The view of my first game, gulp!

Well we have been having an amazing weekend so far, I have played two very brutal and entertaining games. We had a bit of a delayed start because the guy with the mission packs arrived 25 minutes after the games were meant to start!

In game one I took on Harry’s Questoris Knights list, which consisted of two Cerastus Knight-Lancers, a Crusader, a Cerastus Knight-Atrapos, a Paladin and an Errant, oh and a Warhound Titan!

My game went ok, decided to put the Leviathan Seige Dreadnought in my list instead of a Deredeo, and that was a wise decision, after my Fellblade softener them up a little, the Leviathan was able to rip apart both Lancers. And that was about all I could do, after that it was simply a case of how long I could stay alive, the Fellblade and Leviathan both got taken out as soon as Harry realised what a threat they were, and my fliers failed to do anything but take a single hull point off the Atrapos.

My Poor Invictarus Suzerain

The game ended with a single Invictarus Suzerain being attacked by both the Atrapos and the Errant, he didn’t survive long at all.

My second game, which I don’t have photos of, because my phone was charging, but I played against Aidan’s Sons of Horus, and it was utterly brutal, I could have won in turn two because Aidan’s army was a drop pod army and, he landed 3 pods in his turn 1 after I moved my squads into optimal positions for claiming the objectives.

His plasma Reaver squads managed to kill half of themselves and then I finished off everything bar a Contemptor Dreadnought which was left with two hull points With Remus Ventanus and my Damocles Command Rhino, he had to roll 5+ to bring in his reserves, but alas he successfully brought in more Reavers a Fire Raptor and a Xiphon.

Christian Always Was a Poser!

My plan was to fly my two large tactical squads in Storm Eagles onto the objectives, however for one squad, the Fire Raptor caused thier Storm Eagle to crash and burn leaving only five men alive, the other squad ended up being charged by Horus and a unit of Justarian Terminators (using thier updated rules despite the new Red Book not having hit the shelves yet, but we can forgive him that), and ended up dying in huge numbers and being caught up in a sweeping advance by Horus.

At the end of the game, I had gotten First Blood and Linebreaker, and Aidan had one objective claimed by his Justarians, making me think I had managed to just get a draw, with the vast majority of most of the units in the game utterly destroyed, then Aidan pointed out that Maloghurst the Twisted made Reavers Troops rather than Elites, meaning, he actually had two objectives, turning my 2 all draw into a 4-2 loss.

Sadly after that game Aidan had to zoom off as someone had put his parents window out so he had to go to theirs and deal with that.

As a result I had to rearrange the doubles games and drop out myself, which was okay as I got to collect up all the dishes and cups and help the girls in the kitchen.

The games however looked amazing, and you can see some photos from the doubles games below in an Instagram post.

A Very Drunk Dark Artisan

Last night was very messey, the guys played a few quite roucious games of Cards Against Humanity, I played Star Munchkin, and Harry Scarr (The Dark Artisan) got very very drunk as its his 30th birthday this week, but I suppose that is what people can do here, just chill out, knock away a few drinks and relax with some great gaming.

But the real heroes of this weekend have been the ladies in my life, Lindsay, Megan and Megan’s mum Jane. They have slaved away tirelessly in the kitchen to prepare our food, we had a delicious lunch of Hot Dogs and tonight they made us mince and dumplings which was absolutely delicious.

The Weekends Miracle Workers

I cannot express how grateful I am to them for helping us out, I must admit doing the food has been a constant worry, and the stress of making sure there was enough. The girls have done nothing but offer support and have really been the people to make this weekend happen, so girls, I thank you.

Tomorrow is the Apocalypse game, so let’s see how that goes.