I cannot put enough emphasis on this point, but listen to me when I say how vital it is.

My Covid-19 story is I am told quite representative of people who have had issues with it, so I will tell it.

I came down with Covid-19 about a week into lockdown, and I had a cough for about 10 days that then seemed to get better, but then I rapidly went downhill again and could at times barely breathe.

Now I wasn’t so bad that my doctor wanted me in hospital, and I have a CPAP machine which helped me a lot, and that avoid me going into hospital for more than a few hours.

But I had developed a nasty bout of post Covid-19 pneumonia, which took two course of antibiotics to clear, and even then it left my lungs in an awful condition.

Basically when I had an X-Ray and some tests in the hospital later on they discovered that I have lost a third of my lung capacity to Covid-19.

I used to be able to go up and stairs fine as far as breathing was concerned, I had pain issues, but that was something separate. But now if I climb the stairs I need a puff of an inhaler.

I never used to need an inhaler before, but I need one now just to be able to go up an incline, it’s crazy, as soon as I start using my lungs in anything more than a level walk, I struggle for air.

I have always harboured an ambition to once my head issues are figured out, try and get myself a bit fitter and try and do a 5km run. Yeah it’s kinda weak ass as far as athletic ambitions go, but for me that would be an achievement.

Anyway that’s now probably never gonna happen, I mean I can’t walk to the Co-Op which is some 20m from my kitchen without needing to use the inhaler a couple of times.

I have gone from someone with could happily wander to the Co-Op and grab a pizza for lunch, to someone who needs to plan his whole day around that same trip.

So why am I telling you this, well simple, I was shielding, I was told to shield, to not leave the house. But Lindsay and Megan brought Covid-19 into the house because they had to go shopping for us.

And despite my shielding I thus caught it from them, and it hit me hard. There are lots of other people up and down the U.K., including a good number of people I care for and love.

If you wear a mask, and socially distance, and wash your hands, you can prevent this horrid disease spreading to vulnerable people.

This disease would kill my nana, I don’t think she would stand a chance against it, her lungs are already buggered thanks to her pack a day cigarette habit, and this would ravage her.

I am lucky in that the building where she lives is taking things seriously, but if you lot don’t take the rules seriously, there is the risk that her carers could become infected and then pass it on to her.

So I am begging you all, don’t act all macho, stop banging on about masks being muzzles, end of the day, what’s the issue, you have to wear a piece of cloth over your mouth for a little bit whilst you do your shopping, that’s literally the worst case.

Best case, you actively save lives.

What I Am Modelling

I hit the Millitarium Tempestus Command section first this week, they have been on the painting table a couple of weeks so its about time they got finished.

I got them all finished and decided to promote the Blood Ravens Redemptor Dreadnought up the list so that I could say I have achieved something for them this month.

I have built this so you can easily swap out the Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon for the Macro Plasma Incinerator with relative ease.

I then moved on to the Stormcast Eternals Castigators which represent the very last of that side of the Soul Wars box set.

Another annoying unit, you get five of them, but you field them in threes, meaning that two of them are of no use.

I then placed on my desk a Tactical Squad for the Edge of Empire Podcast army, which is Sons of Horus.

Took a bit of wheeling and dealing to get the torsos but I am glad I got them as they really add something to the squad.

I then moved on to the T’au Empire Breacher Team and Devilfish, for which I picked up my airbrush for the first time tonight and put on a layer of XV-88 to start them off., and before I went to bed I added a coat of Tau Light Ochre.

So lets look at where this leaves my painting queue.

  1. T’au Breacher Team x 10 & Devilfish
  2. Death Korps of Krieg Mortar Teams x 3
  3. Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Hunters & Knight-Zephyros
  4. Ultramarines Contemptor Dreadnought
  5. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  6. Blood Ravens Intercessors x 10
  7. Space Wolves Infiltrators & Ragnar Blackmane
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad
  9. Secret Heresy Project Unit
  10. T’au Strike Team x 10, Cadre Fireblade & Devilfish

What I Am Reading

I started to listen to Indomitus by Gav Thorpe last week, and it should have been in last weeks post but I forgot!

I finished Ghostmaker and I rather enjoyed that, just took me ages to read it, but it was well worth it.

And I started on Saturnine by Dan Abnett, the next book in the Siege of Terra series and I am really enjoying that.

And last night I started on War of Secrets by Phil Kelly as an audiobook.

What I Am Playing

Have not played anything all week 🙁

What I Am Backing

Not backing anything right now, and no activity is taking place on anything I have pledged for at all.

What I Am Cooking

On Sunday night we resumed our weekly wing nights now that Megan has returned from looking after her mum.

And we started with Coca-Cola Wings to channel our inner 90s Chinese teenager!

It’s a lovely sweet, spicy and sticky sauce and absolutely one I will be repeating again.

What I Am Spending

I did spot that Jus at Battle Bunker had a copy of No Respite for Blackstone Fortress in stock, and its out of print now, so I decided to pick it up along with a set of Open War Mission Cards, and Jus sent them to me in the post.

My good friend Pete also sent me over a few things for the Zone Mortalis board, a couple more Haemotrope Reactors and half a set of Galvanic Servohaulers, which was really nice of him and I need to send him the postage costs for that.

I also bought a couple more issues of Conquest to bulk out the Zone Mortalis, first was a couple of copies of issue 13 to give myself a complete set of three Munitorium Armoured Containers, and a copy of Issue 71 to give me the second half set of Galvanic Servohaulers to complete that I got from Pete. So those should be with me in a fortnight

And I also bought the audiobook War of Secrets on Audible with a credit.