So I went to the UK Games Expo this past weekend, which was amazing.

I worked with the Asmodee demo team, and I was responsible for demoing Carcassonne, which was loads of fun.

It was great to get back to a con again after 18 months without them.

It was much smaller than normal and a little more subdued, but that’s kind of understandable in the circumstances.

So yeah happy as hell and cannot wait for the 2022 event.

Oh and of course we did get a little haul!

What I Am Modelling

A slow week due to going away for the UK Games Expo.

Most of the early week was spent building up my next twenty planned projects, so they are all ready to rock and roll next week.

I did do some painting and went for some easy wins, starting with the Ur-Ghuls for Blackstone Fortress.

Followed by some Necron Lychguard.

And finally some Bladegheist Revenants for the Nighthaunt.

So what is coming up next in my painting queue?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Stormcast Eternals Judicators with Boltstorm Crossbows x 10
  3. Blackstone Fortress Beastmen x 6
  4. Sylas Beastbane, Leena Stormspire, Astreia Solbright & Berek the Indomitable
  5. Necron Night Scythe
  6. Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad x 10
  7. Stormcast Eternals Vindictors x 10
  8. Blood Ravens Primaris Chaplain on Bike
  9. Kurdoss Valentian
  10. Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack x 2

What I Am Reading

Just finished Target Kree by Stuart Moore and a review will be forthcoming this week.

Next up is Pandemic: Patient Zero by Amanda Bridgeman

What Video Games Am I Playing

I started my playthrough of Bioshock Infinite which is so far a lot of fun, you can see the first video below. Thus far its very very different to the games set in Rapture!

I also had a go on Flight Simulator on the Xbox just for shits and giggles, and its a lot of fun.

Just to update you on the current playthrough plan

  1. Bioshock Infinite (Nintendo Switch) – In Progress
  2. Assassins Creed (Xbox 360)
  3. Borderlands (Nintendo Switch)
  4. Assassins Creed The Ezio Collection (Xbox One)
  5. Horizon Dawn Zero (PC)

What Tabletop Games Am I Playing

None for myself, but I played an absolute ton of Carcassonne to demo it this weekend, including some tournament practice for some fellas!

What Am I Creating

Not got anything done this week 🙁

What Am I Backing

Still backing AB Con, only for a token amount, but every little helps I guess, wish I could put more in.

The Assassins Creed Orlog game funded successfully, I plan to add the other dice options to the pledge in the pledge manager.

What I Am Cooking

Not a sausage!