Most of the past fortnight I have been quite unwell, a tummy bug that just refused to budge.

Spent a few days in bed unable to do much of anything including one day where I basically slept for 20 hours.


So the emulation game needs improving, and I have tried to do that by turning my Raspberry Pi kit that I got earlier this week into an emulation console.

Originally when I ordered it, I was thinking of making it a server to run Home Assistant, but I am not quite ready to do that yet, but it is high on the list.

Anyway at first I installed Recallbox, but I couldn’t get on with it and it refused to recognise the DualShock 3 controller I am using temporarily, well I was and then an Xbox controller was freed up, and I much prefer the layout of the Xbox pad.

So I ended up putting Batocera on there, but that refused to connect to the houses Wi-Fi, which was really annoying as Batocera was my first choice to run the system.

So I ended up going with RetroPie, which is a fantastic bit of software and very user configurable, but it’s as user friendly as I wanted it to be.

At the moment I have emulators for the Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Mega CD, 32X, Dreamcast, NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Amstrad CPC and PlayStation running and still figuring out to get Amiga CD32 and Neo Geo games running.

The primary intended use is for my nephews to enjoy use of it and play some amazing games from my childhood.

But I am looking forward to being able to play some of these games myself.

Meanwhile downstairs I took a photo of my family of controllers that I have right now!

What I Am Modelling

Not much this week as I have been quite poorly, but I did paint a couple of Legio Custodes Caladius Grav Tanks.

I then moved onto the Phase 1 Clone Troopers for my Grand Army of the Republic.

Not my best work but they look okay for the tabletop.

So what’s coming up next week?

  1. Magos Macrotek Enginseer & Servo-Automata x 4
  2. Ork Shockjump Dragsta
  3. Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear & Celestant Prime
  4. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  5. Necron Skorpekh Destroyers x 6, Canoptek Plasmacyte x 3 & Warriors x 3
  6. Flesh-Eater Courts Terrorghiest
  7. Blackstone Fortress the Archivist
  8. Adeptus Custodes Wardens x 5
  9. Death Korps of Krieg Heavy Bolter Teams x 3
  10. Blackstone Fortress Ambull & Borewyrm Infestations x 2

What Am I Reading

A lack of concentration means nowt 🙁

What Video Games Am I Playing

Other than a three hour stint on Dizzy, I have mostly played Halo Reach and got it completed this Friday.

I have now started on Halo 4, which I never got very far in the last time I played, and I am now further than that.

I found it frustrating and dark, and at the time my setup wasn’t that great. Much more enjoyable to play now, but the Forerunner level was a bit of a chew on.

Also played a few games of Street Fighter Alpha, I seem to be incapable of pulling off the special moves or defeating the final opponent 🙁

I played a lot of Forza Horizon 4, managing to go on an Achievement hunting run on Friday, getting myself a total of 150G in a couple of hours.

I am kind of wanting to get to 32000G by Christmas, so need a few more days like that.

What Tabletop Games Am I Playing

Adeptus Titanicus was played a couple of weeks ago at the club, mostly as an intro game for Graham.

Myself, Lindsay and Megan also played a game off Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza, which I won, and a game of Love Letter, which Lindsay won on a Friday night.

What I Am Creating

I have been quite ill these past weeks so things have been slow.

But the next episode of Edge of Empire was published, so that’s good.

I have made a video that’s going out Monday about a couple of odd games for the Master System from Brazil, more because I though that they were weird.

And the next Imperium Battle Report went out as well!

What I Am Backing

Actually noting right now.

What I Am Cooking

Another week with nowt at all.

What I Am Spending

Probably too much, I bought a couple of movies to watch on the Xbox, I had some vouchers going spare from the rewards program.

I bought Ultra Street Fighter IV just cause I fancied playing it and I didn’t own it, only cost me £3.99 and I was happy paying it. I want Street Fighter V but I am gonna wait until next month for that.

I did also pick up Aeon’s End because it came on sale at the right price.

And I umm, well I bought an Xbox Series X, managed to get it from EE with a pair of extra Controllers and Assassins Creed Valhalla as an Add to Plan item, which is fantastic.

It’s going to live in the den and will also be used as the households 4k Blu Ray Player, so I picked up a couple of 4K UHD Blu-Rays, The Little Mermaid and Mulan, cause it’s Lindsay and Megan I need to win over to this new format!