At this halfway point I want to introduce you to a nerd culture term, shipping, as in relationshiping.

It’s a thing whereby fans put together characters into relationships, usually romantic ones and discuss and write about them.

Often these ships come with nicknames, for example in Harry Potter Harry and Hermione is often called Harmony and Harry and Draco is called Drarry, which itself gives rise to slash, but that’s something for another day.

A popular ship from more recent times has been that between the characters Poe Dameron and Finn from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, this ship is often called Stormpilot and a lot of slash has been written about it.

A favourite group of mine called the Library Bards did a great song about this ship, titled Finn and Poe, it’s a paradoy or a song called Exes and Ohs, which I am not familiar with, but I love this version!

I had the pleasure of seeing this performed live at WorldCon in Dublin this year, and it was absolutely amazing!

It’s from the amazing album Bardcore, which I highly recommend you all go check out.