So last week the minor tear to my calf muscles means about 2 weeks of enforced rest, this first week of which has been spent upstairs in our living room.

The advantage of the set up of our house is that the living room is on the same level as the bathroom and has a fridge and tea making station here, so all my comfort needs are being met.

I have managed to get downstairs a few times, but it’s been very very painful.

Meet Douggie

We adopted a new cat, we really shouldn’t have, but when Beckie at Yarm Cat Rescue said no one had been interested in adopting him, we knew we had to.

So here is Sir Douglas T Cat, aka Douggie, who like Barrington before him, has had a very rough life.

He was beaten and kicked so badly it shattered his pelvis, which has healed very badly and given him a very wobbly walk. He will thus need extra special care for the rest of his life.

He has made himself very much at home, demanding loves, fusses and strokes quite regularly and even sleeping with us.

We are very much in love with him, and even Barrington is tolerating him, which is about as close to be long good friends as Barrington gets.

What I Am Modelling

Well seeing as I am not in the studio, not a lot!

I did finish building the terrain for the 24 hour painting challenge.

And I started painting some Secutarii Peltast that Megan brought upstairs for me.

They all finished apart from the basing.

So what’s on the list, if I can get down to get some painting done this week?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Horrors x 3
  3. German Hanomag & Panzer IV Ausf. D
  4. T’au Broadsides x 3
  5. Legio Custodes Vexilus Oraetors x 4
  6. Mechanicum Castellax x 4
  7. Blood Angels Scouts x 10
  8. Necron Immortals x 10
  9. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt-Ghouls x 20
  10. Blood Angels Devastators x 5

What I Am Reading

I finished Death’s Kiss by Josh Reynolds, it was a lot of fun and a review is coming this week.

I have started reading Mortis by John French and so far it’s very good.

What I Am Playing

Mostly been playing Halo this week as I okay my way through Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary and try and pick up as many Achievements as possible.

Got myself on The Library now, and gonna get the game finished in the next few days having collected all the Skulls and visited all the Terminals.

What I Am Backing

The Rival Networks arrived today, can’t wait to play that.

I am still backing Oink Games + because I love the games they make.

What I Am Cooking

Well I am stuck upstairs so no cooking this week 🙁