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Musical Advent – 14th December

During the Hollywood writers strike of 2007-2008, Joss Whedon, his brothers Zack and Jed along with Maurissa Tancharoen sat down and write the amazing Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

This is a musical web series staring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion in a hilarious internet distributed comedy about an aspiring supervillain, his super hero nemesis and their shared love interest.

It was a huge hit and has left a significant mark on geek culture, and it’s full of so many amazing song, but which one to pick to highlight, well I decided to go with My Freeze Ray which is the the very first song and certainly one of the funniest.

Seriously if you haven’t seen the series, go out and watch it, you won’t regret it.

Musical Advent – 13th December

Today we have our first repeat artists and its one of mine, Megan and Lindsays favourites The Doubleclicks with their joyous song, Love You Like A Burrito.

Its a lovely song which sums up how love feels like great food, yeah you can tell I am a fat guy can’t you.

I had the pleasure of seeing Laser and Aubrey perform this at WorldCon in Dublin this summer and it was really awesome, the whole room came alive and it was just amazing being there.

Anyway this song is available on the album Dimetrodon which is really really good.

Musical Advent – 12th December

At this halfway point I want to introduce you to a nerd culture term, shipping, as in relationshiping.

It’s a thing whereby fans put together characters into relationships, usually romantic ones and discuss and write about them.

Often these ships come with nicknames, for example in Harry Potter Harry and Hermione is often called Harmony and Harry and Draco is called Drarry, which itself gives rise to slash, but that’s something for another day.

A popular ship from more recent times has been that between the characters Poe Dameron and Finn from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, this ship is often called Stormpilot and a lot of slash has been written about it.

A favourite group of mine called the Library Bards did a great song about this ship, titled Finn and Poe, it’s a paradoy or a song called Exes and Ohs, which I am not familiar with, but I love this version!

I had the pleasure of seeing this performed live at WorldCon in Dublin this year, and it was absolutely amazing!

It’s from the amazing album Bardcore, which I highly recommend you all go check out.

Musical Advent – 11th December

Today I want to bring you something from Steven Universe.

For those of you unaware, Steven Universe is a great cartoon from Rebecca Sugar about a team of non-binary alien beings called the Crystal Gems and their little brother Steven.

It’s a wonderful heartwarming coming of age series which address some amazing themes of Steven struggling to come to terms with his powers and his destiny as well as his bridging of two different worlds.

It’s got some great music and this song is sung by the character Garnet, who is voiced by Estelle, and is a great anthem about how two people are stronger than the sum of their parts.

Steven Universe is a lovely show and I highly recommend people watch it, it has an amazing message and it’s also a great show for queer representation too, which is oh so lacking in a lot of shows.

Musical Advent – 10th December

How about some high culture!

This song by Rachel Bloom, the actress and comedian behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which I have recently decided to watch though again, well I say again, I hadn’t seen the fourth season yet.

It’s an ode to Ray Bradbury, a giant amongst speculative fiction writers, and is widely considered to be one of the main people to bring modern science fiction into the popular mainstream. When he was shown this video, he apparently had a good laugh about it.

The song is, extremely sexually explicit, but amazingly funny, and was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, losing out to the Doctor Who double episode, The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.

I highly recommend watching this somewhere private because it’s pretty dirty!

Also the album it’s taken from is pretty good too.

Musical Advent – 9th December

Graham and Chris will love this one, it’s a track by Ken Lawrence in his nerdcore (that is nerd rap) persona, MC Hawking. The Mills boys couldn’t believe that nerdcore was even a thing, and Graham is a big fan of gangsta rap so I think he will dig this song.

MC Hawking is basically Stephen Hawking as a gangsta rapper, and was in fact quite enjoyed by the great man himself, and he even got Ken to perform a new song live for him, Richard Dawkins and Brian May.

This song is very funny, it’s All My Shootings Be Drivebys, and makes me laugh a lot, in fact the whole album, A Brief History of Rhyme, should be required listening for any nerd!

Musical Advent – 8th December

So here we have a more well known geeky band, They Might Be Giants, who have never been shy about being geeks.

Pretty much every geek loves dinosaurs, and we all for the most part spend a little bit of time wanting to be a palaeontologist, and movies like Jurassic Park just reinforce it along with visits to see fossils in museums.

This song from the 2009 children album Here Comes Science, captures that love of palaeontology, and is such a joyful song that you can’t help singing along to, I challenge you to not sing with it!

Musical Advent – 7th December

This band don’t generally do geeky music, but they have one song which is absolutely amazing and lovely and is all about how there is nowt like the relationship between fellow geeks.

I am very lucky to have two amazing geeky girls in my life and when me and Megan have our handfasting, hopefully in 2021, we will be having our first dance to this song.

Anyway The Wonderstrucks put out a lovely EP, An American Education, and I highly recommend that people get out there and give it a listen to, its just a shame they haven’t done anything else since 🙁

Musical Advent – 6th December

When a show does a musical episode , they can often bring us some classics, and its safe to say that this particular musical episode is legendary.

Once More With Feeling is generally considered one of the best episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and given that there are so many amazing episodes, this is no mean feat.

There were a couple of songs I wanted to pick for this, but I think this one edges out the others as being the standout, Rest in Peace sung by James Marsters really get across the feeling of love from a soulless vampire and digs into the character a lot more than might have otherwise been expected.

Musical Advent – 5th December

This is a song that I hum a lot, and I mean a lot!

It’s Baby Get Me A Tardis by Meri Amber who is an absolutely insane geeky musician from Australia, and I utterly adore her!

This song is from her album Pop Goes The TARDIS which is a whole Doctor Who themed album and it’s an absolute joy to listen to, because she loves the show so much and it shows.

If you aren’t familiar with her music, I really suggest that you go check her out, you won’t regret it.

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