In short, we failed, out of 83 pieces of terrain, only completed 64, but we did raise £160 so I am over the moon with that, and you can still donate here.

Next year will be a more achievable project, perhaps a start collecting box in 24 hours!


We started by cracking on with the washing of the building and pipes, followed by the Munitorium Armoured Containers.

Whilst they were drying, I then put the base metal colour on the Haemotrope Reactors and the Thermic Plasma Regulators.

The Fuel Barrels got done fairly quickly, in a nice rusty look, and those were our first models finished

Folllowed not long afterwards by the Munitorium Armoured Containers and storage crates.

Then we did the drybrushing of the buildings and pipes, which allowed us to finish the first bits of pipes.

All the while I was doing a little bit of work here and there on the Galvanic Servohaulers and got the two smaller tractors finished.

We then painted the flooring of the buildings and got them washed and began the painting of the red windows and doors.

And finally we finished Saturday off with the Thermic Plasma Regulators and Haemotrope Reactors being completed.

So at the end of Saturday, 33 of 83 models were painted.


Sunday was tough, the first four hours of it was taken up putting the red on the buildings.

Once that was done we turned our attention to the Thermo-Pipes and quickly got them finished by tea-time.

This was followed shortly afterwards by the Thermo-Exhanger Shrines.

And finally I managed to get finished the Auto-Choral Transmitter.

At the end of Sunday we had all the metallics on the buildings on them and washed, and finished a total of 64 of 83 models!

Mopping Up

On Monday I did bugger all because my hands were in agony!

But on Tuesday I did a little mopping up. We got the Galvanic Serohauler Crane painted up.

And the smaller ruins.

On Wednesday we slowly finished the details on the larger ruins, and finished them through the day.

And the final piece, the centrepiece as it was, the Sanctum Administratus was finished late Wednesday night.

The Finished Product

Here are some shots of the scenery on a table with some minis on them, which are from my recently revealed Iron Warriors army.

Thank You

Some silly sod went and bought me an Elgato Camlink 4K to replace the cheap capture card for my GoPro facecam, that I was previously using.

It has in recent days given up the ghost, I mentioned it on my stream on Friday and can only assume that someone grabbed me one, I did get the notice that something from my Amazon wish list had been bought.

It arrived today and I was utterly blown away by it.

It’s a huge improvement to the quality of the GoPro, so thank you so very much.

What I Am Modelling

I started off after a few days off by picking up my Vexilus Praetors for the Legio Custodes.

At the same time I was working on the T’au Broadsides and started to paint them.

I am now working on four Castellax for my Mechanicum army.

So what am I working on right now.

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Mechanicum Castellax x 4
  3. Blood Angels Scouts x 10
  4. Necron Immortals with Gauss Blasters x 10
  5. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Ghouls x 20
  6. Blood Angels Devastators x 5
  7. Blackstone Fortress Explorers
  8. Nighthaunt Krulghast Cruciator & Bladegheist Revenants x 5
  9. Gazkhull Thraka & Makari
  10. Krieg Infantry

What I Am Reading

Making very slowly through The Ming Storm by Yan Leisheng.

Also started listening the audiobook of The Gate of Bones by Andy Clark.

What I Am Playing

Not really played any video games this week.

But I have played a few board games, staring with Gretchinz!

The on Saturday we played Deep Space Nine Fluxx.

Followed by Ticket to Ride The Heart of Africa on Sunday.

I also got in a game of Horus Heresy with Graham at club on Tuesday as well. Taking my Death Guard against his Solar Auxilia.

Of course I lost all of my games quite badly!

What I Am Backing

The Oink Games + Kickstarter funded successfully and we unlocked a second game, which is nice.

And I am still backing the Redgrass Wet Palette 2 and I can’t wait to get it.

What I Am Creating

We put out the long delayed Episode 5 of The Hobby Studio Podcast.

What I Am Cooking

I cooked dinner today, a lovely Irish spicebag to remind us of the time we were in Dublin for WorldCon.

Was really nice if a little too spicy for the weather.