This post is a bit late cause I had a little health scare, which was actually quite scary. Found a lump downstairs, thankfully it turned out to “just” be an abscess.

Anyway lads, remember to have a fumble downstairs every month!

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Durham Raiders Age of Sigmar weekender, something I look forward to all year!

I took Flesh-Eater Courts to represent the forces of Death and this is my army list.

+ Leader +

Abhorrant Archregent: Arcane Bolt, Battle Regiment - 1 Commander, General, Gory Talons and Fangs

Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist: 2. Razor-clawed, Death Shriek, Fanged Maw, Gory Talons and Fangs, Skeletal Claws, Unholy Vitality

Crypt Haunter Courtier: Massive Bone Club, Rancid Talons, Vanguard - 1 Sub Commander

Crypt Infernal Courtier: Foetid Breath, Skewering Talons, Vanguard - 1 Sub Commander

+ Battleline +

Crypt Ghouls: 20 Crypt Ghouls, Battle Regiment - 2-5 Troops, Reinforced, Sharpened Teeth and Filthy Claws

Crypt Ghouls: 20 Crypt Ghouls, Battle Regiment - 2-5 Troops, Reinforced, Sharpened Teeth and Filthy Claws

Crypt Ghouls: 20 Crypt Ghouls, Battle Regiment - 2-5 Troops, Reinforced, Sharpened Teeth and Filthy Claws

+ Other +

Crypt Flayers: 3 Crypt Flayers, Death Scream, Piercing Talons, Vanguard - 1-3 Troops

Crypt Flayers: 3 Crypt Flayers, Death Scream, Piercing Talons, Vanguard - 1-3 Troops

Crypt Horrors: 3 Crypt Horrors, Clubs and Septic Talons, Vanguard - 1-3 Troops

These were organised into a Battle Regiment with the Archregent, Ghoul King and Crypt Ghouls with two Vanguard Regiments, one with the Crypt Haunter Courtier and the Crypt Horrors, and the other with the Crypt Infernal Courtier and the Crypt Flayers.

The event also asked us to take an ally, who would be gone once they were killed, so I took the Grymwatch.

My first game was against Conner and his Kruleboyz, and he tabled me completely, to be fair it was a really fun game and I love playing the Conner boys.

My was against my friend Adam and he had Kruleboyz again!

I managed to score a major victory by staying in the objectives until the very end!

My last game of Saturday was against Jane and her Serphon army, which I lost, but had a good game. I got tabled in turn 3.

In the evening we had a pub quiz, a Warhammer themed one and my team, called “Michael is Not Cool“ (Thanks Aiden) won, thanks to a combined knowledge of the Old World lore, particularly when it came to the Winds of Magic.

The next day my first game was against an old foe, Mark, who is the dad of my first games opponent. But rather than his Sylvaneth, brought Ogar Mawtribes.

His army ripped mine apart pretty convincingly, with the shooting just removing models very easily!

My last game was against Matthews Slaves to Darkness, which demolished me in three turns.

The weekend away wonderful and winning a game means that this is my best showing yet at the weekender!!!

Next year, I might go Stormcast! I have previously avoided them as they have been extremely popular, but at this event there was only a single Stirmcast player!

So thank you, Durham Raiders for a wonderful weekend!

What I Am Modelling

I painted some Alchomite Stacks that my sister in law got me, these are getting added to my Zone Mortalis board.

I then painted up some Blood Warriors for my Blades of Khorne army, getting the base coats and wash done on stream Monday night.

And I also painted the Snottlings Blood Bowl team!

And today I finished a Repressor for my Zone Mortalis board, its not really got use in the Sisters anymore, so its going to be a piece of scenery, an abandoned vehicle from an Enforcer Patrol.

So what’s coming up next week then?

  1. T’au Pathfinders x 10
  2. Orruk Brutes x 6
  3. Soulblight Gravelords Mortis Engine
  4. Ork Kommandos Kill Team x 12
  5. Corpse Grinder Cult x 15
  6. Ultramarines Intercessor Squad x 5
  7. Blood Bowl Referees x 2
  8. T’au Crisis Suit Team x 3
  9. Blood Angels Assaukt Intercessors x 8, Librarian in Phobos Armour & Primaris Lieutenant
  10. Orruk Weirdnob Shaman

What Video Games Am I Playing

Not much this week, a bit of Forza Horizon 5, some Deeeer Simulator, and a bit of Horizon Zero Dawn.

I streamed the former last Thursday night and you can see the video here.

I did run the Cyberpunk 2077 benchmark as well given that’s it’s been added to the game and I am really pleased with it.

Putting all the setting at balls to the walls max, with everything in Ultra or Psycho, including the ray tracing, I got a respectable 66.97 FPS with DLSS Quality mode enabled.

What Tabletop Games Am I Playing

Just what I played at the weekender!

What I Am Creating

I published the Issue 14 Imperium battle report on Wednesday!

And whilst I was at the weekender, on Saturday the Issue 15 report went live!

What I Am Spending

I got a few bits and bobs from Element Games, specifically a Razorback to make a Repressor out of, the T’au Codex and Datacards, and a few paints I needed for my T’au.

I ran out of black primer and couldn’t get into town so I decided to try the Hycote primer a fair few people swear by, as well as ordering some Green Stuff.

And after the doctors I bought a Canoptek Doomstalker!

I also purchased Final Fantasy Pixel Remake, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Stormground this week.