I am hurting right now, I had a pretty rotten week, but on Saturday I got some news which has completely shaken my world.

I can’t and won’t go into it here at this time, but it’s left me utterly in shock, today to try and cope with it I found myself drinking bourbon to try and numb the pain, I know that makes me a bad Bahá’í, but I fell back on an old and very destructive coping mechanism.

This afternoon to try and distract myself from the pain, I got myself off the bed, where I had spent most of the day staring at the ceiling and went to my man cave to start something.

The Word Bearers project was going to be 15 days of intensive painting, so I have put that aside and will be playing with an unpainted army, which is something I usually never do, but I don’t think I have the heart for 15 days of hardcore painting.

So I decided to pull out my Tau and build the Formation out of one of the three Start Collecting boxes I bought to start the army with. I tonight got built the Ethereal on a Hover Drone and three XV8 Crisis Suits, all with two Burst Cannons (I had to crack open another kit to get cannons five and six), and equipped two of them with target locks, the Shas’Vre is getting a Drone Controller.

Tomorrow I am going to spend the day up in the cave and build the Drones for the Crisis Suits, they are all going to be Marker Drones, and build the Fire Warriors, using the set up as described in the Kill Team booklet. If there is time I will then start on the Burning Dawn boxset because with those two boxset Formations combined I will have a little 1000pt army built with a few different units on to start testing out how the Tau actually work in combat.

It’s all just a distraction but right now that’s exactly what I need.

What I am Modelling

Other than the Tau, I am almost there with the Ashen Circle, but there is so much detail on them, and I built the Mahara Gal.

What I am Reading

Last night I finished reading Weregeld, which was a fitting way to end Corax’s story prior to Terra, was also nice to see an appearance by the Wolf King too.

It feels like the series is coming to its close, which is good in a way as it’s has been going on for a long time, but it’s sad in other ways because I have really been enjoying reading them for the past few years. But all things must end.

I also fitted in the Grey Raven, one of the shorts from the Advent Calendar, and that was alright, but it once again showed that Malcador is Just as big a dick as the Emperor himself.

What I am Playing

To get my brain working tonight we played Thunderbirds, we played it with the Tracy Island expansion, which has become a preferred way to play the game recently, and I pulled Parker as my character, Lindsay got Lady Penelope and Megan had Scott Tracy.

We got off to an okay start, what with two of us starting away I Europe and all, and we solved the first couple of disasters with ease. But that luck didn’t hold, for mission attempt after mission attempt we kept on rolling Hoods, and pulled so many Hood Advances cards out of the disaster deck it wasn’t funny.

We ended up one Hood advancement away from him completing his second scheme for quite a while, until we attempted our last rescue attempt and we got another Hood.

We only got 30 minutes of play in, but it was tense, it was quite late otherwise I think we would have given it another go.

Thunderbirds is still currently my favourite game, I just can’t get enough of it.

I have also been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas, this is my third attempt at the game, hopefully I can complete it this time without getting distracted by something else.

What I am Backing

Nowt, although I am getting continually annoyed with IDW over the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past game. It shipped to the Yanks at the end of October, but it didn’t even make it to the EU until a month later, and then spent a month in Customs, and yet still it doesn’t appear to be shipping. 

Now I know we can expect Kickstarter’s to have delays, but the delays here seem oddly much longer than other projects I have backed, and it doesn’t help that IDW have kept us in the dark over the situation, but it’s annoying when friends who did my back the game have already bought it at retail. I know I am getting a bunch of exclusive stuff with my Works Edition, but I really wish I knew what was going on right now.

What I am Spending

Absolutely nothing this week apart from an audiobook, which was the Leman Russ instalment of the Primarchs series, and I don’t get to download that until the 14th, Tau stuff that I ordered around Christmas continues to arrive, I am currently waiting on a last Riptide and a Devilfish, and I sold a couple of bits the other night so now have enough to afford the second Stormsurge which will be the last addition to my project pile for quite some time I think.

Oh actually one thing I did but is paint, Megan and Lindsay went to the cinema today and were already going to Games Workshop to pick up my delivery of the Tau Sept transfer sheet for me, so I asked them to pick up two Layer paints, a Dry paint and a bottle of Shade for me.