An update of where I am at now for this years resolutions!

Complete 6 Combat Patrols – 33% Complete

This month we completed the Dark Angels Combat Patrol, which will make its channel debut in April!

So it’s probably going to be Dark Angels vs Daemons

Next up, the Chaos Space Marines will be painted, these are going to be done as the True Sons warband!

We did add Blood Angels to the painting pile, for these the Librarian and Aggressors have previously been painted, so those models will join the Dark Angels.

So we now have 2 of the 6 Combat Patrols I wanted to get done this year done.

Bring My Gloomspite Gitz to 2000 Point – 56% Complete

I added a Loonboss on a Giant Cave Squig this month, and next up I am going to be painting two more units of Stabbas next along with a couple units of Fanatics

Get My Drukhari To 2000 Points

No progress

Complete My Video Game Geek Hardcore 10! – 30% Complete

This month I completed Unpacking

And I am most of the way though Yakuza 0

So this is where we stand now

Alternative Three

Also Completed

Read 40 Books – 28% Complete

This month I have read/listened to

Start the Combat Patrol Battle Reports

We continued with the publication of report 2, Ultramarines vs Drukhari

Space MarinesImperiumChaosXenos
UltramarinesAdeptus MechanicusDeath GuardDrukhari
Blood Ravens x 2Adepta SororitasT’au
Dark AngelsNecrons