonna be weird not getting them every month, but I have been collecting this series since late 2011 so it’s a good thing to stop now, and the money I save is going towards my hand fasting with Megan!