It’s been a long time since I blogged and it’s about time I got back to it, don’t you think.

Anyway I am starting of slow and just gonna update you on how my week went.

What I am Modelling

This week I have only really finished two things, the first was a Fortress of Redemption, which to be fair is a rather large model, the other was a set of Sector Sanctoris Ruins from The Fractal Blades, which I bought this week.

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Finished at last the Fortress of Redemption! Been a slog because it’s been so hot and @magickmogwai took the studio fan with her on holiday! But I am pleased with this, nice big chunky piece of terrain that forms the centrepiece of a board. So this new board contains stuff that we didn’t use at the last Company of Legends, but is all a touch themed around being an Imperial Strongpoint. We have in this box, two Imperial Bastions, the Fortress of Redemption, Moonscape, two Aegis Defence Lines, a set of Thermic Plasma Regulators and two sets of Thermic Plasma Conduits. Hopefully that forms a decent amount of terrain for a single board. #PaintingWarhammer #PaintingGamesWorkshop #Warhammer40k #Warhammer30k #Warhammer30000 #Warhammer40000 #TheHorusHeresy #HorusHeresy #FortressofRedemption #HardforHeresy #FullyPaintedIsForClosers #PaintHammer2019

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I have loads of stuff to be getting on with so will try and spend more time at the painting desk before I leave for Glasgow on Friday.

I did get my Conquest delivery on Saturday so I have built the stuff out of there, and will be priming all but the four Plague Marines tomorrow along with a second set of Thermic Plasma Conduits I got off Scottish Graham.

What I am Reading

This week I finished Scions of the Emperor which I will be reviewing on the next episode of Edge of Empire, and it wasn’t too bad a book, just a little shorter that Sons of the Emperor.

I have started on The Last Son of Dorn he as I slowly make my way through The Beast Arises, not sure what it is, but I have been finding that series a hard slog.

What I am Playing

A lot more than normal this week, I played Machi Koro twice, in the first game I beat Paul and Lindsay considerable, and then on the second game I utterly spanked Lindsay’s bum.

We also played Shadespire and I won on a technicality against Lindsay in my first game, but you can read about those in posts from earlier this week.

What I am Backing

Currently backing Trial by Trolley but Megan really doesn’t want me backing this project so I am likely to be dropping it in the next few days.

What I am Cooking

All I managed to cook this week were some burgers on the BBQ with Lindsay’s help.

What I am Spending

Not a lot, I bought The Fractal Blades a couple of weeks ago and they finally arrived but that’s it for this week, I am fairly broke.

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