So this year I set out doing the #Painthammer2019 hobby log with the aim of painting a mode for every day of the year.

I ended up painting 866 models in 2019, and you can see my completed log here so I have decided that I want to beat that next year and paint at least 867 models in 2020.

Plus I have a few other goals I wish to hit as well.

  • Paint 867 models in total
  • Finish the Blood Ravens that I own on 1st January 2020
  • Finish the Death Guard
  • Paint Mortarion for Everchosen
  • Complete 1750pts worth of T’au
  • Complete 1750pts worth of Orks
  • Complete 2000pts of Stormcast Eternals
  • Rebase Blood Ravens Tacticals
  • Rebase Orks
  • Enter Armies on Parade

So this requires a wider range of painting focus than I normally do, because I want to complete a few projects that have been sitting around for ages.

I know normally people want to do the whole improve yourself resolutions but I tend to find I fail them, so focusing on hobby goals instead.

Geekmas was good, we opened the Switch and we bought Carcassonne, Catan, Pandemic, Final Fantasy IX and UNO for it.

Megan bought me a Folded Space insert for 7 Wonders, a Mechanicum t-shirt, and a paint pot holder so I was happy with those.

What I Am Painting

It’s only been a few days since my last blog post so I haven’t gotten much done, I did complete the Foetid Bloat-Drones, and Mollog’s Mob is coming along fine but I won’t get them finished for a little while as I need Carroberg Crimson and I am out of that.

So I have moved a couple of things around on my painting schedule to keep things fresh, so here it is right now.

  1. Mollog’s Mob
  2. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad and Quatermaster
  3. Plagueburst Crawler
  4. Blood Ravens Supressors
  5. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  6. Ylthari’s Guardians
  7. Death Guard Rhinos
  8. Blood Ravens Infiltrators
  9. Death Korps of Krieg Engineers and Hades Breaching Drill
  10. Ultramarines Volkite Culverin Heavy Support Squad

Obviously I have lots of things to add and move around, so that’s gonna be something that filters through in the next few weeks.

What I Am Reading

Sad to say I haven’t read anything this week 🙁

I did however listen to Prisoner of the Black Sun, now that I am out of main Realmgate Wars stories, which was enjoyable and have now just started Sands of Blood.

What I Am Playing

I age played a bit these past few days, we played two games of Maki Stack which Megan gotten Lindsay for Christmas.

We then introduced Paul to Just One followed by a game of Carcassonne on the Switch.

We also played a first game of Island of a Thousand Cats which I won, and it was very fun, although Megan was very unsure about the whole game.

And finally yesterday morning we played Stuffed Fables, and personally I didn’t have a good time playing it, but I think that was largely due to the amount of downtime because Lindsay and Megan spent a lot of time reading and rereading rules.

I also went to the Durham Raiders Long Gaming Day and played two games of Zone Mortalis, one with my Custodes that I painted up for the Adeptus Terra challenge, and they were really really really good in that game.

The second game was with my Death Guard, in which is used my Grave Wardens for the first time, and they were really quite good, the toxin grenades are very powerful.

And finally we played an Age of Darkness game of 3000pts a side.

What I Am Backing

Still just Car Wars Sixth Edition, but that is really knocking down stretch goals right now!

What I Am Cooking

Not a thing in the past few days.

What I Am Spending

I bought myself The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition on XBox for £10.39 which was brilliant, I had been considering getting it for Switch, but on that it was £49.99 so yeah, no question really as to what platform to get it on.