And The Weekender is getting closer and I am really starting to look forward to it now. I have started buying the food, ordered the stotties, got the scenery coming along etc.

At the moment it looks like I am playing which in a way is a good thing, I originally planned this so that I could play some games, and in a way it’s a bad thing because the girls want me to help in the kitchen and someone needs to organise things and stuff. So hopefully we will sell that last ticket so I don’t have to play.
Now I am just making plans for executing everything perfectly, we have the event packs printed, which was the big issue we had last year, they didn’t turn up until the day and even then they were a mess, so we have the biggest issue of last year solved already. 

We are buying the non-fresh food a week Monday, and I am going to order a cake from CostCo for people to enjoy as a snack on Saturday. One thing I did want to try and do with the food is introduce a bit of a North East flavour to it, hence the stotties for the breakfast sarnies, and also why I have spent that little bit extra money to buy Ringtons tea and coffee, I did consider having a Makaway curry for Saturday night, but we figured best to play it safe as curry can be a very funny thing for a lot of people.

The army lists have started pouring in, though a few people are a bit late with them, but that’s cool, and I am getting them typed up so we can publish them next week, so everyone will be able to see what’s coming.

I plan on doing quite a bit of coverage on the weekend with the Edge of Empire website, which I will also publish here, so look out for that.

What I am Modelling

This week has once again been all about terrain. I got built the remaining terrain on Sunday, but when I opened the Renegade box to get the last Sanctum Imperialis, I had three accessory sprues and no building sprues, but a quick email to Games Workshop and I had a replacement kit on Wednesday.

This week I have managed to paint a Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Emplacement, a Shrine of the Aquila, 2 Munitorium Armoured Containers, a Manufactorum, a Sanctum Imperialis and a Firestorm Redoubt. Tonight I started on a pair of Haemotrope Reactors, and by start, I mean I have them coated in Leadbelcher and washed with Nuln Oil for me to do further work on them in the morning.

I also took a little time out to paint up an Imperial Space Marine, during the 30th anniversaries celebration of the Space Marine last year, I ended up with four of these, and with this one, I decided to make a Knight-Errant for the Horus Heresy.

He is wearing what I interpreted to be, artificer MKVI armour, has a bolter that could easily pass for a Paragon Bolter, and his Bolt Pistol certainly looks Master Crafted. Anyway I painted him up in a scheme which I will use if I ever build a Grey Knights army, which was a base coat of Leadbelcher, a wash of Nuln Oil, followed by a heavy dry brush of Ironbreaker and then a dry brush with Necron Compound.

What I am Reading

I decided to start on The Beast Arises and have read a couple of chapters if I Am Slaughter, and so far I am enjoying it, although I haven’t read much yet, but already I am liking the politics of it, it’s very interesting to get an insight to the workings of the High Lords of Terra.

What I am Playing

Sadly I haven’t played anything this week, although I have scheduled in a game of Horus Heresy against Graham on Tuesday, and next Saturday I am going to take a small 1000pt force to play in a large Fall of Cadia at the Newcastle Warhammer store.

I did try to see if Megan wanted to take a day to go visit the Battle Bunker in Sunderland so we could play a game, but she wanted to play a few more games at home first before playing in a public place.

What I am Backing

Still backing Munchkin Shakespeare, which has bust through a few more stretch goals, and we have in our sight some Spyke pawns, they are quite a bit away, but I am sure we will get them.

And Sliced Quarterly has now funded and is hitting some stretch goals, we are currently £32 away from getting a colouring book, a goal I really hope we can hit. 

What I am Spending

Given how I overspent quite a bit recently, I am scaling back on my spending for the next few weeks. I did have to go pick up some paints the other day, and I also was tempted by and picked up a pair of Vengeance Defence Batteries, and when he went on preorder today, I could not resist ordering Slambo!
I have also purchased some items for Megan’s birthday as that’s coming up.