This weekend I was at EGX showing video gamers how to play some brilliant tabletop games with Asmodee.

I am currently headed to the Tottenham Court Road Warhammer store to kill some time before I head off home.

I took the train down on Wednesday and stayed overnight in a hostel near Kings Cross, but annoyingly despite telling them well in advance that I needed a bottom bunk I was assigned a top bunk, which gave me a lot of pain trying to get in and out.

Because of the Extinction Rebellion protests I planned to give myself loads of time to get to the ExCeL, but that was barely enough time as I got caught up in two different actions, one in which some people chained themselves across a bus lane, and another where someone go on top on a tube. I wasn’t present for the last one, but it caused huge delays on the line.

I just got to ExCeL on time to finish helping set up our demo area, and get myself together for the 10am opening.

Overall the weekend was brilliant and I learnt a number of new games including Moon-Bots, Plague Inc, Don’t Mess with Cthulhu, and Keyforge, so quite happy with that.

The only downside was that Thursday night I was quite ill, and spent a couple of hours throwing up, but was only 30 minutes late for the show due to sleeping in as a result.

Great experience, and a great weekend, and I can’t wait for my next big event!

In this next week I am headed to Megan’s nanas for a bit via home, and will be visiting my sister in Woking on Wednesday.

What I am Modelling

Last week I didn’t do any modelling at all other than to prime some stuff to take away with me to Megan’s Anna’s, specifically a Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad and Command Squad.

What I am Reading

Making slow progress through The Lost and the Dammed, I have just been so tired at night it’s hard to read, currently I am 21% of the way through the book.

What I am Playing

I have played a lot this weekend, showing people how to play some great games, but standouts for me are Keyforge, which as a game I really enjoy, and think I am hooked.

I also helped a visually impaired guy play Ticket to Ride and Pandemic, both of which were very rewarding experiences and has made me think about what kind of games could be good for visually impaired people.

What I am Backing

I am in for the Zombicide 2nd Editon Nostalgia pledge right now, but I am humming and barring about it.

My Ember package still hasn’t arrived but apparently there have been issues at the post office, so hopefully soon.

Alhambra was meant to be delivered Saturday but no one was in, so it’s been rearranged to Tuesday, but I am nervous because apparently the stickers needed for a dice are missing from all pledges.

What I am Cooking

I have been away so no cooking for me!

What I am Spending

Other than food needed to survive whilst away, I have bought a couple of games, specifically the Keyforge Age of Ascension Starter Set, I know it’s soon to be replaced with Worlds Collide, but it was going for £20 which is an absolute bargain, and I picked up Moon-Bots because it’s a great game and I am pretty sure Megan and Lindsay will love it.

I didn’t buy these but was given by Asmodee for demoing purposes, Who Did It?, Dice Academy and Dobble.

DnDice also gave us Asmodee lot a rectangular dice tray, the ones that they had been using to show people how good they are, I got one in Dryad Green.