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I Wish My Sleep Would Return To Normal

The second bout of Covid has really messed up my sleep, when I want/need to be awake, I am sleepy, when I want to be asleep, I am wide awake, and no matter what I do I am really struggling to return my day/night cycle to normal.

Tonight I am gonna stay awake until bed time on Wednesday again, to try and shock my system back into a normal pattern.

I have tried it already but it didn’t work, but lets give it another go.

What I Am Modelling

I finished off my Blood Warriors for the Blades of Khorne army, which I think finished off all the mortal units I have for the army.

I also painted up a Kataphron Breacher that I got from my Forbidden Planet Imperium order.

I then had a weekend cat sitting for my sister in law so I took a few models to build, specifically the heroes from Shadows Under Hammerhall, which I built on Saturday night.

On Sunday I built the next two models, a Black Ark Fleetmaster and a Loremaster.

When I got home, I finished up the work on the Auto-Choral Transmitter for my Imperium table.

And on Monday I built the Chaos Sorcerer for Shadows Over Hammerhal.

What I Am Reading

I actually picked up a book!

I have started to read Splinter Cell: Firewall by James Swallow.

What Video Games I Am Playing

I have been making great progress through the campaign for Halo Infinite, mostly working on the side missions like killing the High Value Targets, FOBs etc.

I played a couple of hours of Horizon Zero Dawn on Thursday which you can see below.

I had an ad hoc session on Sunday night Ti test some improvements I have made to the setup to improve quality of the recording and I hope this looks better!

And my Monday painting stream became another Horizon Zero Dawn session cause my hands were shaking a lot!

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

On Sunday me and Megan played a game of Assassins Creed Valhalla Orlog, which of course Megan won.

Its a lovely game and the mat makes it very immersive.

What I Am Creating

I published the 27th Imperium Battle Report.

What I Am Backing

My First Kickstarter project in some time is Ravage by the Cybertronic Spree!

What I Am Spending

My Stadia Controller arrived. It was awful it stank to high heaven of cigarettes, I mean the guy I bought it off must be a very heavy smoker, and honestly, that’s something that I cannot stand the smell off.

When I opened a return he became abusive to the point where eBay stepped in, suspended his account and refunded me right away.

But a different one I bought did turn up, along with a Chromecast Ultra for mine and Megan’s bedroom TV.

I did buy an Adeptus Soriatias Codex and Datacards to allow me to run that army again, it’s an army I have a great love for and need to expand to 2000pts from the current 500 or so points.

I did pick up a hair drier, I need one for working with resin and Lindsay complains when I pinch hers from our bedroom, so this means I have one in the studio, which I am sure Lindsay will use when she needs it.

Warhammer 40,000 Imperium – Issue 27 Battle Report

The 27th part of the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Battle Report Series.

In this episode, we play the fourth Scout Mission

Who will prevail in this battle between the sinister Necrons and a mixed force of Blood Ravens and the Adeptus Mechanicus!

You can buy your own Task Lamp here

You can support what I do by doing any of the following:-

Warhammer 40,000 Imperium – Issue 26 Battle Report

The 26th part of the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Battle Report Series.

In this episode, we play the third Scout Mission!

Who will prevail in this battle between the sinister Necrons and the artisans of Mars!

You can buy your own Task Lamp here

You can support what I do by doing any of the following:-

Warhammer 40,000 Imperium – Issue 22 Battle Report

The 22nd part of the Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Battle Report Series.

In this episode, we the Adeptus Mechanicus take to the field for the first time as a squad of Skitarii Rangers face off against a phalanx of Necron Warriors!

Who will prevail in this battle between the sinister Necrons and the servants of the Machine God?

You can buy your own Task Lamp here

You can support what I do by doing any of the following:-

An Exceptional Swimmer

So I am gonna write about something, controversial, well I don’t think it’s controversial personally.

I want to write about the US swimmer Lia Thomas, whom you may have seen featured in hate filed articles arguing that as a biological male, she has no right to compete against cis women.

I saw a meme that made a big deal about the fact that in the 2020-21 season, she ranked 462nd amongst males.

But you see that got me wondering, she had to be on oestrogen for a full 12 months before she could compete as a woman. So that means in the 2020-21 season she was competing against cis men whilst on oestrogen.

Oestrogens biggest impact on a person assigned male at birth, is the extremely quick reduction in muscle mass, it drops off you very quickly.

What this means is that you have a denser bone structure that you need to work harder to make work, so against cis men, and even against cis women, you would find yourself at a disadvantage.

So how did Lia perform in the last season she competed in, prior to oestrogen treatment.

Well the answer is available for all to see, she was in the 500, 1000 and 1650 freestyle events, number 1, not simply good, she was the best amongst men in the entire US.

Her times when she swam before her transition were exceptional, I mean they were incredible.

She was an exceptional swimmer when competing as a man, and is an exceptional swimmer when competing as a woman.

What this says to me is that it’s not about her being a mediocre man who changed sex to win medal, but that she is simply a good swimmer no matter how she competes.

It reminded me of a US army study that looked at trans women in training. After being on oestrogen, they did have an advantage over the average cis woman, 12% to be precise.

However, the average elite level female runner is 29% better than the average cis woman, and none of the studies participants even reached that level.

Now I conceded, the research done into trans woman’s participation in sport is limited, and the conclusions are not quite conclusive either way.

But so far the evidence suggests that trans women are less likely to be as good as other cis athletes in their ability level.

But contrary to what people say, trans women aren’t dominating woman’s sport, far from it.

Lia Thomas is simply an exceptionally good swimmer, she has demonstrated it in both gender categories by dominating them.

So frankly I think it’s more likely that like Michael Phelps, she may have genetic differences that simply make her better at swimming.

What I Am Modelling

I painted the Pathfinder Team for my T’au Empire.

After that I finished Darkstrider.

A Thermo-Exchanger Shrine got bought earlier in the week and painted up on Sunday night to add to the Company of Legends terrain.

After this I competed a unit of Deathmarks for my Necrons.

I then turned my attention to the Skitarii Rangers that I needed for a battle report.

Currently on my painting desk are some Primaris Suppressors for the Ultramarines.

So what’s coming up next week?

  1. Ork Kommandos Kill Team x 12
  2. Corpse Grinder Cult x 15
  3. Blood Bowl Referees x 2
  4. Blood Angels Primaris Lieutenant, Librarian in Phobos Armour & Assault Intercessors x 8
  5. Orruk Weirdnob Shaman
  6. Death Korps of Krieg Medusa x 2
  7. Morg n Thorg
  8. T’au Breacher Squad x 10
  9. Fafnir Rann
  10. Ork Terrain

What I Am Reading

I published my review of School of X which you can read here.

And I also finished To Chart the Clouds by Evan Dicken, a review of which you will find here.

I am currently reading Reign of the Devourer by David Annandale.

What Video Games Am I Playing

Not much, but I did play Horizon Zero Dawn for a couple of hours on stream on Thursday.

Other than that it’s mostly been Halo Infinite, been playing Ranked Area games to get an achievement.

And some Forza Horizon 5 here and there.

What I Am Creating

I published the issue 20 Imperium Battle Report.

What I Am Spending

I did grab a Thermo-Exchanger Shrine to add to one of the Company of Legends table, one of the Sector Mechanicum probably.

I bought the Itch.io Ukraine bundle, it’s an awful lot of stuff, but the donation is the best but about that.

To help with the vlogging for Company of Legends I grabbed a Mini LED video light.

I wanted the one recommended by Randomfrankp, but that particular model isn’t available in the UK, so I grabbed this one as it’s pretty much the same thing.

My Nana

My beloved nana, a woman who has been so influential in my life passed away after a long illness last week.

Its left me in a bit of a state even though it was long expected.

She was always there for her grandchildren and anything we could have done for her was never enough.

She lead an interesting life, from her time as an evacuee, an army career, beating the crap out of terrorists (I wish I was joking about that one), time as a social worker and bringing up five children on her own after my grandfather abandoned her.

She was a tough geordie battleaxe and whilst not a perfect woman, she was always there for me when I needed her.

Her funeral is next month and I am just trying to get through until then, but the grief over losing her is kinda hard to deal with.

Nana, I will miss you, and I will make sure to make my tea the way you taught me!

What I Am Modelling

I started the week by painting the Vertus Praetors and a Captain on a Dawneagle Jetbike for my Custodes.

And these mark the last models overall for my Custodes in both 30k and 40k, I currently have no more to paint at all 🙁

After that it was on to some Ork Flashgitz, which were a lot of fun to paint!

I then moved on to paint a unit of Skitarii Rangers for my Adeptus Mechanicus army, which gives me two squads of them overall.

I then painted up some Primaris Space Wolves, a pair of Battle Leaders, a Rune Priest and some Aggressors.

I am now working on some Assault Intercessors for my Blood Ravens.

So what’s coming up next week then?

  1. Blood Ravens Assault Intercessors x 5
  2. Adeptus Mechanicus Sicarian Ruststalkers x 5
  3. T’au Pathfinder’s x 10
  4. Death Korps of Krieg Kill Team
  5. Blades of Khorne Blood Warriors x 10
  6. Orruk Megaboss
  7. Necron Flayed Ones x 5
  8. Snottlings Blood Bowl Team
  9. Imperial Navy Thunderbolts x 2 & Marauder Bomber x 2
  10. Soulblight Gravelords Mortis Engine

What I Am Reading

I finished The Rebels of Vanaheim and you can click that link to go to my review.

I also finished Cult of the Spider Queen (Review coming soon) and am now working on Witches Unleased.

What Video Games Am I Playing

I have been playing a bit of Forza Horizon 5.

I started Assassins Creed with a 5 hour stream, and managed to eliminate two of the targets!

You can watch it in YouTube here!

And on Saturday morning, quite early I had an impromptu session cause I missed Thursday with being grief stricken still.

What Tabletop Games Am I Playing

I had a game of Horus Heresy with Graham, and I scored my third win against him ever, by two points, one of which was Slay The Warlord.

Was a very fun game, I suspect that the Death Guard are my favourite Heresy army overall, I just like their grittiness!

What Am I Creating

Well I returned to video game streaming and managed to stream 5 hours of Assassins Creed which you can see above.

I have started a new YouTube series, Wargamer News, you can see the pilot here, and will start regular episodes from this week.

What I Am Backing

Gloomier arrived!

Although the Griefcase was missing the dividers, I contacted Atlas Games and they say that they are in the post!

What I Am Spending

I bought myself the PC Building Simulator Humble Bundle, cause it’s a fun game!

I also picked up a new light box after mine died just before Christmas

And I got a paint restock from Element Games, along with dice and cards for my Nurgle Blood Bowl team!

It’s Christmas!!!

Well Christmas has come and gone and it was really nice!

Prior to the big day, my VideoGameGeek Secret Santa was fucking amazing and bought me the entire Half-Life series on Steam, including Half-Life Alyx!

Christmas Day we went to my sister in laws for dinner with Megans parents.

But in general it was a really really good day.

And I am super happy with my Christmas presents for everyone.

Our traditional Christmas Day breakfast was however delayed to Boxing Day and it was amazing!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!

I however did not so much have one, I am going through a really stressful period and have developed a number of abscesses including one on my ear canal.

I have been in hospital for them and am now on bed rest, pain killers and antibiotics.

What I Am Modelling

I started the week by painting the B1 Battledroids for the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

This was followed by painting the big man himself, Constantine Valdor for the Legio Custodes.

After that I painted some Skitarii Vanguard for my Mars army.

After that I finished up my Commissars for the Death Korps of Krieg.

So what’s up next?

  1. Flesh Hounds x 10 & Karanak
  2. Confederacy of Independent Systems Droiddekkas x 4
  3. Ork Weirdboy
  4. Age of Sigmar Endless Spells
  5. Death Guard Caestus Assault Ram
  6. Adeptus Custodes Vertus Praetors x 3 & Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike
  7. Skitarii Rangers x 10
  8. General Grievous
  9. Ork Flash Gitz x 5
  10. Blood Ravens Lieutenant

What Video Games Am I Playing

I played though the Burial at Sea Episode 1 DLC for BioShock Infinite, the video of which is now on YouTube.

I am playing through Halo Infinite a little bit each day, and I am rather enjoying it.

Also doing some multiplayer each day to build up the levels and get me some Microsoft Reward points.

I am also continuing to play through Far Cry 2, but it’s a frustrating game.

What I Am Creating

I uploaded the Burial at Sea Episode 1 playthough.

What I Am Backing

No new projects, but both CoraQuest and Gloomier have now dispatched

What I Am Spending

I bought myself the Quest VR Bundle for Fanatical, which for the £12.91 I paid was pretty good.

Gave me 8 decent games, and helped fill out my Oculus Quest library.

I also bought Street Fighter V Champion Edition, it’s been on my radar for a while and TopCashback had extra cash back for CDKeys, so I figured, why not.

I also grabbed a couple bits of DLC, specifically Mollog’s Mob for Warhammer Underworlds Online and the Craftworld Aeldari pack for Gladius.

I also bought some movies, I bought the Matrix Trilogy in UHD using a gift card Microsoft randomly gave me, and I also bought The Phantom Menace on 4K Blu Ray.

Warhammer + Is Here

I know some people are determined to not get Warhammer +, but I have, and I will walk you through the reasons.

And I have honestly seen a lot of rants about it, mostly seeming to focus ok the animation side, but I do have to say that Warhammer + is a service that is more than just Warhammer TV, it’s also the included mini, the Warhammer Vault access, the apps, etc. to base your impression on just one aspect is just a bit daft.

First off, I would never usually suggest getting a service/product based on its possible future potential as I find this is usually a waste of money as nothing is ever guaranteed. Products should have a decent feature set before launching rather than promises of future features.

However Warhammer + makes sense financially for me, let me walk you through it. I play both Age of Sigmar and 40K, and I use the apps, which currently cost me £2.98, which is going to rise to £3.98 with the new AoS app.

So annually I will be paying £47.76 to Games Workshop for these two services, so Warhammer + would only cost me £2.23 if I get the annual plan.

Now the £10 voucher for signing up before 1st September means actually it’s going to be -£7.77, and when add in the model you get with the subscription, models that I want both of, you save even more.

These models I have set at a price of £20, although the Megaboss from the normal range is £25. So that means it’s actually now at -£27.77.

So it works for me, of course for other people the maths will vary and for them it may not be worth it, but it is for me.

What’s It Actually Like???

Well in all honesty, it’s a little thin on the ground right now, but what’s on there is good.

Angels of Death is very cool, although the mouths are a bit odd, but I can live with that.

I am yet to watch any of Hammer and Bolter apart from Old Bale Eye, which I really enjoyed.

The Battle Reports are well, extremely high end and professional and really raise the bar for those. Makes my stuff look pants by comparison.

The painting Masterclass is superb and I am digging out some Thousand Sons Terminators to try out some wet blending.

The Vault, that’s the one aspect I am less keen on, simply because you can’t download stuff, and the site is clunky when using a phone, if they bring us an app for that it will be better.

In general I am happy with the service, if they keep up with the new content every Wednesday I will be very happy.

I would like to see the YouTube painting videos included in the service at some point, just so everything is together in one place that’s a bit easier to navigate.

The service is as I said, thin on the ground, but I think within a few months it will be a lot better.

I have subscribed for a year because I want it to be a success, I want it to work, and I am breaking my own rule because if this does work, it will be an amazing resource for the community.

The reveal of the first weeks new releases, is a bit underwhelming, I would have hoped for a couple of the Citadel Masterclasses and at least two animations.

The Vault additions are actually pretty nice, with some White Dwarfs for this year being added.

But it’s still early days.

What I Am Modelling

I started off the week with some Triarch Praetorians.

These have been painted as being from the Szarekhan Dynasty because they serve the Triarch and thus why would their armour be in the colours of another dynasty?

I also painted all the Traitor Guardsmen for Blackstone Fortress alongside the Commissar and Ogryn from Traitor Command.

The Traitor Command models were finished first.

Followed by the Traitor Guardmens.

I then painted a unit of 20 Crypt Ghoul’s for my Flesh-Eater Courts alongside a Crypt-Ghast Courtier.

After that I painted a squad of Secutarii Hoplites and their Termite transport

So what’s coming up next week?

  1. Zone Mortalis Terrain
  2. Legio Custodes Pallas Grav-Attack
  3. Stormcast Eternals Praetors x 3, Knight-Vexellor & Vindictor
  4. Legio Custodes Agamatus Jetbikes x 3
  5. Stormcast Eternals Anhiliators x 3, Lord Imperatant & Gryph Hound
  6. Blitzkrieg HQ & MG34 MMG Team
  7. Death Guard Fire Raptor
  8. Necron Canoptek Wraiths x 6
  9. Mechanicum Magos Macrotek Engineseer & Servoautomata x 4
  10. Flesh-Eater Courts Crypt Flayers x 3

What I Am Reading

Ummm I actually haven’t read all week 🙁

What Video Games Am I Playing

Not played a lot, but just a few bits and pieces here and there.

I did manage to get the Saturn emulator running properly. Retroarch ended up being a bust, there wasn’t a single core that could run the games correctly and the way it handles six button controllers is kinda annoying.

So I ended up going with Mednafen which works like a dream, just need to add a graphical front end.

Speaking of six button controllers, I finally managed to get my hands on a reasonably priced 6 button USB Mega Drive controller, and playing Street Fighter 2 on the Mega Drive Mini is no longer an awful nightmare!

I did pull all of my controllers out on Saturday and I think I might have a problem!

But I am having real struggle controlling N64 emulated games, so I have ordered a USB Retro-Bit controller which should arrive Tuesday I think.

What Tabletop Games I Am Playing

On Tuesday I had an open war game of 40K at Durham Raiders.

I lost but it was very close, and a battle report is currently in production.

On Saturday we played a game of Pandemic: Hot Zone North America and were beaten by the game.

What I Am Creating

I have a new battle report in the production phase, there were camera issues so it’s taken a bit longer than I would have liked.

I am going to be making a report for the first Imperium game plan.

Me and Megan are going to play though all the collections game plans for some battle reports, as an ongoing narrative.

And tonight I am recording a Dreadclaw for the Company of Legends lists.

What I Am Backing

I am still backing Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game which has 3 days left to run at time of writing.

What I Am Cooking

I was supposed to be making shepherds pie on Saturday but we were really really busy tidying up all weekend 🙁

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