On the 18th January I am going to be painting for 24 hours to raise money for The Willow Foundation, it’s a charity I have a particular affinity for as they helped one of my best friends, Lee Dunford, when he was seriously ill.

They organise special days for seriously ill young people, a lot of charities do this kind of work for children, but very few for young adults, who often find themselves facing a lot of despair with few geared up to their needs.

The Willow Foundation is amazing and in a normal year, the amazing Leestock, organised by some old friends of mine raises a lot of money for them in Lees memory.

But obviously this year is different, but there are still young people facing serious disease who need the a Willow Foundation to do the work they need to to, and so I am aiming to try and raise a little but if money for them, I have set my target at just £150.

My plan is to paint for 24 hours solid from 10am on the 18th July to 10am on the 19th July. The project, as voted for by my friends is the Adepta Sororitas Sisters of Battle Army, which is 25 models to paint.

It’s going to be a challenge and I need to plan it out correctly, but I am set on doing this.

I am going to be arranging to be joined by friends and will be streaming it on YouTube and Twitch, so I need to get myself set up to be able to actually do it properly.

But the aim is to have the models built and primed for the start and then hit it as hard as possible, and get it done.

I have a little prize pool to give away, so if you do donate, then you may end up winning a little something.

You can donate here at this link, and I would be grateful for anything you can donate.

I will keep you guys updated on the plans, in the meantime, my fiends the Wildman brothers are doing something similar for another amazing charity, and you can find their Just Giving page here.

It’s taken me a long time to get anything done, the honest truth is that this week has been hard for me, a birthday of someone I lost fell in this week.

It’s weird, I have never felt a death so keenly as this one, everyone else who I lost in my life it’s been a case of it’s sad they are gone, but they went at a good time.

There is one other passing I do feel keenly, but that was kind of expected as they had been ill for a long time, this particular death was sudden and very unexpected.

We were when we were younger extremely close and I loved this person a great deal, I am devastated that we had drifted so far apart before they died.

What I Am Modelling

When browsing Amazon at 1am I ended up buying some clear decal paper, utterly accidentally and when they turned up I was quite surprised. Lindsay was less than impressed as our household Amazon account is hers.

So first off I printed myself some basic squad markings for the Blood Ravens.

Annoyingly the design isn’t scaled right and the symbols are too high when printed at their native size so gonna have to design my own sheet to replace this one.

I started the week by building the Space Wolves bits from Prophecy of the Wolf, so that was Ragnar Blackmane and the Infiltrators.

I also built my Valkyrie for the Millitarium Tempestus, a couple of Attack Bikes for Megan to paint, the Valkyries from Skies of Fire, a squad of Death Korps of Krieg Infantry for Niki, a squad of MKIV Tactical Marines for the Sons of Horus and something for my super secret project!

I then primed these along with the 40 Chainrasps so that my next dozen painting projects are all primed and sat in the “in tray” ready to pick up when it’s their turn to be painted.

The first models to hit the painting table were the Blood Ravens Aggressors and Firstborn Ancient for the simple reason of my wanting to try out the new decals.

It took me five days to paint these because of a lack of motivation, but I am pleased with the final outcome on them.

I also painted alongside these a set of Paired Vulcan Mega Bolter for my Warlord Titans in Adeptus Titanicus.

I then picked up a squad of Death Korps of Krieg Infantry for Niki and painted them.

He gave me a bunch more stuff last time I saw him and has since been 3D printing some more, so these will be featuring in my painting list a lot more going forward again.

I now have in the desk some Repulsors for my Blood Ravens.

So what does this leave my painting queue looking like now:-

  1. Blood Ravens Repulsor x 2
  2. Chainrasp Horde x 40
  3. T’au Pathfinders x 10, Darkstrider & Devilfish
  4. Death Guard Chaos Spawn x 2
  5. Stormcast Eternals Evocators x 5
  6. Space Wolves Blood Claws x 15 & Space Wolves Captain
  7. Millitarium Tempestus Tempestor Prime, Command Squad and Valkyries
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Autocannon Teams x 3
  9. Stormcast Eternals Castigators x 5
  10. Sons of Horus Tactical Squad x 10

What Am I Reading

I finished First and Only and you know, it was pretty good, I have however put down The Founding and picked up Sons of the Selenar by Graham McNeil, which I got finished pretty quickly and really enjoyed.

What Am I Playing

I haven’t played anything this week other than a little bit of time playing Inquisitor Martyr on the Xbox One.

What Am I Backing

Chai: High Tea is still being backed and should fund very shortly.

The next Paranoia campaign launched, Project Infinite Hole, and you can bet your arse this will get backed!

What Am I Cooking

I made a beautiful pie for Sunday breakfast with Megan’s help. Inspired by the Sausage, Bean and Cheese Melt from Greggs, it was premade pasty, in a pie dish, and filled with some fried bacon lardons, two tins of beans and sausages and a generous helping of mozzarella.

Then baked in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes. Next time Lindsay wants to serve it with a side of scrambled eggs.

What Am I Spending

My Element Games order with Aeronautica Imperials and Prophecy of the Wolf arrived which made me a very happy boy. Also in there was a Regiment Brush and a Drybrush from The Army Painter.

And as mentioned earlier, I did buy some decal paper accidentally, so yeah, I am in Lindsay bad books for that!

I also ordered a few little bits and pieces of paints that I was running low on, as well as a Character Brush and an Imagifier for my Sororitas from The Outpost.

Now that Forge World are open I did spend a little money and bought myself a couple of packs of Grey Slayer upgrades, a Space Wolves Praetor, Vulcan Mega Bolters for Titanicus and a transfer sheet for the Death Guard.

These arrived but I forgot to get a photo of them before they got stuff done with them.

And finally I got some Ultra Pro Silver Series 9 Pocket Pages to store my Beastgrave cards in.