I have been having a bad few days mentally, stuff in the world is really getting to me.

Feels like in all aspects of life, and the things I enjoy, stuff is going wrong.

I am barely painting, hardly reading and can’t even bring myself to pick up the TV remote.

I have spent most of the past few days staring at empty space.

What Am I Painting

I started off with a pair of Blood Ravens Repulsors, one that I got when it was first released, and the other from Warhammer 40,000 Conquest.

These are seriously lovely models, if a bit on the large side.

Then I hit up a horde of 40 Chainrasps which represents the last of the Chainrasp hordes I have for my Nighthaunt, and other than the five Dreadscythe Harridans I have, brings me bang up to date with the Nighthaunt.

These took a while to do, simply because it’s been very very hard to paint in the heat we have been having!

I am waiting for the other 5 Dreadscythe Harridans so I can paint them all together at once.

Whilst doing the Chainrasps I also did a few test pieces for my Zone Mortalis board too.

Started with a few pieces of the board it self.

Then did loads of experimentation to figure out the method I want to use for the tiles.

Before finally figuring it out this morning the bottom one is the way I am going.

I have now started on the T’au Pathfinders, Darkstrider and Devilfish.

So what does my painting queue look like right now:-

  1. T’au Pathfinders x 10, Darkstrider & Devilfish
  2. Death Korps of Krieg Autocannon Teams x 3
  3. Death Guard Chaos Spawn x 2
  4. Stormcast Eternals Evocators x 5
  5. Space Wolves Blood Claws x 15 & Space Wolves Captain
  6. Millitarium Tempestus Tempestor Prime, Command Squad & Valkyries
  7. Stormcast Eternals Castigators x 3
  8. Sons of Horus Tactical Squad x 10
  9. T’au Breacher Squad x 10 & Devilfish
  10. Death Korps of Krieg Mortar Teams x 3

What I Am Reading

I finished the audio book of Knights of Macragge by Nick Kyme and it was entertaining, but there were aspects of it that were less than great.

The sheer number of featured antagonist factions felt a bit much, perhaps it would have been better as two separate books, because whilst it was a good story, I didn’t get enough of either main part of it.

I am now listening to Devastation of Baal by Guy Haley.

What I Am Playing

Have been able to play anything.

What I Am Backing

Chai: High Tea has been funded, we look forward to eventually getting that, looks like a beautiful game.

I am also backing Project Infinite Hole, I know Lindsay and Megan are terrible at Paranoia as they just don’t get the whole being antagonistic towards each other, they are far too nice, but I love the game.

And BackerKits for Lords of Vegas and Car Wars were completed.

For Lords of Vegas we decided to add on the unified rule book and the charity promo card and for Car Wars I have added on two Miniatures Sets.

Currently my kickstarter situation is as follows:-

What I Am Cooking

I made General Tao’s chicken wings in the slow cooker again, worked a bit on the recipe to refine it, replacing ginger purée with ground ginger and adding garlic cloves instead of garlic powder and I think they taste a lot better.

We needed to keep the side simple and so we just used a mushroom stir fry pack from Tesco, cooked with some egg noodles and a Chinese sauce.

I also made a very bad breakfast of bagel, turkey bacon, mushrooms and omelette this morning for myself and Lindsay.

What I Am Spending

I sold a few things this week and got a nice tax rebate, and that allowed me to invest in Necromunda Dark Uprising, a game I have been after for ages.

This is going to be the start of my plastic Zone Mortalis board, and I already have pulled together a few things from Conquest to contribute towards it already.

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For a little while I have been meaning to start a Zone Mortalis board with the new plastic stuff, and have been slowly acquiring a few bits and bobs from Conquest to give it a kickstart. And today a copy of Dark Uprising arrived so I now have a nice big box full of sprues which I will have to get started on Turing into a board. Initial plan is to first do a 2×2, then jump up to 3×3 before pushing to a 4×4. Mixing in some Sector Mechanicus scenery to give it plenty of variety and mixes of terrain types. Not sure yet on the theme, kinda split between underhive and starship interior. #ZoneMortalis #Warmongers #WarhammerCommunity #HorusHeresy #TheHorusHeresy #Warhammer30k #Warhammer30000 #Necromunda #DarkUprising #NecromundaDarkUprising

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Those being three Magnavent Walkways, a Haemotrope Reactor, some Galvanic Servohaulers, and a single Munitorium Armoured Container.

I also ordered a couple more Magnavent Walkways from Hachette which turned up Friday so now I have five of those now!

I also picked up a few pots of paint and some Necromunda dice from Games Workshop, the washes are specifically for the Zone Mortalis terrain, as is the Ryza Rust, the Leviadon Blue Contrast is for the armour of my Enforcers and I am out of Zandri Dust.

Sunday saw me grab a few bits and pieces to start painting the Zone Mortalis board, gonna try and really go to town on this one!

And I also saw that there were Zone Mortalis tiles in stock, so I ordered a set of them, to really get started on the board proper, plus a couple cans of Grey Seer, some Mournfang Brown, Apothecary White and Iron Warriors Air.