I am considered by my doctors to be an extremely vulnerable person due to my crappy immune system and diabetes.

Whilst the government have not ordered me to shield for 12 weeks the doctors told me that I should do so by the Monday just gone, they were very firm about telling me that I needed to do this.

Of course it’s all moot now because Boris ordered a full lockdown of everyone for three week, to start.

I knew this was gonna happen after I saw idiots on Facebook boasting about their last night at the pubs, it’s a shame that idiots made this necessary.

We need to keep vulnerable people safe, people more vulnerable than me, the doctors say if I catch Covid-19 there is a good chance it will put me in hospital, they don’t think it would kill me, but they don’t want the risk.

But I have people I care about who are much more vulnerable, a mate with a pacemaker, a nearly 90 year old nana who chain smokes like there is no tomorrow, a father-in-law who had a heart transplant, a nephew who recovered from childhood cancer, etc.

We need to shield these people from the virus, so whilst I hate the Covid-19 bill and I detest the lockdown, I will comply, because at times like these we all need to pitch in and do our part, and for many of us, it’s to stay at home.

Others can help shop for vulnerable people, donate blood, do key jobs to keep things moving etc.

We can all of us do our part to get us through this, so let’s roll up our sleeves and get in with it.

What I Am Modelling

Given I am in lockdown I am gonna really crack in with some stuff!

I started with the Magnavent Walkway, I got this from the issues of Conquest I bought at Forbidden Planet, thinking I would need it for Company of Legends, of course I didn’t!

Then I painted the Thermic Plasma Conduits Andrew face new.

Chris gave me a few bits which I am adding to the Conquest scenery, a pair of Imperial Bunkers and a Plasma Obliterator, so I go these done on a Sunday.

Then I finished off the scenery with Andres mashup of Sector Fronteris and STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins.

I then painted up my Imperial Navy stuff for Aeronautica Imperialis.

And then I finished a trio of Easy to Build Stormcast Eternals Sequitors.

I have already painted these, but got a bunch with Mortal Reams issue 1, so figured why not have a set with the helmeted head for the Sequitor Prime.

I then finally finished up the Three Hunters by painting Gimili, don’t know why but I found him a lot more intimidating than Legolas or Aragorn.

And then I painted up five Captains for my Blood Ravens, two Primaris Captains, one with a Stalker Bolt Rifle, the other with Auto Bolt Rifle and Power Sword, one in Cataphractii Terminator Armour, two in Terminator Armour, one with a Storm Bolter and Power Sword, the other the store exclusive model from the Sunderland Warhammer refurbishment.

And finally I painted up a squad of Seekers for my Heresy Ultramarines, not my best paint job ever, but I am looking forward to playing with them.

Right now on my desk are a Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster and Retinue, Death Riders Ridemaster and four of Grenadier special weapons men.

I also built and primed all of my Warcry/AoS terrain and will also be working on that at the same time.

I am gonna now be getting back to the painting plan, which currently looks like this.

  1. Death Korps of Krieg Quartermaster & Retinue, Special Weapons Grenadiers & Ride Master
  2. Warcry/Age of Sigmar Terrain
  3. Myrmourn Banshees x 12 & Tomb Banshee
  4. Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad Men x 10
  5. Blood Ravens Bikes x 3 & Attack Bike with Multi-Melta
  6. Chainrasp Horde x 40
  7. Canoness Veridyan
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad Men x 10
  9. Untamed Beasts
  10. Tech Priest Maniplius x 2

What I Am Reading

Honestly I have been too worried to read anything.

What I Am Playing

Sadly nowt this week, but Megan and I are going to play some small 40k stuff next week.

What I Am Backing

Not a sausage, but I did just fill in my backer survey for The Rival Networks.

What I Am Cooking

I cooked twice this week, a very basic pulled pork on Sunday for when Paul and Mary came over, and then I made BBQ shredded chicken for lunch on Wednesday.

What I Am Spending

I bought a copy of Mortal Realms Issue 11, want to have two of the old Garden of Morr, and it will look really good on my Age of Sigmar table, although I plan to wait for issue 15 before I build some of it.

I also subscribed to the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy, because I have a feeling that will be brilliant.