These last few weeks have been a hell of a busy ones, with mine and Megan’s handfasting and house move, plus Company of Legends to boot.

My mental health is still in recovery mode, but I am getting there.

The Handfasting

Me and Megan have intended to have a commitment ceremony for some time, because as a polyamorous couple and me already being married to Lindsay, we didn’t need to stick to the traditions of a normal marriage.

We were going to do it next year, but accelerated plans when Mary was diagnosed with cancer, in the hope’s she would still be with us. But the speed at which the cancer took her meant we are a few weeks too late, which in itself is devastating.

We hired a hall near Sedgefield, as it was close enough to Hartlepool for Mary that getting her there in the condition we thought she would be in, was not going to be too arduous.

Due to the speed in which it was organised, we couldn’t get a lot of guests there, especially with it being midweek, but we were happy with those that could make it.

Megan wore a beautiful green dress for the ceremony with a black shawl.

It was small and pleasant, not a lot of friends could come, but those that did, we greatly appreciated it.

Moving House

It’s been nearly two months now, but we are pretty settled in Hartlepool now, and it’s quite nice here, the house is lovely if a bit smaller than the Pelton one, but in general is pretty good.

There are a lot more things in the town which is nice and that really does help you make a lot better when you can pretty much get stuff without having to make a big plan on how to get it.

Only thing I am lacking is a place to buy paint in Hartlepool, but so far Lindsay and Paul have been getting me to Asgard when I need it.

Slowly but surely getting my studio in order, but next step is to actually put some armies into storage.

What I Am Modelling

The first models I was able to get painting the new house were two units of Necron Warriors and some Canoptek Scarabs for my Necrons.

After that it took me ages, but I did manage to get a start on my Imperial Fists, starting with the Praetors from the boxset.

And a Tactical Squad.

I am now working on a Terminator Squad for the Imperial Fists.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

I have had a couple of games of 40K at Durham Raiders using my Necrons, but that’s pretty much it.

What Video Games I Am Playing

Again, not a lot, but I did play and finish A Memoir Blue, which was rather more emotional than I expected!

What I Am Backing

GURPS Pyramid Scheme is back for 2022 from Steve Jackson Games, so I backed that, at the level that got you all three issues.

What I Am Buying

Most I have just been grabbing bits and bobs for the house and my studio, but there have been a few notable purchases.

I got a C64 Mini to add to my collection of retro mini consoles.

The Snottling stuff for Blood Bowl came out, so I grabbed the cards and dice for them!

Now this might sound daft, but when I renewed my phone contact, I was offered, and I snapped up a PS5 with Horizon Forbidden West!

But I also wanted some other games too, so I bought myself for the PS4, Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, The Last of Us Remastered and The Last of Us Part II.

The Uncharted Trilogy (and the Doctor Who Beginnings boxset)

And God of War plus Days Gone.

I also picked up a Contemptor Dreadnought for my Imperial Fist too and a Sicaran (not pictured)

And at Tabletop Gaming Live, I picked up some spray paints, bases and dice from TT Combat, plus a paint from Turbo Dork.

And finally, I picked up the Age of Darkness Reference Cards