So yeah this week, I did more desk reorganisation and I think this is the form I am happy with.

Megan has been pestering me for weeks to reorganise my desk, specifically by getting rid of my Citadel Painting Tray.

Well I followed her advice and I have to say, she was right, so now I have a hit more space on the desk and a permanent home for the Switch dock.

Plus it really does look a lot tidier, and you can see the RGB effects from the speakers a lot better.

I did also reconfigure the setup for the speakers, because the Xbox One and Switch connect to the monitor via HDMI, they bypassed the speakers. Which meant that I only had the option of hearing them through the crappy inbuilt speakers or by plugging in a headset to the monitor.

So what I did was grab a 3.5mm cable and plug the monitors headphone socket into the 3.5mm socket in the speakers.

I moved the cable organiser from the side of the desk and put it on the back, this now holds the 3.5mm extension from the PC, and a 3.5 mm extension that heads to the side of the desk to keep the headphone cable from trailing over the desk.

So somehow trying to reduce wires and faff under the desk, I actually added more wires!

I am still trying to figure out how to be able to listen to the music from Pretzel when I stream and feed it all though the Mixer, so far the solution involves physically feeding the music through an audio cable from the PC to the mixer. Which is not how I want to do it, the mixer is a USB one, I can hear the music through the headphones, but it just won’t record in OBS, quite frustrating and I just can’t quite figure out what’s going wrong.

Sunday was spent pottering about mostly, I rerouted a few cables around the back of the desk to make the whole setup look tidier.

On Wednesday I put in place a monitor stand which would allow me to slip the keyboard underneath it when not in use. And I also swapped the HDMI switch for one with a remote and extended IR receiver so that I could locate the box under the desk.

What I Am Modelling

The first things I painted this week were a squad of Intercessors and Inceptors for my Blood Ravens.

The Inceptors are armed with Plasma Exterminators and the Intercessors are armed with Stalker Bolt Rifles.

These complete my New Years resolution to paint all of my Blood Ravens that I owned on the 1st January.

It’s been a long time since I bought and built these, I got them when they were first released in fact.

And for the longest time I had so much Blood Ravens stuff sitting in a box unpainted, but now everything I had at the start of the year is done.

The Inceptors were finished first on Thursday night and the Intercessors were finished on Friday.

All I have outstanding for them is the Indomitus box, a set of Intercessors I added earlier in the year and the Terminator Chaplain and Librarian that got released this year, oh and a Stormhawk Interceptor.

I then moved on to a squad of Death Korps of Krieg Grenadiers for Niki, along with two Heavy Flamer teams.

Whilst painting them, I also painted the Azyrite Belltower from Mortal Realms to add to the city of Esasa.

On Saturday night I finished my entry for Armies on Parade, you can read my blog post here about it.

Once done with them I got Rippa’s Snarlfangs to the table and started work on these bad boys.

At the same time, I started work on the last Nighthaunt from Soul Wars, that’s the Grimghast Reapers and Glaivewraith Stalkers plus Crawlocke the Jailor.

I did them them finished, which means I have completed all of the models from both Age of Sigmar starter sets now.

So what’s on my painting plan next the.

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Rippa’s Snarlfangs
  3. T’au KV128 Stormsurge
  4. Ork Megatrakk Scrapjet
  5. Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders x 10
  6. Nurgle Blood Bowl Team x 13
  7. Ork Meganobz x 3
  8. Secret Heresy Project Unit
  9. The Wurmspat & Hogthorns Mantrappers
  10. Blood Ravens Intercessors with Assault Bolt Rifles

What I Am Reading

I read The Fractured Void by Tim Pratt and I will be getting a review up in the next couple of days.

What I Am Playing

On Friday I did four hours of BioShock, I am getting on well with the game and probably will be finished in a couple of weeks.

I was supposed to stream The Witcher III on Monday but Megan was expecting a phone call from the doctors and was very nervous, so she asked me to hang out with her instead.

On Friday night I tried Among Us for the first time, which was a lot of fun, although I kept getting voted off even though I wasn’t an Imposter!

I had a couple of games of Apex Legends on Saturday to try and test out how my new setup would work for streaming more intensive games, the bigger monitor with higher refresh rates is pretty taxing on my modest GPU.

First off I ran a new Heaven benchmark, whioch gave me a score of 3725, which is lower than what I got when I was running at 720i, but that’s expected I suppose.

Before the GPU I was getting and FPS of 52.8, with the GPU I got up to 217.0, but now with the bigger screen I am getting 147.9, but that’s still pretty good I think.

Anyway here are the videos of the live streams.

On Tuesday I played a single two hour session of The Witcher III.

And I also played a little bit of Star Wars: Squadrons that night as well

What I Am Backing

I am back Wyrd Science on Kickstarter, it’s got some articles in it by friends, and I am happy to jump in on this because I really want it to fund.

What I Am Cooking

On Thursday I made our teas a Colcannon Cottage Pie, which was really nice.

I want to try it again but with lamb instead so it’s a shepard’s pie and throw in some marrowfat peas. I think that this is a dish I would cook for nibbling as it’s jam packed full of veg.

Then on Friday I cooked again, this time I made Mongolian Glazed Chicken Wings, served with sides of Garlic Spinach in Chicken Broth, and a Chinese Cucumber Salad.

That wiped me out, I shan’t be cooking two nights in a row again.

And tonight I helped Lindsay cook Korean Beef Tacos with Pickled Cucumber and Sriracha Mayo.