I have been asked a few times recently how do I paint my bases.

Well it’s a really simple scheme and I base the vast majority of my armies this way. Why, because I have a Realm of Battle board done in this style and keeping them in the same scheme means they look really good on that board.

Anyway let’s dive in, why you guys want to know this, I really don’t know.

Step 1

First step, get some basing material on there, I use a mixture of Bird Sand and Bird Grit from Wilko. £2.50 basically gets you several years worth of basing material.

I apply it by first coating the base in PVA glue, followed by dipping the base in the basing material, tapping off the excess and letting it dry.

Once dry I then apply a second coat of thinned down PVA glue to help keep it stick to the base.

Step 2

Then I apply a thinned down coat of Mournfang Brown, I tend to water this paint down more than normal, this way it runs into the recesses in the basing material much better.

Step 3

After the Mournfang Brown has dried, I then shade it using some Nuln Oil.

Step 4

Once the wash has dried, I then drybrush the base, using first Mournfang Brown, which has a subtitle effect but tidies the base U.K. a bit.

This is then followed by a light drybrush of Tau Light Ochre.

Once this is done I will paint the rim with Mournfang Brown.

Step 5

And finally I will use some PVA to apply some static grass to the bases.

And that’s it, super simple, but I think it works.