This past week has been dominated by a couple of things, the bigger being my having a tummy bug.

Lindsay and Megan babysat my nephew Willem so his mum Jane could go out for her birthday, however that household have been suffering with a tummy bug and Willem is a very kissey baby and gave lots of wet kisses to Lindsay and Megan.

They subsequently picked up the tummy bug and brought it home. The weekend in which we had planned to use to go to Dirty Bottles in Alnwick, followed by me playing Dropfleet Commander ended up being sat on the sofa with Netflix.

I thought I was better last night, but no I woke up this morning and it was the worst it has been, and thus Lindsay who has only just finished work, had to clean up my projectile vomit from the bathroom.

The Sunday before last we finished up our mini holiday in Hull with games, and then we traveled back, I went to Club on Tuesday and it was a rather ordinary week, although I did get through an appointment for my Work Capability Assessment which threw me for six, I know it was coming but it was still a shock that it was coming so soon.

What I am Modelling

This week I have mostly just built models for my Blades of Khorne army.

I had planned to play a friend a game of Age of Sigmar at Battle Bunker on Thursday, but unfortunately that has now closed down, and we couldn’t go to GW in Sunderland as it wasn’t open yet, so we just had a drink and a double cheeseburger in McDonalds before I made my way home.

Anyway I arranged to play a 2000 point game yesterday at Durham Raiders with Aidan, again Age of Sigmar. But I only had 1000 points of the army built, so I ended up spending a day building up the units I needed.

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Let’s turn this into 1000pts for my Age of Sigmar Khorne army for my game on Tuesday against Aidan! This will give me 30 Bloodletters, 3 Bloodcrushers, a Skull Cannon and a Herald of Khorne (not pictured), and will form a Murderhost. But what to do with the Daemon Prince, do I put him together for the AoS Khorne army, or for my 40k Word Bearers??? #Warhammer #WarhammerAgeofSigmar #AgeofSigmar #AoS #WarhammerAoS #BladesofKhorne #Khorne #KhorneDaemon #KhorneDaemons #Daemons #DaemonsofChaos #ChaosDaemons #Bloodletters #KhorneBloodletters #BloodlettersofKhorne #SkullCannon #SkullCannonofKhorne #Bloodcrushers #BloodcrushersofKhorne #HeraldofKhorne #Bloodmaster #BloodmasterHeraldofKhorne #DaemonPrince #BloodTideofKhorne #Murderhost

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I built a unit of 30 Bloodletters, 3 Blood Crushers, a Daemon Prince, a Herald of Khorne and a Skull Cannon which mostly made up a small Murderhost.

I then spent a few hours on Monday priming them, and a bunch of other stuff I recently built, but annoyingly whilst cleaning my airbrush, I managed to break it a little, but I have put the thing through its paces and pushed it to its limits of being used by an amateur.

I have struggled with painting of late, but I have a plan, I am going to finish Grand Master Voldus and then try and start the breaking of the back of the Khorne army by painting all of the Bloodletters. So today I have cracked on with Grand Master Voldus and now have him about 80% done.

What I am Reading

I have not read very much of late, I have picked up Ruinstorm by Grand Master Voldus, but haven’t made much progress.

But I have been listening to Path of Heaven which is a good book, I love Chris Wraights work and this book is no different.

What I am Playing

Most of my games were on the last day in Hull, but we are now going to start up a regular board games Sunday in which we do nowt but play games, and the first one is scheduled for the 12th November.

We started out with a game of Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice, it was a tag team game with girls vs boys. Me and Paul were doing alright, but then everytime I got a chance to pin I kept rolling to showboat and ended up getting pinned myself!

Then we played a game of Ticket to Ride Europe, which is my favourite map, but Megan sat that one out as she didn’t feel her brain could handle it, anyway I had a rough game, Paul and Lindsay kept taking the routes I needed and it being a three player game made it very difficult, I was forced to use two stations which cost me the game in the end. But I love Ticket to Ride, it’s the perfect game for a Sunday.

Then we played Pandemic Legacy, our third game in the campaign and Megan’s anxiety was running really high, because it was a very tense game, but we had a great team picked and we managed quite well and kicked February’s arse!

But our next game will be harder as our funding has dropped to 2!

We then finished off the day with a game of Joking Hazard, which will probably condemn us all to hell for some of the cards we played, and followed that with a few games of Firefly Fluxx.

On the Tuesday at Durham Raiders I played Stuart in Warhammer 40,000 with my Word Bearers, we played with Open War Cards and drew the kill the courier mission. His force was all Chaos Terminators, Abaddon the Despoiler and a Knight, he made his Knight the courier and I made my Spartan mine.

It was a tough game, but I sacrificed a few things to take out Abaddon before being able to position everything to hit the Knight, and my Spartan, Xiphon and Deredeo made short work of it and won me the game.

Yesterday I played Aidan at Age of Sigmar, although he forgot we were playing and I was lucky that he had 2000pts worth of Stormcast Eternals in his boot so we could still play.

I haven’t played many games of Sigmar and I am learning more and more about my army, but still learning the rule.

Was my first time with Khorne Daemons, and I forgot the Murderhost special rule, but I did manage to chain quite a few things together to really put my Bloodletters to good use.

Need to concentrate on getting army painted because I don’t like playing with an unpainted army.

What I am Backing

I have pledged for Munchkin Starfinder, I love Munchkin, the Starfinder books are excellent, so this was a bit of a done deal for me. It’s only a short campaign but it’s kicking down stretch goals nicely and should be a decent set.

This week three Kickstaters arrived, first off I got my Wound Wangs, which are excellent and I have already used, very helpful and I hope the dudes behind it make them more widely available cause a few people have asked where they can get them.

Secondly and thirdly, and they both arrived at the same time, I got the two projects from Steve Jackson Games I backed, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, which I backed to get the box, Companion book, GM Screen and the How to be a GURPS GM book. Very happy with this set, the writing is top notch and I really need to do some RPGs again soon.

And alongside that came Munchkin Shakespeare which is a very funny set, the jokes are good and they have put a lot of work into it. I know Munchkin isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I find it a fun game to play and I really like the art work and jokes. Anyway this will be getting distilled into my Monster Box this week.

What I am Cooking

I made Cowboy Beans, but if I am honest they were not all that great, mostly because I accidentally put the slow cooker on high instead of low, and I used a variation of the original recipe.

It also didn’t help that I made them on the night that we all got sick.

I did earlier in the week however, make some pulled chicken sandwiches, I boiled the chicken thighs in water witch cumin, and onion and two cloves of garlic along with a stock cube and it was really nice, I mixed with my Kansas City BBQ Sauce and it was beautiful.

I had meant to use the stock to make a soup, but, I didn’t feel up to it, so we ended up throwing it out, which was a shame as it was a good stock.

What I am Spending
Trying to spend as little as possible still, I bought a pot of Nuln Oil Gloss and a few Christmas presents.

I did somehow manage to acquire a squad of Hellblasters, but I can’t remember doing so, thus I think I had a memory lapse again.

I did buy some t-shirts from me and Graham for our visit to Blood and Glory in a couple of weeks, specifically t-shirts for our podcast, and I am really happy with how they turned out, and ma very grateful to Lindsay for helping us out with them.