So the PC has had a bit of an upgrade, I basically had to buy a new case to accommodate the AIO.

The new case is a Corsair 4000X, and this is the first time I have had a higher end case since the early 2000s every case since then has cost not a lot and usually come with a PSU!

Anyway, the new case arrived, along with a cheeky CPU upgrade to a 5600X.

Myself and Megan decided to accelerate the program by which she ends up with a new PC, and I managed to score a decent second hand motherboard for her, so now all she needs is memory, a PSU, monitor and keyboard.

Hopefully in the next couple of months we can sort that out for her.

Anyway so I transplanted the computer into the new case, I took out the three included SP120 fans and replaced them with my ML120 fans, relocated one of the SP120s to the rear of the PC and reserved the remaining two SP120s for Megan’s future PC.

The motherboard then slipped in along with the new CPU and I fitted the AIO, then in went the memory, GPU and Capture Card, plus an internal USB hub I picked up as well.

Alas it did not go all that smoothly, although I was diligent and kept my BIOS up to date with the latest firmware, to get it to accept a Ryzen 5000 was to put back in the 3400G and run a special firmware update because when updating from a Picasso CPU to the latest firmware using instant flash, it doesn’t add in the instructions to run Vermeer CPUs, which is annoying.

But oh no a single update wasn’t enough, it required a further two firmware updates in a precise order for it to be able to boot into Windows!

I also decided to give it a clean install of Windows whilst I was at it, but it’s all up and running now, more effective than ever!

My mouse that I had ordered last year, and has been on back order finally came along with its mouse mat.

It’s a Corsair Dark Core Pro RGB and a Polaris with hard surface, I guess you could say I am a Corsair fanboy.

Achievement Unlocked:- Vaccinated!!!

I got my first dose of the Covid vaccine last night. I went to the Centre of Life mass vaccination centre with Lindsay, where we bumped into her sister Jane.

I got the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and oh wow the side effects are nasty, headache, sore neck and feeling very groggy.

But it’s gonna be worth it in the end, and I urge everyone to get it when they are offered it.

What I Am Modelling

The beginning of the week was a bit off, without my PC I felt very lost and kinda unable to really paint.

But in Wednesday I did finish off the Bloodmaster and Skulltaker for my Blades of Khorne.

I then moved onto a pair of Ghostkeels for my T’au, which I had been kind of avoiding, but I decided to crack on and get them done.

So what’s on my list going forward then?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. T’au XV104 Riptide x 3
  3. Sentinel Guard x 5
  4. Blood Angels Primaris Apothecary & Sanguinary Priest
  5. T’au KV128 Stormsurge
  6. German 81mm Medium Mortar Team & 7.5cm LeiG 18 Light Artillery
  7. Necron Warriors x 10 & Scarabs x 3
  8. Sagittarum Guard x 5
  9. Scourge Cruisers x 8 & Battlecruisers x 2
  10. German Heer Infantry Squad x 10 & Sniper Team

What I Am Reading

I started on Fury of Magnus by Graham McNeil and got it finished, and wow, what a novella.

Really tied up some loose ends and brought Magnus to where he ends up at the end of the siege quite nicely. Ironic that he places himself firmly on the side of Chaos, by doing what is fundamentally the right thing.

I then started on First Team by Robbie MacNivan, just got the first chapter done, gonna have a read tonight.

What I Am Playing

Sadly I got nowt played this week 🙁

What I Am Backing

Alhambra Roll & Write arrived, although via Hermes which made us nervous!

What I Am Cooking

On Friday myself and Megan made Smokey Chipotle Chicken Wings with Colcannon Baked Potatoes and Coleslaw which was rather nice.