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Musical Advent 2020 – December 13th – I Wanna Make Out with You at Cons – Misbehavin’ Maidens

OK, this one is quite a but not safe for work, its a lovely little filk shanty by the Misbehavin’ Maidens, and I warn you not to listen to their stuff with kids around!

They are a very very sex positive band who sing about femenism, drinking, sex and geek culture, I am a big fan because they are funny as hell. And sometimes you need some filthy filk in your life!

Musical Advent 2020 – December 12th – Spaceman – The Killers

Whilst last year I did mostly avoid the bigger bands, but this year I thought why not bring some of those in, and The Killers are pretty big.

Ok a song called Spaceman is pretty obvious to be called a nerdy song, but its got proper cred, was featured on Rock Band, on Fringe, and Planet 51, plus the video is pretty cool.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 11th – Dare To Be Stupid – The Cybertronic Spree

Dare to be Stupid is a parody of Devo songs written by Weird Al Yankovich, a pardoy performer who has been around a very long time.

I have tried to avoid including him in this advent because he is pretty cliché and I like some of his stuff, but I am not a huge fan.

But I love this version by the band Cybertronic Spree, so much so that I backed their Kickstarter and go to the studio and recorded professionally the soundtrack to The Transformers movie from 1986, which is still one of the best soundtracks ever written.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 10th – Ramble On – Led Zeppelin

A classic from Led Zeppelin II, Ramble On is Led Zeppelins Lord of the Rings song, and was ranked as the 440th best song ever by Rolling Stone.

This song was going to be included on last years list, but it was going to be a Christmas Day special, but I ended up deciding at the last minute not to do one on Christmas Day, probably because my chocolate calendar only went up to 24 🙁

Musical Advent 2020 – December 9th – Martian Girl – Aquabats

The Aquabats are one of those amazing nerdy groups, but I sadly have never gotten the chance to actually see them in person, which really annoys me.

So here is Martian Girl from The Return of The Aquabats and Fury of The Aquabats, and I absolutely love it, and who wouldn’t like it.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 8th – Saddam a Go-Go – GWAR

One of my favourite heavy metal bands is GWAR and one of my favourite movies is Empire Records, so this song is a no brainier to be featured in the advent.

Used to great effect in the movie to demonstrate the effects of a weed high, its a really good song, although Lindsay and Megan aren’t fans, but then they don’t like a lot of heavy metal.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 7th – Stuck To You – Josh Ritter

A hidden track on his self-titled debut album, Stuck To You is a great little song from Americana songwriter Josh Ritter.

Its also called the Science Song and compares ones love for another person to scientific prinicples.

I really love this song and you can hear within it Josh’s influences, artists like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan.

Anyway give it a listen, its really worth it.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 5th – Cartoon Heroes – Aqua

If you think the only thing Aqua did was Barbie Girl, then think again, this nerdy classic is from their second album, Aquarius.

The video was one of the most expensive produced ever at the time, and its quite a classic.

Just pure crazy late 90s europop, and sometimes that’s what you need.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 4th – First World Problems – MC Frontalot

Web designer Damian Hess, better known as Nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot who has been around in nerdy music for a very very long time.

In this song he focues on how we get pissed about the little things, and also get a little bit political too. Plus the video is very very good.

Musical Advent 2020 – December 3rd – Terminally Seventeen – Eben Brooks

Eben Brooks is a kickass filk artist who has proclaimed himself the superhero of San Diegio.

I picked this song for the advent, not only because it is such a positive representation of polyamory, but because I think it captures me, and I am someone who has never mentally aged beyond seventeen.

At least I don’t think I have!

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