Oh I was so shattered when I was woken up by a hug from Megan this morning, I don’t remember going to sleep at all, I had struggled trying to synch my Kobo over the hotel WiFi, instead I had to do it using my phones personal hotspot, because I wanted to download a few books I had bought. 

But I crawled out of bed and made my way to breakfast, although this morning we were sent to a different room for breakfast which we had mostly to ourselves for the time we were there. It was a little annoying as this room had a little less choice than the main breakfast restaurant, so I didn’t get my watermelon or pineapple with my breakfast, or a bagel, but it was still quite nice, going to miss having a nice large breakfast in a morning.

We then went back to our room to begin the process of packing up our stuff, and we took the bag with our food and snacks and the games we had brought to the con to the car leaving only our suitcases left to pack.

I then decided I wanted to attend a panel called Populism and SF/F, but there was a safety issue in the main hall, so I ended up as an unofficial gopher telling people they couldn’t go in the hall and that the panel was delayed for 15 minutes. I had decided to switch to that panel specifically because Tej Turner, whose reading I had attended last night was on it, and I think his, I assume rather left wing (based on his book) views would contribute towards an interesting panel, that and the panel description made it clear that it wasn’t favouring one side of the political spectrum but rather looking at populism from both sides, really appealed to me.

Anyway eventually the session was cancelled as they couldn’t fix the issue, and there wasn’t a room available to reschedule it, so I was a little disappointed, but you know what it’s unavoidable, these things can happen sadly.

So I just wandered to the Fan Lounge where I read for a bit, Megan and Lindsay were in Science Fictional Pub Signs, so once they were out of there we headed up to the room to get our stuff and pack the car, once we were done with that we checked out and pleasantly surprised to find that the car parking charges were not £9 per day, but £9 for the whole event which was awesome!

We then just hung around in the Fan Lounge until lunch time, when I had a really delicious Thai chicken and prawn noodles, whilst the girls had Thai vegetable red curry. Then I headed off to my last panel which was UK in 2024, which was a group who were looking to bring WorldCon back to the UK in, surprisingly 2024.

And it was interesting to see the ideas that they are talking about, it’s sounds very very good. They are looking at three venues, Liverpool, London and Glasgow, and Glasgow seems to be the favourite, of both the working group and the attendees at the panel. 

We then headed to the closing ceremony which was cool, lots of applause and the recipients of the Doc Weir award were very worthy, I saw them being quite busy and involved all weekend.

We then hurriedly exited the hotel and made our way to the car, refuelling at a Morrisons up the M42, and then headed home, stopping twice along the way for the toilet and arriving home about 7:30pm when we ordered pizza.

I was meant to record with Graham that night, but I was utterly shattered so we rearranged our recording time to Wednesday.

Overall, I had a great weekend, I am paying for it today, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will have managed to book up a hotel for Follycon next year.

  • Mood: On top of the world
  • Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: 7
  • In My Ears: Scream by Michael Jackson
  • Game Last Played: Pokémon Go
  • Book Last Read: On Basilisk Station by David Weber
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