I have had a very very rough week of sleep, it’s getting pretty bad, so bad that I have now been perceived sleeping tablets.

I was also quite ill this weekend as well, which probably hasn’t helped, but I am feeling a lot better now.

So tonight I start a four day regime of sleeping pills and sleep tracking to try and get me back on track.

As much as I am a night owl, it’s getting a bit daft, waking up at 1pm and not sleeping until 5am is just not good for living with other people.

I also must make sure to use my CPAP machine every night as well. So let’s see how this goes.

What I Am Modelling

It’s been a slow slow week, mostly due to a touch of illness.

What I did do is get myself prepared for the next twenty projects by building and priming it all, plus the Indomitus stuff for my Blood Ravens.

I did get finished the floors for my Zone Mortalis Terrain, both the actual Zone Mortalis Floors and the Sector Mechanicus Floors.

I did get around to starting on the T’au Barracuda AX-5-2, which was a real pleasure to paint.

I ordered it the day of release, and built and primed it as soon as I got it, but it’s been a kind of intimidating model for me, but I am so glad I got it done at long last.

At the same time I painted the Barracudas and Tiger Sharks for Aeronautica Imperialis.

I then actually began work on The Grymwatch because to start on the Intercessors I first need to put in a base coat using the airbrush and when I was ready to, it was late at night and the girls would kill me!

I got those finished Sunday night/Monday morning and am pretty happy with them.

I was able to airbrush on the red base coat of all of my outstanding Blood Ravens on Sunday night, which is good as it means I can crack on with them as soon as possible.

This allowed me to stray work on a unit of Intercessors and a unit of Inceptors, I have gotten the two main armour colours on, and washed it.

So what’s coming up on the painting plan next!

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Blood Ravens Intercessors with Stalker Bolt Rifles x 10 and Inceptors x 3
  3. Death Korps of Krieg Grenadiers x 14
  4. Rippa’s Snarlfangs
  5. T’au KV128 Stormsurge
  6. Ork Megatrakk Scrapjet
  7. Nighthaunt Grimghast Reapers x 4, Glaivewraith Stalkers x 5 & Crawlocke the Jailor
  8. Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders x 10
  9. Nurgle Blood Bowl Team
  10. Ork Meganobz x 3

What I Am Reading

I finished reading The Last Ritual, which was a hell of a ride, you can read my review here.

I am planing to start another book tomorrow, and it’s another book for review.

What I Am Playing

I didn’t play any tabletop games again this week. We were scheduled to play Star Trek Adventures, but Chris, our GM was ill.

I did play four hours on the Witcher which was streamed and you can watch below.

What I Am Backing

Not backing anything right now as money is way too tight 🙁

What I Am Cooking

I didn’t actually get any cooking done this week, sadly I have just had too rough a week with sleep.