On Sunday we had our four weekly board games day, and we decided to have a go at live streaming the games, as I have mentioned, me and Graham want to live stream some games from Company of Legends.

So to try out the technology we gave it a shot on Sunday and below you can watch the results for yourself.

We have been doing dome other tests to see what we can do to make it look as good as possible and we are going to be doing a big test by live streaming a full game of Horus Heresy in the next couple of weeks.

I thought I had decided how we were going to do it, but I have been seeing other ideas that may look better, but its a case of doing more tests over the next few weeks and seeing how we can make this look as good as possible.

Bahá’í Blogging Challenge

I have previously mentioned that as a Bahá’í everyday I say the phrase Alláh-u-Abh‎‎á which is Arabic for God is the Most Glorious.

Now normally I use an app to help me keep track, but a few years ago, my wife Lindsay made me this set of prayer beads. They are based on a dream of Mirza Abbas Buzurg, Bahá’u’lláh’s father in which he saw his Son in a vast ocean and Bahá’u’lláh’s body was aglow lighting up all around him. And around him gathered a large amount of fish each of which clung to end of one of his hairs, and they followed him wherever he swam doing him no harm and not preventing him from swimming anywhere he wanted to.

When he awoke Mirza Buzurg who was a minister in the Persian Government summoned a soothsayer to him to interpret the dreams and his interpretation was as follows:

“O Minister, the endless ocean in which you saw your son is the world of creation. Your son will achieve mastery over this world. The multitude of fish are the people of the world and the turmoil that Bahá’u’lláh will generate among them. None will be able to prevent him doing whatever he wishes. Around him the people will gather and to him they will cling. They will be unable to harm him.”

Anyway these are my prayer beads, I love them and I don’t use them as often as I should.

What I am Modelling

I finished up a Daemon Prince of Khorne model that I built for my Blades of Khorne/Chaos army for Age of Sigmar. He will also find a role in my Chaos Marines army in 40k and as a HQ for Daemon allies for my 30k Word Bearers.

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Finished up a Daemon Prince of Khorne, my first ever Daemon of Chaos. This guy will be part of several armies, in 40k he will be in my Chaos Space Marines and Daemons, in Age of Sigmar he will be part of my Blades of Khorne army and in Heresy he will form part of the Daemon allies I am putting together for my Word Bearers. Lovely model to paint, really enjoyed the whole process. The only thing I would change is the armour colour, I did it in dark red to match my Khorne Mortals, but it doesn’t really pop considering he has red skin. #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingGamesWorkshop #ChaosDaemons #DaemonsofChaos #Chaos #BladesofKhorne #KhorneDaemons #Khorne #WordBearers #XVIILegion #XVIIthLegion #ChaosSpaceMarine #ChaosSpaceMarines #HereticAstartes #Warhammer #Warhammer40k #Warhammer40000 #WarhammerAgeofSigmar #WarhammerAoS #AoS #AgeofSigmar #HorusHeresy #TheHorusHeresy #Warhammer30k #Warhammer30000 #HardforHeresy #FullyPaintedIsForClosers

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I have now started and have almost finished a few units for my Ultramarines, a Praetor from the MKIV Commander Set and a squad of Tactical Support Marines armed with Volkite Chargers and a Rhino to go with them.

The infantry is nearly finished now whilst the Rhino has a long way to go still. The Preator I managed to finish up whilst I was writing this post.

What I am Reading

Despite saying I would I still have yet to pick up my book since my last update :-(.

I am however making good progress through Praetorian of Dorn and have almost finished it.

What I am Playing

On Sunday in our four weekly board games day we started off with Mars Attacks The Dice Game, followed by Carcassonne (which included the River, Abbot, the Spiel Promo tiles from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, the Labyrinth and the Japanese Buildings), Pretending to Grownup, Ca$h ‘n Guns, Unspeakable Words Deluxe and Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice. I won’t go into detail about them as you can look above to watch the videos of us playing them.

What I am Backing

Not a thing at the minute, not a single thing.

I had hoped to back Ogre Miniatures Set 2, but sadly its not available for international backers :-(.

What I am Cooking

I have had a poor week pain wise and haven’t cooked anything this week, which has knocked my confidence quite a bit.

What I am Spending

I have spent a bit more money than I planned to this week, I started the week by buying some 90mm Oval Bases and a Lictor from Games Workshop this week and Roboute Guilliman from Forgeworld.

We also picked up a few bits for the podcast, a tripod for the second webcam which arrived this week, a USB sound card so we can plug the shotgun microphone into the laptop and a USB active repeater extension cable, these are for the video work we will be doing.

It doesn’t count as spending but one of my Secret Santa gifts arrived today, this one from The Board Game Group Secret Santa, it wasn’t wrapped and had no indication on it that it was a present, so I opened it and got a wonderful surprise in the form of 7 Wonders Duel Pantheon and Kingdomino!