It’s been a quiet week, I have a few things waiting to come to fruition so I am gonna keep this short and sweet.

I hope you guys had a good Easter.

I published a couple of videos this week, one which was an unboxing and review of the Daylight Conpany Lumi Tasklamp, and a review of Instar Soap+

What I Am Modelling

It’s been a slow and hard week.

I started out by painting the first of my Flesh-Eater Courts, an Abhorant Arch-Regent.

I then picked up the Herlads of Nurgle, but stuff going on in my head really kept me from any painting.

I did build stuff to ensure my next twenty of so projects are ready to paint, and apart from a squad of Peltasts for my Mechanicum, they are all built and primed.

I decided I needed an easy win to get back my mojo, so I painted this Knight of Shrouds for my Nighthaunt.

And then I managed to finish off the Sloppity Bilepiper, Poxbringer and Spoipox Scrrivener for my Nurgle Daemons.

So what’s coming up next for me?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Adeptus Mechanicum Onagar Dunecrawler
  3. Horticulous Slimux
  4. German Heer Infantry Squad x 10,Lieutenant & Riflemen x 2
  5. Necron Crypteks x 4, Cryptothralls x 2, Flayed Ones x 5 & Canoptek Reanimator
  6. Kill Team Arena & Pariah Nexus Terrain
  7. Blood Ravens Heavy Intercessors x 5 & Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle
  8. Mechanicum Termite
  9. Battlezone Objectives
  10. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Ghouls x 20

What I Am Reading

I finished The Qubit Zirconium by M. Darusha Wehm and a review of that should be up tomorrow.

I have now started Blood of the Emperor and am a decent way though that now.

What I Am Playing

Played a bit of Star Wars Squadrons which was a lot of fun.

On Easter Monday, me and the girls played a couple of board games, we started with Pandemic: Hot Zone North America which was a lot of fun and we managed to beat the game nice and convincingly.

Then we played Ticket To London and Megan absolutely whooped mine and Lindsay’s arse!

What I Am Backing

I am still backing Gloomier, the profits I made from crypto mining is paying for that.

And I have also backed the Wowstick drill, I love the screwdriver so the drill should be good for hobby work.

  • Mood:- Hot
  • Caffeinated Beverages Consumed:- 4
  • In My Ears:-
  • Tabletop Game Last Played:- Ticket to Ride London
  • Video Game Last Played:- Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Book Last Read:- Blood of the Emperor – Various Authors
  • Movie/TV Show Last Viewed:- Deep Space Nine
  • Current State of Projects:- Horticulous Slimux 60% done, mostly Mulch left to do