We are almost ready for this, tomorrow morning is the day!

First off the terrain is now all primed in Wraithbone or Leadbelcher as per the plan, which means we can just crack on with it.

I have had to do a couple of hardware things, first off, we have added a PCIe USB expansion card so that I can run extra cameras, specifically one for Megan’s painting desk and for her face.

And I added an extra decent webcam, Megan’s facecam has up until now been a Creative Live Cam Synch HD720 which is an utterly dreadful camera. so this has been replaced with a Logitech C925e.

So all we have to do is crack on with it and see if we can raid the £100 we are aiming for!

What I am Modelling

I have finally gotten back to the painting desk this week, and I started by basing the Secutarii Peltasts I finished last week.

I managed to get the next twenty projects primed, and ran out of Grey Seer and Black spray paints at the same time.

I built, primed and painted a model for my secret Heresy project, and I am so close to getting that all finished, just one more unit to go.

I then moved on to painting some Haemotrope Reactors for my Zone Mortalis board.

Two were finished on Saturday and the other two on Sunday.

Whilst also working on the vehicles for my Early War Germans for Bolt Action, those being a Sd.Kfz. 251, usually known as the Hanomag, and a Panzer IV Ausf. d, which is armed with a 7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24, which is basically an infantry support gun.

I went a little further with these, using weathering powders properly for the first time.

And this completes the resolution to paint 1000pts of Early War Germans for Bolt Action.

I then finished off the last unit for my secret project, but more about that next week!

Tonight I painted the Enduring Stormvault from Mortal Realms, which is in all honesty the worst part of the whole collection, simply because it doesn’t really work without a big piece of Stormvault terrain.

And finally I painted some Crypt Horrors for my Flesh Eater Courts.

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. T’au Broadsides x 3
  3. Custodes Vexilus Praetors x 4
  4. Mechanicum Castellax x 4
  5. Blood Angels Scouts x 10
  6. Necron Immortals with Gauss Blasters x 10
  7. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt-Ghouls x 20
  8. Blood Angels Devastators x 5
  9. Blackstone Fortress Explorers
  10. Nighthaunt Krulghast Cruciator & Bladegheist Revenants x 5

What I Am Reading

I finished Mortis and wow, what a book!

Started the Ming Storm by Yan Leisheng but I haven’t read very much of it yet.

What I Am Playing

I finished Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and started on Halo 2 Anniversary.

Also in general been trying to play a lot more video games!

What I Am Backing

My pledge for Chai: High Tea was refunded, turns out the company is a bit dodgy and I got kicked off the project for asking questions.

I am still backing Onik Games+ and I have gone in for a Redgrass Wet Palette V2.

What I Am Cooking

Only think I cooked was this slow cooker General Tso’s Chicken