We have adopted a new cat, he is a black and white tom called Lord Barrington.

He has really been through the wars bless him, about 10 months ago he was taken in by the rescue and he was a real mess. He had been in an accident with a car in which he lost his tail.

And he recently had an eye operation to fix a problem with his eyelid, which delayed his adoption by a few weeks.

He is a very shy, very quiet boy and has spent a lot of time since her arrived home, hiding away and trying not to be a bother.

We know it will be slow going with him, but tonight he actually let us all strike him, and he gave us some purrs.

And until tonight he has refused to eat whilst we were around, but today he has accepted some treats and even came out for tea and ate with us in the room.

He has come so far so quickly and he is a wonderful little lad, I can’t wait to see how he comes along.

What I Am Modelling

Very slow going this week.

I started on a set of Meganobz for the Orks, I dunno they just took me ages to get painted.

And because after that I needed an easy win, I too on the Cairn Wraith for the Nighthaunt.

I then started on a Stormhawk Interceptor for the Blood Ravens.m, this one got finished incredibly quickly on Monday.

The Wurmspat were amazing to paint and I really enjoyed these models, and can’t wait to play with these.

I have now started work on the Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders for Niki and Hogthorns Mantrappers.

So what does that leave my painting queue looking like

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders x 10
  3. Hogthorns Mantrappers
  4. Blood Ravens Intercessors with Assault Bolt Rifles x 10
  5. Escher Gang x 10
  6. Stormcast Eternals Vanguard-Palladors x 6 & Knight-Azyros
  7. Blood Ravens Bladeguard Veterans x 3, Bladeguard Ancient, Indomitus Captain & Indomitus Lieutenant
  8. Sons of Horus Destroyers x 10
  9. T’au Y’vahra & Technucal Drones x 2
  10. Morgoks Krushas & Morgwaeth’s Blade-Coven

What I Am Reading

Still slowly reading The Harrowing of Doom.

What I Am Playing

Played the Witcher 3 last week for two sessions.

I did get a session of BioShock 2 in, but have yet to upload the video to YouTube.

What I Am Backing

Nowt this week, but I have my eye on Steve Jackson’s Pyramid Scheme.

What I Am Cooking

Sadly nowt, my hands have just not been good for it 🙁